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  • I have to admit, the restaurant’s decor is “tip top” but the vegan food was “ok”. Places like Native Foods will never close down because their food is exceptional!!

  • Yeah, the funny thing is, the occasional fancy restaurant will try to wow us with vegetables marinated in some obscure spice or whatever, when all we really need to knock our socks off is a mock fried chicken sandwich.

  • I totally agree – was happy they offered vegan options but wasn’t impressed the 2 times I went. Plus the service wasn’t very good. Though, I did like the atmosphere – fun for a night out.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    No more vegan restaurant shut-downs in 2011, there have been too many already 🙁

  • Honestly I would prefer a meal at XIV over almost anywhere. You can keep your country fried wheat gluten and potatoes and gravy. XIV offered an exceptional menu of foods created from vegetables. The level of complexity was unrivaled – Madeline, millennium – those guys do not execute at the same level. Not to slight M&M, but these are two different leagues we are talking about, and XIV was the majors.

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