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    August 28th, 2011quarrygirlother, products

    have you guys tried snikiddy baked fries yet?! i got my first taste of them at natural products expo west, but now they’re available at whole foods…and they’re quite addictive.

    be warned: not all the snikiddy flavors are vegan-friendly, so be sure to read the bag before buying. i can personally recommend both the bbq and the sea salt varieties. snikiddy fries scratch the same itch as a bag of potato chips, but they’ve got less calories and half the fat.

    bbq and sea salt snikiddy snacks

    i know vegans are always on the look out for fun convenience foods, so add these suckers to your list. just be warned: it’s hard not eat the whole bag in one sitting.


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  • For a second, when I looked at the first picture, I thought they were like vegan Cheetos and got really excited. Someone put out some vegan Cheetos! There’s an Asian brand, Calbee, but it’s hard to find an Asian grocery that actually carries it.

  • I usually go on the assumption that 1 bag = 1 serving. They look really great!

  • @gregalor: have you tried tings? they are vegan and kind of like Cheetos. available at whole foods!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Will look for these next time I’m at WF in Pasadena 🙂

  • Saw them at El Segundo WF last week and they only had the non-vegan ones.

  • trader joes has something really similar that have way less fat, under 20%. They are just trader joes brand smart fries. Really good!

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