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    hey everyone! time for a quick bite from our resident field reporter trishells! for more of her shenanigans, follow her on twitter and check out her yoga website! xo -QG

    home restaurant is a very veg friendly joint serving american home style meals. they have two locations: los feliz on the corner of hillhurst and kingswell and the second in the silverlake area on the corner of riverside and fletcher. both locations serve the same menu but the silverlake location is much larger and imo has a cozier atmosphere.

    Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito (with tofu and no cheese!): Spinach tortilla filled with grilled veggies and a touch of garlic, black beans, scrambled tofu and salsa served on the side. Served with your choice of Home fries or fresh fruit. $9.95

    i have become a regular at home in silverlake and the breakfast burrito (substitute tofu for egg and minus cheese) has become one of my favorite meals. the veganized version serves up a spinach tortilla filled with tofu, grilled veggies, garlic, black beans, and salsa served on the side. it’s served with a choice of home fries or fresh fruit. when i awake in the morning my typical first thought is “breakfast burrito” and (when i have the time) the craving leads me directly to home.

    the menu at home denotes all vegetarian options with a leaf symbol. the option of tofu or mock meats is suggested with many of their vegetarian dishes. I haven’t asked about the veganocity of the mock meat because it’s really not my thing these days but there are still plenty of options besides the fake meats.

    additional meals i’ve ordered and loved have been: the multigrain wrap, chopped salad (i add tofu), tofu scramble, and the tomato vegetable soup.

    2500 Riverside Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323) 665-0211
    Mon-Thu, Sun 8 am – 10 pm
    Fri-Sat 8 am – 2 am

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks good…I haven’t had breakfast yet and that vegan burrito looks very appetizing right now

  • that burrito and i are good, good friends.

    once or twice i’ve had to send it back because they ended making it with cheese/egg before, but overall my experiences with brunch at Home have been awesome! great place for a lazy brunch. the one in SL is always wayyyy less crowded than the LF location.

  • Yum….. I want this…… really really bad.

  • Bad news…I called them a while back and they told me that none of their dishes could “truly be considered vegan”. They share equipment (knives, pans, etc) that could easily have meat, egg, dairy on them.

    I used to go to Home all the time, but it makes me way too nervous…unless they’ve changed their kitchen policies.


  • I go to Home on a weekly basis. The tofu scramble is so delish and I always have leftovers to bring home. The veggie soup and whole grain salad are also my jam.

  • that’s any omni restaurant though.

  • True. It’s always a roll of the dice. I’m just passing along what they told me, which is why I don’t eat there anymore. They told me that they don’t clean the knives between touching meat and veg items.

  • A roll of the dice which you lose 9 times out of 10. Separate utensils/grills is so, so rare. I get the impression that people are way too optimistic about those odds.

  • I agree – it’s always a roll of the dice. It’s just a different story when the people who work there flat out tell you that nothing there can be considered vegan.

  • If a knive isn’t sanitized after touching meat, and it then touches your tofu, have you harmed an animal?

  • ^ Not really but you might’ve unintentionally consumed part of one, which is what I imagine would bother people the most.
    I go to omni places when it can’t be avoided so I’m not trying to be sanctimonious here, I just try to patronize vegan establishments a bit more, knowing the odds. (I don’t live in a city where there are too many of the latter, actually.)

  • Love this place! The one in Los Feliz I find horrific, but Siverlake is a total thumbs up.

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