• hot knives gnosh pit: vegan at verdugo this sunday!

    September 2nd, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    yes, yes, yes! sunday will indeed be one of the best days of the summer as the dudes from hot knives take over the verdugo patio for a vegan bbq blow out. the vegetarian bloggers/cookbook authors are some of our favorite chefs ever, yet their food is rarely available to the public. basically, you don’t wanna miss this. the menu will include:

    1) Oyster mushroom po’boys with radish remoulade, greens and a side of pickled potato salad
    2) Mesquite-smoked jackfruit hoagies with peach BBQ sauce and a side of kaleslaw
    3) Summer succotash and jalapeño cornbread

    that all sounds pretty fantastic, right? they worked magic with mushrooms on the verdugo patio in 2009 with a pulled “pork” sandwich…i can’t wait to get a taste of the po’boys.

    pulled "pork" oyster mushroom sandwich in 2009

    this event isn’t only about eating awesome and rare vegan food though, it’s also a chance to be part of a photo shoot. a photographer will be documenting the event and shooting photos for hot knives’ second book, spring blaze, which is all about party foods. check out this video of the guys doing their thing on the 4th of july to get an idea of how it works…

    as you may have noticed, the verdugo has been going vegan for the first sunday every month, and it’s no accident! keep your eyes on the blog for more vegan at verdugo events for the rest of the year.

    see you all this sunday for the hot knives bbq. TRUST ME, get over there. you don’t wanna miss a chance to try this food. the guys only do events like once a year, if that, and they’re always epic. plus, you could be famous. cookbook famous!

    hot knives vegan at verdugo bbq
    verdugo bar
    3408 Verdugo Road
    Los Angeles 90065
    3pm until food runs out
    this event is cash only and 21+

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  • My computer screen just vomited Urban Outfitters clothing after watching that embedded video but who cares!!! Hot Knives cook bomb ass food! (did i just use the word “bomb” in 2011?…)

  • That mushroom sandwich looks delicious

  • they had me until the “sick grunge and electro-scum boogie” part; not exactly my idea of summer chillout music. I miss the mandoline grill + hiphop DJ summer days last year.

  • My friend and I both had the oyster mushroom po’boys and we both liked them. We also both had the jackfruit hoagies but didn’t like those so much. First of all there was a lot of bread and not much jackfruit in those hoagies. So I ate mine open face and discarded the other half of the roll. And the taste of the jackfruit wasn’t all that great. I miss the jackfruit sandwiches at the now closed Pure Luck.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention the sides that came with the sandwiches. There was a kale salad which was just okay. Maybe some lemon juice would have added some zip to it. And the potatoes in the potato “salad” (potatoes and celery) were raw and flavorless tasting.

  • I attended and thought the food was amazing. Esp the poboys!

  • I think I was sitting across from you (either you or your friend asked me how the jackfruit sandwich was)

    It wasn’t bad (I didn’t mind the bread because I really love bread – well, good bread at any rate lol), but the jackfruit could have used a little more flavor. Loved the idea of “kaleslaw” – again, needed some more flavor though. Really like the cherry cider from the bar though (this is coming from someone who is not much of a beer person)

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