• win a 6 course dinner for 2 on opening night at seed bistro!

    August 18th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, seed bistro

    oh man, i really wish i was eligible to win my own contests! LA’s newest upscale vegan restaurant, seed bistro, is giving away a dinner for 2 at chef eric’s tasting table to one lucky quarrygirl commenter.

    the prize includes a six course dinner prepared by chef eric on seed bistro’s opening night—monday, august 29th at 8pm. the value of the dinner is $60 per person, but seed will comp the winners up to $75 per person to include alcohol. that’s a $150 value! epic! please note that gratuity is not included…so if you win, tip and tip well.

    the chef’s tasting table is a “sushi bar-esque” raised counter that only has room for 6 guests at any given time, so to occupy 1/3 of it on opening night would be quite an honor!

    here’s how to enter…

    1.) you must comment on this blog post and tell us why you’d like to win a dinner for 2 at seed bistro.

    2.) you must leave your real, valid email address when you submit your comment. (the public won’t see this, just me…so i can contact you if you win!)

    3.) you must be in LA and able to attend the dinner on seed bistro’s opening night at 8pm.

    that’s it! good luck to you! the winner will be contacted on monday, august 22nd via email and they’ll have 24 hours to get back to me before the prize goes to someone else.

    now even if you don’t win the contest, i know you’ll be checking out seed bistro as soon as possible because the restaurant sounds AMAZING. read all about it here.

    seed bistro
    11917 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
    opening august 29th!

    for more info follow seed bistro on twitter
    and like them on facebook

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  • I really wish I were going to be in town then.

  • We need a fancy dinner! Sounds yummy!

  • I’d love to win! As someone who is working on taking on a vegan lifestyle and living in Santa Monica (where there are surprisingly few tasty vegan restaurants), I would love to be one of the first people to enjoy Seed Bistro’s exciting new offerings!

  • Crossing my fingers for this giveaway because my boyfriend is 75% swayed going vegan, but if I took him here, I think he would 100%! Good luck to everyone!

  • This sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and I would love to win. I recently broke-up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years and I’ve been stressed out like crazy. Taking a (meat-eating) friend along with me to this would not only help me unwind and enjoy a night out, but also provide a great opportunity for my friend to see fine vegan cuisine.

    I’ll be in LA on August 29th, and if I win, I will respond immediately! Thanks for the chance at this.

  • Cory California

    I have been a vegan since I was 13 years old, for almost nine years now. I have never had a gormet vegan dinner before, especially a six course one! This would be so fantastic to win! I cannot wait for this restaurant to open πŸ˜€ PICK ME! PICK ME!

  • I would like to win b/c I can’t really eat out so much anymore now that I’m helping w/ my mom’s cancer bills – which is a sob story – but you know what’s not – she’s decided to go VEGAN to increase her chances of health!!! I am so happy I could burst. She threw out lard, butter and meat this week!! No small feat for a little Brazilian lady who grew up on a farm. πŸ˜€

  • My boyfriend’s job is a bit of a bitch. He’s on the road a bunch, which makes it hard to see much of each other. When he is around, however, he does me right and takes me to vegan/vegetarian places even though he’s a carnivore. Work bumped back my birthday dinner a couple times but he took me to Madeline Bistro (and really loved it). I’d love to be able to show him that there are tons of amazing tasting, cruelty-free fancy dining options in Los Angeles. He’s in the Ozarks for two weeks filming reality tv show segments – the “best” restaurant around is an Olive Garden. Seed Bistro is literally at the end of his block, and would be a perfect place to have a much needed date night with amazing food/booze.

  • I would normally be all over this contest, but it looks like there are a few people who deserve this more. Good luck to all of you!

  • Prior to becoming a vegan, I was a vegetarian for several years. This allowed my husband and I the opportunity to experience many upscale restaurants in Los Angeles and other cities. Since I gave up eggs and dairy, our options for dining out have been much more limited and are now relegated to more casual restaurants. Having the experience of eating a chef’s table and tasting amazing, plant-based, cruelty-free food in a romantic and upscale environment would be a dream come true!

  • An awesome reason to get my boyfriend and I out of the Valley on a Monday. Also, a perfect way to end the summer since the school semester begins Tuesday!

  • Cheers πŸ™‚

  • Oh man, things just got way to real in these comments to even write a response!

    I just like tasty food.

  • I would love to win!!! My husband just lost his grandfather and this would totally lift his spirits.

  • Love. I would like to win because I live in San Diego and at the moment there are not that many amazing Vegan places. I am definitely looking forward to trying SEED BISTRO regardless, but I would be grateful to win.

  • why should i win this epic dinner for 2 at seed bistro?

    let me count the ways…

    first, what sweeter way to combat the back to school blues than with a divine treat at a new vegan hot spot?

    second, i owe my mister a dinner out for his b-day this past week!

    third, we never went out to a “nice” place for my b-day back in march!

    and so on!

  • I’m going for the sympathy vote here. My dog has thyroid cancer and I just took on major debt to pay for radiation treatments. The good news is she’s getting better every day; the bad news = I won’t be able to afford a spendy vegan meal for a veeeeeeeerrrrry looooong time. I would love to check out Seed Bistro so I can tell my friends how awesome it is. Thanks!

    PS I just realized my mom will be in town on the 29th. I’m trying to get her to do PCRM’s vegan kickstart diet. A six course chef’s menu would be an awesome way to introduce her to the awesomeness of vegan food!!

  • Good luck to everyone. Having a new Vegan Restaurant on the Westside is a great thing. I haven’t been to Seed in Venice but the Westside is too fast-food vegan and not enough upscale.

    Thank you Seed for opening up. Lets all do our part and support it.

  • I would like to win the dinner for two because I just got married in July and dinner at Seed Bistro would be an awesome wedding gift πŸ™‚ Also, my wife is gluten free which makes it a little difficult sometimes when we eat out, but I have a feeling that Seed Bistro can handle that dietary restriction quite easily.

  • Exciting! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been pretty frazzled from caring for my 84 yr old grandmother- she has Alzheimer’s and just had a stroke- so a night out at a place like this would be a serious treat. Looks like lots of deserving folks here though- Tizzle, I hope your mother beats her illness. And CG, I hope your dog recovers quickly.

    Thanks for holding the contest!

  • I would love to win! Ever since I became a vegan, my sister gives me such a hard time about it. I would love to prove to her that vegan cuisine can be just as tasty as any other. Plus, I’ve never won anything in my life and would live to win this!

  • 1.) I would love to win a dinner for to at seed bistro because I am a pretty new vegan (5 months) and am opening up the world of veganism to my boyfriend. Getting him to go to great vegan restaurants may open him up more to the idea of going vegan πŸ™‚

  • Hey! Mondays happen to be my day off πŸ™‚ I’m a broke full time student and full time worker. I could use a romantical dinner with the bf!

  • Ide love to have the opportunity to try fancy vegan food! Its been eight years but, like many othes, cant comfortably afford a high end vegan meal!

  • i’m really good at eating.

  • Yum yum yum! So, obviously I’d love to win this just for the delicious food, but more importantly, I’d like to win this for my sister. My sister, Sarah, is the most giving and unselfish person I’ve ever met. She is constantly taking care of others, even though some have taken advantage of it. She is witty and spontaneous and I love her more than any other human being on Earth. Right now she is 16 weeks pregnant. She’ll be a wonderful mom πŸ™‚ One reason this would be great is because she has been trying to adapt a vegan diet, and this will give me a chance to show her some delicious vegan food that I normally couldn’t afford.

    The main reason I’d love to win and take her to Seed Bistro is because she needs a break. While this should be a purely happy time in her life, it is one of the hardest as her soon to be mother-in-law is losing her fight with cancer and was told she has a month to live. Sarah spends nearly ever day taking care of her, and she does it gladly, but I know it’s taxing. Please pick me so I can take her out for a night of fun and delicious food! She could really use a good drink as well. Haha totally kidding! I guess I’ll just have to drink all the alcohol πŸ˜‰

  • This would be awesome! I’d love to win because I’m a broke vegan with gourmet tastes! I promise I’d write a full review of it for you if I won QG πŸ˜€

  • I would love to introduce my best friend to high end vegan food. The only vegan food she has tried has been from the frozen food section and a few hole in the wall places. It’s hard to spend a lot of money on a good meal when you aren’t sure if you’ll like it. I believe if I won, it would be a win/win because I know she would love the food and even consider changing her diet.

  • I’m dying. Pick me.

  • I really want to win this, my hubby and I need a romantic night off from being parents without having to feel bad for spending so much money. We love Seed Kitchen in Venice and QuarryGirl!

  • My wife and I are into our first year of choosing the vegan lifestyle and love it. Being able to eat at Seed would be very exciting to us to taste the some food that we don’t know about and expand our cooking palates that we can take with use in our cooking adventures!!!!

  • This place looks so fantastic! I would love to try out a new vegan spot in LA!

  • I would love to win because my fiancee and I have been planning our wedding (31 days to go) so we’re under tremendous stress. It would be soooo great to have an evening out, especially one that is free since we are buried in wedding debt! Also, she is still transitioning to the vegan lifestyle (trying to wean her off fish sushi) so it’s always great to introduce her to fantastic vegan meals!

    Thanks, QG and good luck to everyone!

  • I’ve been a vegan for five years and my husband just recently decided to join me because he could see the positive results in my life. I am currently trying to persuade my mom to become a macrobiotic vegan because she has been diagnosed with cancer. Eric and Sanae have been an inspiration to me through their writings and their lives. Having healed herself from cancer, Sanae serves as an inspiration for the power of macrobiotic cooking. I would love to treat my mom to Seed to show her just how amazing healthy living can taste in the hands of a master chef.

  • I’d love to take advantage of something like this, in order to show to my bf the various benefits of a vegan diet. He swears that vegan food is a notch below what he eats. I want to prove to him, that a vegetarian lifestyle can be rich and nourishing

  • I have loved Seed in Venice, and now I’m super excited about the new restaurant!

  • Before I became vegan I was all about gourmet foodie meals. I’ve tried fancypants vegan places in NYC and SF, but never in LA. I would love a chance to try some gourmet grub from my hometown.

  • Money has been tight for us since I lost my job. We hit a rough spot last month when our cat was being tested for cancer, our car broke down, and our dishwasher caught on fire (it all happens at once, right?) We like to save up so we can still eat out and try new vegan restaurants. It would be awesome to be able to have a stress free date night where we’d get to have an amazing meal without having to worry about anything but the tip. πŸ™‚

  • My mom and I both went vegan almost 2 years ago…and her birthday is coming up! I would LOVE to win this so I could take her out on a treat I can’t afford! (Starving student here!)

  • I’d love to introduce a non-vegan friend to good food. If a six-course whole foods dinner doesn’t impress them, what will?!

  • Well i would love to win simply because the closest thing i’ve had to an upscale vegan dining experience was last nights slice of cold pizza accompanied by a scented candle and a tivo’d episode of whale wars. HALP ME

  • I’d love to win this to have a fun night out with my boyfriend! I’ve been vegan for 4 years, and my boyfriend just recently switched to a vegan diet. I’m on a tight budget, so restaurants are mostly off-limits right now. I love staying in and cooking, but I can’t remember the last time we had an amazing night out!

  • When I was a child, my parents would eat at nice restaurants and I would never be able to have anything – b/c I was a vegetarian.

    Now, I’m older, but still lacking in experiences at fine restaurants. I’ve never been to a nice vegan restaurant. Also, I’ve been trying to learn how to cook nice things for myself, and seeing this sounds like the a perfect chance to become a little bit less foolish in the kitchen.

    Thanks for having this, and thanks to the Seed Bistro for offering it!

  • i would love to eat out for once! and this place looks and sounds good!

  • i would like to win because free vegan food is my only reason for living.

  • My boyfriend, Jair, and myself have been vegans since before we met five years ago. Being a young couple, just starting out in the world, a gourmet meal comes but once in a blue moon. Our anniversary is on the 20th, and I’d like to celebrate our time together experiencing an amazing meal that we might not have a chance to enjoy otherwise. I think this might be a night where something amazing could happen! Fingers crossed!!!

  • Winning this dinner would be a great way to show my boyfriend that he is missing out on so much amazing food with his (extremely) meat-heavy diet. And I am definitely in need of a nice dinner myself.

  • I was one of the original loyal customers at seed in venice. the restaurant was my second home for 2 years until i moved to hollywood. my favorite thing about the restaurant was how good i felt when i left. you can always tell how truly good the food is by listening to how your body feels after the eating is over. my favorite menu items were the pumpkin seed ceasar and the mango tango, extra salsa. the chocolate chip cookies made with pastry flour were my favorite for dessert. the curry gomasio was my favorite seasoning. i tried to duplicate it at home, but it just did not come out quite as well.

    i am so thrilled that eric and sanae are opening a new restaurant!! LA needs you!! the world needs you!! i am excited to be able to stalk their next establishment;)

    if the food tastes anything like eric’s faux gra he had a seed for a short time, that won a peta contest, we are all in for a serious treat. i am so excited this is happening!!!

    sending love and luck (they won’t need it) to eric and sanae!

  • Oh MAN! My bestie of all besties will be in town, and she (also a vegan) would LOVE this. It would be such a nice treat to take her out somewhere upscale and vegan, because they just don’t have many options like that where she lives… and I haven’t seen her in ages. Fingers crossed, and thanks for the chance to win!

  • I would like to win a dinner for two on opening night because i would love to feel AMAAAAAAAAAZING after an incredible dinner of organic, lovingly prepared food.

  • I’m already a big fan of the original Venice spot and I look forward converting another omnivore to eating healthier, more veg-forward grub (of course, MUCH sooner if I win)

  • Wow… I love making trips to Los Angeles, but won’t go unless there’s money involved. This would be just as good as being handed the money! Because it would get me into a cool restaurant (which I never do)and it’d get me into Los Angeles again.
    After this delightful meal (which I’d tweet and blog about) I’d come back to the rural Central Coast having FINALLY eaten a nice meal in a really cool place (even though I sell to upscale restaurants, I’ve never eaten in one). I’m just a country-bumpkin, I could use seeing some of the sights of the city!

  • I’d love to win this amazing dinner because it would be a great belated anniversary date for my hubby & I πŸ™‚ thanks!

  • The Truth:
    I don’t have cancer, my dog didn’t die, my parents are still alive and oddly enough still married, I don’t have a deadly disease and I’m pretty healthy overall (continue reading if interested…)

    I am a barista with two degrees earning a bare minimum of $8.35 an hour (yes, yes, I did just reveal my lousy income for the off chance that I win this awesome meal). I’m attempting to make it on my own with mere scraps of money.

    Here are the facts:
    -I cycle to work because I wasn’t blessed with a relative rich enough to just give me a car
    -I live in the “ghetto” where the word vegan isn’t even found in most dictionaries (joke)
    -I represent a small majority of Hispanic* vegans
    *Yes, I am aware that “Hispania” is not a place of origin
    -I’m attempting to save up money to go to grad school, hence the fact that I cannot afford to eat out at any restaurant
    -I’m loyal to homemade stir fry tofu, falafel, quinoa, salads, and water (yup, that’s all I can spend my tip money on)

    Essentially, I’m stuck in a rut trying to better myself and this FREE dinner would completely make it all worth it. Not to mention the fact that I NEVER win anything… not even crappy raffle prizes or lame gifts at baby showers.

    Well, well, enough ranting. This was my plea.

    ps: I would tip the hell out of this dinner πŸ™‚


  • I would love to win this dinner! What a fun experience and a much needed date night out for my husband and I!

  • A new vegan, macrobiotic, fresh bistro is what LA needs and not to mention ME.

    Pick me and I can guarantee my partner joining me at this dinner will immediately convert into a healthier, more conscious eater.

    Thank YOU.

  • quarry girl, you rock. why would i like to win this dinner for 2? who wouldn’t! i’m a foodie, and a vegan cook/baker who loves being inspired by great vegan creations. to date, candle 79 was my most-loved vegan fine dining experience… and that was 3 years ago. i’d love to win this dinner for 2 and experience seed’s creative culinary inspiration with my bad*ss bassman.

  • I’ll take QuarryGirl as my date. FTW!!!

  • Wow! Too bad I don’t live in LA anymore… :'(

    QuarryGirl, please review this place once it opens!! We can’t wait for foodgasm pictures. πŸ™‚

  • I am a hardcore vegan foodie (which I have to constantly explain to my carnivore friends…YES, you can be a vegan and LOVE TO EAT at the same time!). I’m also an impoverished graduate student. These two things make fine vegan dining impossible unless you win awesome contests like this one! πŸ™‚

  • Would love to win this. The 29th is my hubby’s bday and what a perfect way to spend it.

  • Hello!!! My roommate and I would LOVE to attend the opening night of Seed. We have a webisode called Cinema & Spice (http://www.youtube.com/user/CinemaAndSpice) and we are always looking for inspiration, obviously high energy and delicious food included. We spend so much money creating these episodes that we never get to celebrate our hard work, this would be a really extraordinary treat for us, especially since we started off our friendship working at Real Food Daily together!

    Thanks for considering us!!!

    Natasha & Julianna


  • I became a vegan in December of 2010 because I felt I wasn’t challenging myself enough in my personal life. Professionally I face daily challenges, but this imbalance between personal and professional was greatly affecting my outlook on a successful life. I had been thinking of adopting a vegan lifestyle for a few months and although I consumed meat in my daily life, I primarily stuck to fish and my main weakness: cheese, cheese, cheese. November 30th I was a omnivore; December 1st I was a vegan. I am proud to say that I have stuck to this challenge and feel happier, healthier and all around more fulfilled because I know I am achieving something that not only affects me, but also the world around me. Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t have the frequent daydream playing ring-around-the-rosy with hot wings, fromage, and eggs benedict; however, my vegan delusions disintigrate into a puff of smoke when I think of the bigger picture. The main roadblock I’ve faced as a vegan is the high cost of groceries and the inability to afford meals at vegan hot spots. I am 24, living alone in Los Angeles (a transplant from Chicago) and my bills rack up that at the end of the month so I cook at home more often than I am able to go out. I’m not trying to turn this into a Lifetime sob story (although I think I’d get a lot of viewers), but I would like to experience a side of LA that I have not, up to this point, and enjoy an epic meal at SEED BISTRO! Pick me, pretty please with daiya cheese on top!

  • Being a fan of gourmet Vegan fare for years I first met Eric behind the building at M Cafe on his humble lunch break where I was able to meet him face to face and thank him for making macrobiotic desserts taste delicious! As a former chef in a macrobiotic one meal stop in Oakland years ago, and having a sister who wrote the vegan menu for Mohawk Bend, I know firsthand that making healthy tasty-let alone gourmet food, is a challenge! Even though Eric and Sanae’s SEED is out of the way for me, I still make the trek for some of his signature trademarks! One is their Seitan which I hope to see in many savory forms at the new place (Bourguignon!)!! Oh yes; and they have beer and wine! I have made many of the recipes from their cookbooks-all delicious…Braised Burdock, YUM! On a teacher’s salary you have to pick and choose your gourmet nights, so winning would be awesome. I’d love to celebrate with them on Opening Night!

  • My vegan boyfriend and I would love to try out Seed Bistro on their opening night! We are total vegan foodies, and it would be an honor to be at Seed’s first dinner service!

  • Pick me pretty please! I’m trying to wear my omni friend down, and an upscale vegan place could do the trick, he’s quite the foodie. Plus it would be a belated birthday and early bon voyage dinner for me!

  • Jessica Kroeber

    This place sounds epic & amazing! I can’t wait to check it out! I’d love to win a meal there on opening night. I try all the places you recommend and I’m sure this one is going to be fantastic too! I normally can’t afford such fancy meals so I’d love the chance to try one out! Excited!

  • My boyfriend and I just reached our one year mark for veganism. We would love to celebrate our veganniversary at Seed! Yay!

  • MMMMMMMMMMM! What else can I say but MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!???

  • I would love to win this meal to experience the new restaurant fully and to share with a friend. Thanks to you and Seed Bistro for the giveaway!

  • I’ve just been in North Carolina for a week and have been seriously deprived of good vegan food. πŸ™‚ Seed Bistro, help me?

  • I would love to surprise my boyfriend with a date to a fabulous restaurant before I leave the mainland.

  • Vegan vegan vegan,
    No milk, cheese or meat,
    Animals don’t have to suffer,
    Just so I can eat.

    Apples, almonds, avocados,
    Rice and beans, too,
    Healthy for the body,
    To my conscience I am true.

    Happy to know of others,
    Who feel as I do,
    Would love a Seed Bistro meal,
    Especially for two!

  • I would love to win this because A) Seed is simply amazing and I can’t wait for Seed Bistro to Open, B) I love Vegan food and convert all of my friends, C) I would appreciate it more than anything as I am on a serious budget and spend most my money on FOOD, and D) I will be back and will tip generously πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks for your consideration and I can’t wait to check out the new spot!!!!

  • The best test of a place that does not serve meat is sending “somewhat of an omnivore” who “lives just around the block” (literally) to eat as much as possible as she, (+1) can simply just “roll/waddle” home after.

    Thrilled for something new on Wilshire. I can’t wait!

  • Only because it has the best macrobiotic food around LA/SM/Venice made by an awesome duo. Wholesome food come to my belly. Their service (at Venice) is brilliant. Always, kind, patient and friendly. Another reason? Because (shamelessly) my birthday is next week!

  • i would love to win this – i’ve tried seed in venice but they don’t have a bathroom so i haven’t been back. hopefully this location will have one!

  • I discovered Seed a year ago, when I visited my boyfriend for the summer academic break, who lives two block away from it in Venice. It was the first time in my life, that I ate burger with gusto, that was overwhelming. I didn’t know much about macrobiotic food, but it was pretty clear that it’s something worth learning about. Seed is so much different from usual snotty vegan places and it’s not only food, but Eric’s attitude and approach to running this business.
    This year I’m in Venice again and nothing changed, seed remains my favorite eating destination.
    It’s truly great news that seed is expanding and opening a real restaurant where you can even enjoy a glass of wine.
    I’d love to win a dinner for two and to take my boyfriend to the new seed bistro on opening night while I’m here in LA.
    From Moscow with love,

  • I basically go to the same few vegan restaurants, mostly out of convenience, but I really want to try all of them. Ever since hearing about Seed opening, I’ve been beyond excited. With so many amazing vegan spots closing around LA, it’s great to see one opening, especially because it’s not just another “vegan” Thai place πŸ™‚

  • I have been following Eric and Seane for years: from desert days at M caffe, Seed Venice, numerous cooking classes and have all their cook books which I often use to replicate the taste I’ve grown to love. Simply said their new Seed bistro will be amazing and I’m counting the days till THE opening day. Why should I win? Besides the fact that I never win and it’s nice to win, my friends consider me to be a food expert. I want to be able to experience this greatness so that I can spread the word around. Cheers!

  • my husband and i live in the marina and we are always searching for somewhere *new* with vegan options. We like to eat out a lot so if we win, and we like Seed Bistro you can count on us to be regular customers!

  • “Not everyone has a sob story, Charlie, and even if they do, it’s no excuse.” Stephen Chbosky.

    I have sob stories too… but none of you will ever know because i’ll never exploit myself or my loved ones for a free meal.

    Blunt. Yes I know but people COME ON. You will need thousands more meals before you die. This 1 meal is not going to be your life support. There are people in other countries who are starving and would cut off their arm just for a piece of bread, and without hesistation. Lets humble ourselves a bit more. Thank you.

    Be honest. You want to win free food, simply because it’s free food. Who doesn’t love winning that.

    I want to win this meal simply because I turned my friend to veganism a year ago, and I want us to have a good time and have some amazing vegan food compliments of Seed Bistro and Quarry Girl.

  • My fiance and I need this so badly! We’ve been the biggest fans of SEED in Venice since it opened. My Texas born fiance can’t get enough of their southwest burger. I’m more of a girl after the macro bowls. But lately we’ve both been unemployed and we don’t get to go out at all anymore! We would be so honored to be the lucky winners of this giveaway.
    Yay for SEED Bistro!

  • I would love to win this because being vegan rules the school and I’d love to take advantage of an awesome, gourmet, FREE! (except for enormo tip) meal to convert a super sexy meat & potato midwesterner and show him that yes, in fact,no meat can = a full & happy belly. Please and thank you! πŸ™‚

  • This would be so amazing! Id love to celebrate mine and my husands 1 year anniversay here!! πŸ™‚

  • My boyfriend and I are relocating to LA and we move into our place next week! We would love to get settled by filling our bellies with sea veggies. Please pick me πŸ™‚

  • I’m hungry (for vegan food), lol.

  • I just bought a new dress and a pair of cute cruelty-free shoes. I’d love an excuse to wear them on a night out with just vegan me and my vegan hubby.

    Give us some romance!

  • I would never go to Seed Bistro just to eat a free meal! I would load up my 15 Passanger Van and bring all my Vegan Homies to enjoy the experience with me. It’s a win win. I eat free and bring you $600 worth of business. ” When i take something from someone I make sure i give them back equal or more value.”

  • I LOVE Seed! it’s one of my fav places in LA, I practice macrobiotics and love Erics and Sanea food and recipes! This would be really amazing!

  • I REALLY want to win this because I don’t remember the last time I went out to dinner. I would love to break that with a truly gourmet and elegant meal!

  • I <3 vegan food! I would love the chance to try out a new smancy place:)

  • I would love to win and be able to have this experience. I am a Holistic health Coach and Macrobiotics is my passion. And my goal is to one day be a macrobiotic chef. I am so inspired by Eric and Sanae! I would just love the chance to experience their macrobiotic cuisine. And maybe even meet them! Please pick me! πŸ™‚

  • I’m on a poor college student budget, but I have been following your blog and have waned to try to many of the places you post but they havent really been in my price range. I’ve been vegan in LA for over 4 years but have barely even made a dent on trying all of these amazing places. I’ve been going through a rough time in my life and this would be an amazing treat!

  • Seed has the best veggie burger around by far.

  • I would love to win this, my boyfriend & I have been on a super tight budget and this would be a wonderful night out (which we haven’t had in about 4 months). What an amazing contest! πŸ™‚

  • this looks fun!

    i think you should pick me because i’m brand spanking new to the LA area and am super excited to experience what this city has to offer, vegan foodwise. i’m been vegan 11 years and started reading your blog back when i lived in seattle, while researching new and exciting places to try.

    also, the 29th is the day after my birthday πŸ™‚

  • I want to go because the we all know how terrible the economy is, and it’s been rough surviving on a vegan (and somewhat expensive) diet! I could use a break, and nothing makes me happier after a hard day at work than having good (vegan) food in my belly!
    Oh and because my boyfriend has been unemployeed for a few months so we rarely get to eat out!

  • Poop.

    Yes, I said it.


    God, this is really honest… ummm…

    I don’t poop that much… and well… I’ve heard that good vegan grub can help root out the pipes.

    I think a good, clean meal at Seed Bistro can help me lose some of that spare tire around the waist… and help me release some old hostages that need to be returned to their loved ones.

    Besides, I’m curious to see how a Frenchman can pull off legitimately good Japanese food.

    Au revoir!

  • Moved my boyfriend from the vegan mecca in New York City to Los Angeles for my career. Dinner at Seed would be a nice consolation prize and help him realize how awesome CA is!

    Thanks for such a great contest!

  • I’d like to win a dinner for 2 because i just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted and i’d like to celebrate my ability to indulge on delicious vegan food after a couple of hard days of just eating applesauce, soy yogurt, and mashed potatoes.

  • I’ve never experienced a gourmet vegan dinner before. This sounds amazing.

  • Andy Mendizabal

    I’d like to win this dinner because I actually am not vegan but I’ve lately been interested in the options of food that vegans have. I’ve volunteered for the past 2 LA Vegan Beer Festivals and the food looks amazing. A dinner for 2 would be exquisite and ideal for a date night with a special someone. Hope to be the recipient of such prize, but if not, I will eat here one day.


  • OOh I’d live to win the gourmet dinner for two at Seed Bistro for their grand opening! We love trying new vegan restaurants but the economy has taken a big bite out of our ‘dining out’ budget. This would be a great opportunity to try something new and ‘fancy’! Thanks for always keeping us up to date on the best vegan eats in town!!

  • I would like to win the 6-course dinner at Seed Bistro because i am a vegan single mother on a SUPER tight budget and i’m not sure when i would be able to visit Seed on my own. If I won, I would take my 12 year old son who is a SUPER COOL EXTREME VEGAN (reading every label on every product in the store and often checking on questionable food ingredients) We really hope to win…. Thx.

  • 1) My Birthday is on opening night- Aug 29th! Can you believe it!?

    2) I would like to donate the value of the dinner given to me, to an animal rights charity in Seed’s name!

    3) I want to take beautiful pics of the restaurant and food opening night and blast it on every social media website I can my little hands on to get the word out on this fabulous new restaurant!

    4) I want to be Seed Bistro’s first 5 star reviewer on Yelp!

    5) Thanks for your consideration!

    P.S. Love you too Quarrygirl, you the bomb:)

  • My wife Anna and I got married last month. We live in L.A. and she is a full time Social Work student. I am trying my best to provide for her and ease her into to my vegan diet. I used to work for Eric when he was the pastry chef at M CafΓ©. It would be amazing to be able to take Anna to dinner at a nice restaurant with Eric’s vegan cuisine.

  • This is awesome news! The area really needs an option like this. Leave it to QuarryGirl to share the news first and even be able to giveaway a 6-course dinner! – yum!! I’ll go πŸ˜‰

  • I would love to win because drool drool drool.

  • Because I am trying my hardest to transition from vegetarian/vegan to full on vegan!!!! AND I’ve gotten lots of meat eaters to try and like vegan:):):)

  • This place sounds amazing! It is totally out of my normal price range for dinner so this would be treat. I might even wear heels…

  • because another fancy vegan restaurant sounds awesome and local & organic is even better!

  • I hate saying I deserve anything, it sounds so entitled, but here is my story anyway:

    My boyfriend and I are both starving students living off graduate school stipends in the LA area, which barely cover rent and gas. We get along fine, usually, but I am graduating soon which means in addition to my sixty hour a week less than minimum wage job, I am also teaching at a community college, joining a bunch of societies to network, and paying out of pocket to go to a bunch of conferences. My boss just told me he can’t pay me anymore as of January, and in my field you need at least a year to find a job. I’ve been working so hard my immune system crashed, leaving me covered in an itchy rash, and I am officially prone to bursting into tears at random.

    SO… I am sure you can see that I am not hoping to win this for myself, but for my poor boyfriend who has had to put up with only seeing me for an hour or so per week, and most of that time is spent listening to me vent about the job search or holding me while I cry for seemingly no reason. Despite all of that, he has been my knight in shining armor, and I want more than anything to be able to take him out for a nice dinner. ESPECIALLY since he has been feeding me for about a month now, but pretending not to notice.

    Did I say please?

  • That’s my birthday!!! I hope I can go even if I’m not a winner. I was actually going to go to Hugo’s Restaurant for something a little more fancy, because fancy vegan places are hard to come by. I love vegan food maybe more than the average vegan, your blog is seriously like my food bible I try everywhere you go, your blog is a vegan inspiration. Pick me because I will cherish this awesome vegan experience forever!!!

  • I’d love to win because I’ve been unemployed, am not qualified for unemployment, and haven’t been able to enjoy a meal out in a very long time. Is that a valid reason?

  • It’s my girlfriends birthday August 29th and to be honest, I’m so short financially, I’ve been so stressed that I won’t be able to do something nice for her. We are both vegans and I would LOVE more than anything to be able to give her this gift ON HER BIRTHDAY. Mine is the 24th (we are 5 days apart)so this would be such a great gift for the both of us. Please consider me for this amazing gift. I would love to give her this beautiful night. Thank you so much for your time.


  • I want to win this because I’ll be 40 in a few weeks. That’s my excuse for everything right now.

  • My bf is relatively new in town and I’ve been working on showing him all the best vegan spots in L.A. The problem is that there is nowhere I can take him for a really nice dinner date. I’d love to take him here on opening night!

  • I’d like to win because there are several beautiful and single vegan ladies I know that I’d like to ask to the dinner.

    Getting laid is nowhere near as noble or giving as a lot of these entries, but I eat vegan for hedonistic reasons – my body feels better when I don’t eat meat. I see no reason to stop now.

  • Hey my name is Alex and I would love to win the dinner out to SEEDS because I love Vegan food! My fiance and I are both Vegetarians, but always eat as vegan as possible! We are always on this website looking for good places to eat, but unfortunately we have been very broke the last few months and have been having to stick to vegetarian rather than vegan ( because we all know even though Vegan food is tasty, it can be pricey) It would be really nice to have a good VEGAN dinner out with my Fiance, where we actually don’t have to worry about the bill. Not to mention we have been awaiting the opening of some new good Vegan food. Thanks!

  • I would love to win a dinner for 2 at seed bistro because i would love to experience having a fancy vegan dinner and i would love to take one of my non vegan friends to experience how awesome vegan food really is
    and i love quarrygirl’s blog <3 πŸ™‚

  • I’m just reaaaaallly itching to see some new LA vgan swagger. I lived in San Francisco for years, Chicago too. Love me some Portland, I guess I just HAVE to have a good vegan vibe around me, I have to. Linked my Yelp profile too, at least 200 of my reviews are about vegan food. I love Seed in Venice, but I NEED to try Seed Bistro! My vegan spirit and foodiness need it…. Help! Plus I tweet @quarrygirl all the time, even about Austin Powers, but she ignores me… But that’s ok πŸ™‚

  • I have connections to Oprah, but none of her money. I NEED THIS!
    I would be able to get Seed Bistro’s food in the mouth of every Diva/Legend/Prophet/Gayle.

  • I’d like to win to take my girlfriend up on the wild night of sex I’m guaranteed for taking her here.

  • I should be selected, because me being there means opening night will be dashing, and marvelous!

  • My honey and I are both currently unemployed and are in great need of an evening out to rejuvenate ourselves.

    Seed Bistro’s mission statement is powerful. Whether we win or not, here’s wishing Seed Bistro much success with their newest venture!

  • I would love to have dinner on Monday at Seed because I would relish each and every flavour. I’m a foodie who is starts my second round of chemo on Tuesday. Chemo not only makes hair fall out but also, unforgivably, kills tastebuds. I still have mine, but that change on Tuesday. If I were to win I would bring my girlfriend who has been taking fantastic care of me:)

  • I’d love to win and have a fancy vegan dinner! By winning it would actually be a dinner for three in a sense, as I am 30 weeks pregnant. I’m sure this vegan baby wants to be one of the first guests at Seed!

  • Having endured so many subpar restautant meals after informing the staff I was a vegan, I would greatly appreciate the thoughtful offerings of Seed Bistro.

    Also, it is between my work in Santa Monica and my home in West Hollywood, so I may become a regular!

  • DYING to win this. Clearly imma go and eat there regardless opening night, but since I am a poor college student not dropping 150 on dinner would be greatly appreciated. Plus what better excuse to eat a 7 course meal!!! Gonna bring my friend who just switched from being a vegetarian to full vegan. What a better ay to say “you made the right call.” Ahhh this is so epic PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!

  • omg would loveeeeeeeee to win this!!!!! & it’s my birthday!!!!!! so that would be the most amazing bday present everrrrrrrrr!!!! πŸ™‚ ahhhhhH!!!!!!

  • Sounds delicious!!!! A little pricey, but this will definately have to be a treat someday soon πŸ™‚

  • While I’m not vegan, my lovely sister is – I forsee visiting this place in the very near future when she drags me along with her

  • Mmmmmm, yummy!

  • My husband and I have been vegetarians for more than 50 years combined. My husband just found out he needs to cut out milk, so we are looking for great vegan meal ideas. Since I’m two-months pregnant, I’m looking for vegan meal ideas with lots of protein.

  • I think Brandon should win because he is a newly wed with a wife that is gluten intolerant. That would be a nice gift to him for getting married. Here’s his post on your blog:

    “Brandon August 18th, 2011 at 08:36

    I would like to win the dinner for two because I just got married in July and dinner at Seed Bistro would be an awesome wedding gift πŸ™‚ Also, my wife is gluten free which makes it a little difficult sometimes when we eat out, but I have a feeling that Seed Bistro can handle that dietary restriction quite easily.”


  • I’d love to have dinner at Seed Bistro because its my husband’s birthday, and I’d love to take him to a wonderful, decadent vegan feast! Can’t wait to try this place.

  • I’d love to win because it’s the first day back for school, and this would be a great treat after working with students again on the first of 180 school days!

  • I’d love to win this because my girlfriend is vegan and she loves multi-course meals so she would die of excitement if I won and took her (which I would).

  • Whomever wins….PUHLEASE take lots of pictures and share!

  • I love LA tremendously, but an upscale vegan dining option is much needed and welcome here for those special occasions or for just an all-around reliable dining experience. Regardless of who wins, congrats on the launch and cheers to hopefully many years of great vegan food in Los Angeles!

  • I would love to win!!! I have in Los Angeles all my life and I have been a vegan for 20 years. It makes me so happy to see how much this city has grown and embraced the vegan culture. When I was a teenager here, it was a such a treat to even find a vegetarian restaurant. Anyway.. I would love to win, b/c I am newly engaged and would love to take my fiance for a celebration dinner.

  • Oh, yes! Would love to win the 6 course meal. We love your food, especially the one-dish grain bowl, saisai donburi macro bowl. Hubby loves the roasted vegetable panini and our granddaughter loves the tofu scramble. WIN! WIN! WIN! LOL

  • Besides just the fact that this place sounds amazing and conscientious, I would LOVE to go to this because I’ve been vegan for three years, but I’m a broke college student, and don’t get to go to this kind of thing anywhere close to as often as I would like to. Sometimes my lovely (graduated/working/not-vegan) boyfriend takes me out, and I would be thrilled to get to return the favor and an amazing place like this.

    Also because with every single bite I will be sincerely appreciating everything that went into it.

    And because I will retweet everything you ever post on twitter and spread the quarrygirl gospel to everyone here in San Diego (which has nowhere near the vegan culture that LA does.)

  • and AT an amazing place like this*

  • Oh my how I would LOVE to win! If you would like to have live music and or bellydance showcase nights at Seed Bistro, I would love to organize or be a part of it! πŸ™‚

  • I’m moving into a new apartment with an old friend who is vegan! I’m very excited – no more worrying about separating my pots and pans and cutting board. This could be our celebration dinner. And both of our birthdays are coming up. Also, we both live a pretty vegan on the cheap lifestyle, so otherwise I probably won’t get to Seed unless my grandfather dies and leaves me a bunch of money. And I don’t want my grandfather to die. Do you?

  • I’ve recently converted to vegetarianism and I’m so excited to try out all these AWESOME restaurants we have in LA. This sounds like the perfect place to jumpstart my eventual goal to being vegan.

  • I’m vegetarian, but I try to eat vegan as much as possible when I’m out with my meat-eating friends. I’m sure that if I could bring one of them to a top-notch vegan dining experience, they’d be more open to eating vegan with me (supporting local vegan restaurants) and they’d recommend it to their colleagues and bosses who often have to take out high profile people whose diets are often in line with this lifestyle.

    Seed Bistro looks amazing but I don’t know if I’d be able to experience it without this contest!

  • I’d love to win the dinner because I think it would be a great way to convert a meat-eating friend of mine! I don’t like to prosletyze about veganism, but my friend could probably use the extra push. Instead of trying to make her watch Earthlings for the 1000th time, I’d love to SHOW her that veganism is delicious and worth it. She’s so close, but she still thinks its too much of a hassle. And, as a Seed lover, I think Lechasseur just might able to change her mind. Plus, the alcohol money couldn’t hurt the conversion process πŸ˜‰

  • My husband and I have been vegans for 10 years and are always looking for new vegan places to support and enjoy. Our 9 year wedding anniversary is august 31st and we love vegan fine dining. Madeleine bistro has been a blessing in LA, and we’re thrilled to learn about SEED.

  • I would love to try out Seed Bistro, first of all, because I’ve never been to an “upscale” vegan restaurant and I’d love to experience that. Second of all, to be inspired by their dishes! I love to cook and seeing new innovative dishes would be a great motivator for me. πŸ™‚

  • My boyfriend and I are expecing a baby and we would love to go celebrate. Plus I can really eat these days!

  • I want to win this because i am BROKE but i DESERVE fine dining opportunities just like every other sophisticated-at-heart vegan fatty. All I have eaten in the past few weeks are beans on goddamn toast. Sometimes it’s beans in a tortilla, or sometimes, if I’m feeling dangerous, beans on a month-old Mary’s Gone Cracker. I shouldn’t have to live like this! I am 30 years old. Please help me feel like a functioning human being again by giving me the opportunity to live like a refined member of society, even if just for one night! I don’t smell.

  • So I recently became vegan just a few weeks ago. It is a very new and exciting thing for me, in which im so glad i just discovered! Growing up in a meat household, it was hard to even see or understand why meat was bad in any way. In fact we all thought the complete opposite. meat is to be eaten during each meal…”take two helpings of it, after all it’s so good for you!” Yeah…pretty gross I know. So when i started getting into nutrition, i watched a documentary called Food Matters…and my whole world turned upside down. It left me with many questions. So being typical me i started researching, and researching, and researching, to the point where i had an overwhelming amount of information about nutrition and I new i was ready for the challenge of becoming a vegan. Nothing was going to stop me now!!

    Or so i thought…my problem now is since I am vegan i have no idea what foods to eat and what not to eat. So being in a hurry most the time i end up resorting to salads…and more salads. And yeah…it’s getting really boring. Ive been cooking some new vegan and raw foods, but its so damn time consuming. Probably because im so new to all of this. I also havent gone out to eat since i turned to the good side, so it would be nice to take a night out and a nice dinner with me and my boyfriend (who also recently turned vegan! thanks to me!) And go out on a much needed, and deserved date night. I really just want to see what vegan food is out there! I randomly stumbled on your blog yesterday when i was searching up vegan food, and im so glad i found it! You guys have so many places to eat on here, im going to have to take advantage of all these awesome restaurant tips. You’ve saved me a lot of researching time.

    Hopefully this can be the start to many more vegan date nights! Thanks Quarry Girl!

  • I wish i had some sob story to say here to try an entice you to pick me, but i don’t.. I wish i had some magnificent person I want/need to take out on a date, but yet again I don’t… Just your average girl working trying to tantalize her tastebuds and tickle my senses while making ends meet.

    Due to the headling making news today I would like to be able to do a belated celebration for the release of the West Memphis 3..a group that i have been loosly following since i was six years old when they were wrongly thrown in jail for being an outsider in a rural town. I remember all the bands i liked in the mid/late 90s [why does this feel forever ago] were doing something to raise awareness for them, but today over 18 years later they are finally free. So it would be nice to “in their honor” do something that we can all relate to….. the freedom of being an outsider, listening to “different” music, eating “differently” taking on a “different” lifestyle.

    So here is to being vegan.. to being different.. to celebrating being free.. free to be yourself without fear. *cheers*

  • Did you ever read that article in the New York Times, β€œI love you but you love meat”? That’s my husband and I. I’m a lifelong vegetarian, raised in an Indian family that has been vegetarian for generations. I’m still learning about the incredibly diverse range of delicious and complex vegetarian foods my ancestors concocted, and it’s been such a fun challenge to cook both age-old Indian recipes and modern vegetarian dishes to try to keep my omnivore husband interested in and excited by vegetarian food. We live only a few blocks from Seed Bistro and I hope it becomes one of our neighborhood β€œgo-to spots” – it would be amazing to start there on such an exciting note.

  • I would love to go to Seed Bistro opening weekend. My boyfriend’s birthday is September 2nd. Every year we take a trip to San Francisco and celebrate his birthday at Millennium. This year, hotel prices have skyrocketed and I can’t afford the trip. I have been racking my brain to find a nice alternative that we haven’t already visited in LA. We have been vegan for 6 years and try to visit all of the restaurants you recommend on your site.

    oh yeah, let’s not forget, I voted for Quarrygirl in the VegNews contest!

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Oooh pick me! I love checking out new vegan restaurants but never have the time or money!

  • I would love to win this for my wonderful vegan girlfriend, Genevieve. Since meeting her, I have started to embrace the veg/vegan lifestyle and she, as well as the lifesytle, is saving my life. I am also a HUGE fan of you, Quarrygirl (flattery will get you everywhere!) and thank you for making it so easy to find great new places for us to eat. I follow your tweets/facebook/blog and report back to Gen whenever you uncover something new and exciting.

    We are great people, do great things for others…it would be nice to have some goodness come our way, too.

    Either way, whoever wins – enjoy it! What a great treat!!

  • Sounds like a blast. I’d like to come, and bring my girlfriend, ’cause I like good food, and we’re both a lot of fun. Either way, love your blog, it’s an awesome resource! Best, David

  • I would love to win dinner there! My husband has finally gotten on board with the veg life (been waiting a decade for that!) and we could use a date night!

  • two thick vegans we be
    rocking our style sexy
    come on fly girl quarry
    pick us pick us pick us

    we wanna try out some seed
    cuz we know its the place to be
    come on fly girl quarry
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    one of us is the dope niki
    the other one is hot jacque
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  • Tristin barnett

    I should win because it is my birthday august 29th and all I want is to have a very nice completely vegan dinner with my fiancΓ©. He’s trying to find a place to take me but is having a hard time.

    This would be so greatly appreciated and so wonderful.

    Please let me enjoy my first fancy dinner of my life, on my birthday, at a completely wonderful vegan restaurant. πŸ™‚

    Thank you

  • My husband and I are both vegan, but rarely get a chance to go out to eat at all, since we both work 7 days a week during the summer. We LOVE Seed in Venice, LOVE Eric and Sanae’s books, and would LOVE to try Eric’s new restaurant. We missed celebrating 21 years of being a couple on August 4th, because we were WORKING! What a great excuse to give ourselves some time off and enjoy another GREAT vegan restaurant in LA! YAY! (with DRINKS!!!)

  • at a recent work event, i was asked “what accomplishment are you most proud of?” the first thing that came to mind wasn’t anything that i have done at work (even though i do love what i do and take great pride in it), but it was the fact that i am a vegan. i just celebrated my 20th year as a vegetarian – about the past 8 as a vegan.

    it makes me feel so good about my life and my choices to know that i do them with compassion and kindness.

    i would love to be able to celebrate the opening of seed bistro with others who feel the same! what a great night to enjoy wonderful food, toast to chef eric’s new adventures and all embrace the joy and beauty of being vegan!

    thanks for all you do quarry girl!!

  • I would love to win as I really love vegan food and it’s so rare to be able to experience vegan fine dining. I am also on a fairly tight budget and cannot afford to dine at places like this normally, so it would be so amazing to be able to participate in this event.

  • I just think this would be an awesome opportunity to support local, vegan, organic food. Any establishment that opens to create a cruelty free product is one that is taking the step to promote change and peace and we are so lucky to have Seed bistro opening! I would love to be there opening night!

  • Pick me! Pick me!

  • I would love to win this amazing prize because I pride myself in visiting as many vegan restaurants as possible and knowing that I can use only one hand to count the GREAT fine dining locations in Los Angeles, I want to be able to add one more vegan establishment to the list!

  • i’ve never really had a fancy vegan meal. i’d love to see what this is all about!

  • First off, thanks for this great contest!

    I would like to win as a former LA resident who now lives just up the coast (San Luis Obispo) but it might as well be as far as Mars when it comes to vegetarian options.
    So winning with a be a wonderful excuse to drop work, head to LA for the night, have a great meal, and sneak back home on Tuesday…


  • On that evening, I will be completing a month of fasting for Ramadan. It would be wonderful to end my fasting with the delicious vegan food prepared by Seed. Thank you!

  • First off, I would just like to say how much I appreciate and love your blog. Being an art student and working full time I don’t tend to get out much but always do enjoy going out for a nice dinner with my soulmate. He too is a busy vegan chef so when he’s not busy cooking for us or others, he too, enjoys going out for a nice meal!

    His birthday is Aug. 23rd and I would love to surprise him with this opportunity so that he can finally get out of the kitchen for once! lol

    Thank your again for the blog!

  • …because I like to live dangerously.

  • I can’t wait for Seed Bistro to open. I can’t wait for your first review!

  • It would be for my husband and my 11 year anniversary! Yep!

  • My husband and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary and my husband’s 6th year meat free. Great vegan food is what keeps him meat-free and I would love to celebrate his 6th anniversary as a vegetarian at Seed.

  • i just finished filming weeks at night and my wife who also works was at home taking care of our two daughters. she is wiped out. i am wiped out. we could use a little romance and night out at seed!
    hook a brutha up!

  • I have terminal cancer of the esophagus and perhaps have only six weeks to live. My dog passed away in March and both my parents were killed in a road accident on Mulholland Drive in January. It was a 19 wheeler semi that hit them. I could only identify my father because of a fragment of his baseball cap.

    My girlfriend just left me, my son won’t speak to me any more and I need new pads and liners on my car. And the A/C is busted.

    Give me a free meal. Please. It may be the last one I ever have.

  • Ooooo!! I wanna win! I am newly engaged and it will be a great way to celebrate and a sneaky attempt to get my lover into eating something amazing (he is wicked picky)! And I can get him to come to a vegan restaurant with me! =)

  • I have been a vegan for three years now (since roughly the beginning of college) yet I rarely eat at vegan restaurants! However, I LOVE to cook and spread vegan love by sharing my recipes with family and friends. I even recently started working at a children’s bookstore in Santa Monica and am personally in charge of baking their vegan cookies that sell (very well) in their cafe!! (Come by and try one for free – just let me know when you want to come!) πŸ™‚ I have never been to a fancy vegan restaurant and am very curious and excited to find out what it’s like and hopefully find some inspiration for yummy budget conscious meals I can make myself!! πŸ™‚ PICK ME PLEASE!

  • Sounds delicious! I would love to go! Thank you.

    Be peace,

  • A killer Vegan dinner with drinks pick me! πŸ™‚

  • Hello! I am currently a culinary student, who lives in a town with very little vegan experience. I am just about to complete my vegetable mod, where we have cooked meat during the vegetarian part. There are the typical quiche, salads, and blanching vegetables that we covered, but not nearly the experience I was hoping to learn about. My only way of ever learning more about vegan cooking is to attend vegan restaurants! I grew up as a vegetarian, my parents are now complete vegans, my oldest daughter is vegetarian, the rest of my children, spouse and self are more flexitarians! It is a dream to one day open a tiny vegan cafe in my area. I do not know what possibilities are out there, and my school did not help me to hone my skills in this area. I would love the opportunity to visit as many vegan restaurants as I can, in the Los Angeles area, while I am still attending school, so that I might bring my experience back to school, and share this with my instructor, so that maybe they will become more in tuned to the vegetarian diets and variety of foods and restaurants.

    Thank You

  • I went Vegan a couple months ago. I’d like to show my husband how rich and yummy Vegan food can be. Since I am new at cooking Vegan I still have yet to master it. I’m sure I’ll get some great ideas too! Thank you.

  • That would be the perfect end to our 20th wedding anniversary weekend!!!! Hope the winner enjoys the food as much a I would!

  • I live in Venice and I go to Seed ALL the time. It is one of my favorite restaurants! I’ve been hoping that someone would open an “upscale” vegan restaurant in LA forever now and the fact that Eric is going to be the one to do it is incredible! My husband and I are in town on August 29th and we would LOVE to be some of the first to try this fantastic new bistro. I work for a pretty big social media company so I will be sure to help spread the word about Seed Bistro virally πŸ™‚

  • Would love to win this gift! My husband converted with me about 6 years ago and he recently has started slowly adding back eggs and lean meat into his diet:( I would love nothing more to win this and try to sway him back to the good side, the right side!

  • Recently my Father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and this has opened my mind to the difference a vegan diet can do for us. My wife has been slowly leaning in this direction for sometime and this would be a wonderful evening for her with amazing food that she KNOWS is good for her and me. As she goes through this journey that is in it’s sixth month with her Father, this would be a bright spot for her.

  • desiree espericueta

    ive been vegan for four years now, but four years prior to choosing vegan i became vegetarian. August 27th is my 8 year NMA (no meat anniversary)so i am trying to celebrate the weekend in a big way. saterday morning i am taking my friends to volunteer at animal acres followed by SCOOPS and i came across this blog while searching for a vegan dinner spot for sunday, something to end with a bang. winning this would be the BEST and i would really appreciate it! it would make my NMA perfect!!!! =] and i want to go somewhere that would impress my guest and this place sounds amazing! please choose me

  • I am so excited to try this restaurant! I love vegan dining!

  • My boyfriend and I would love to win because it sounds AMAZE-BALLZ!!!!

  • I’d love to win a dinner a SEED because becoming vegan is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’d love to celebrate that with someone special.

  • because ive been a vegan for almost 16 years and have been an LA native for 10… and i dont wear skinny jeans. ever.

  • I want to win because I’d love to bring my boyfriend to a new vegan place and can absolutely not afford it at the moment. We are struggling with money and when I saw this amazing contest I actually thought there’s a chance we might go! Of course, I have been wanting to try Seed Bistro for a long time and now I just hope that you guys pick me. It would make me so happy (and full).

  • I can’t fly my girl to paradise this year but Seed Bistro would be close enough.

  • What is a vegan? I like to eat seeds, yummy! But stay away from the avocado seeds they give you serious gas that might kill you. Anyway I would love to eat six courses of vegan bistro seeds with my wife.

  • I want to take my best friend out to an awesome dinner, because she’s my vegan partner in crime! We love trying new vegan restaurants but money is tight and this would be such an awesome way to surprise her!

  • My husband and I would love to win this. We love great, creative vegan food. We gave up eating meat after a really intense episode of ‘Torchwood” (SF fans, you KNOW the one!), but we can always stand to be inspired by amazing cooking. Plus, we’ve both been through hell this year and haven’t really celebrated much of anything, including our birthdays, so this would make our (otherwise crappy) year. Thanks Quarry Girl.

  • I haven’t tried a new vegan place in quite some time. In fact, I haven’t gone “out” out to eat in a, very, long, time. I love reading your reviews because, well, I’m kinda vicariously eating through your blog. If only your reviews came with smell-o-vision and then I can really properly pretend to eat the delicious meals that you sample. I’m a broke-ass, full time student (that partakes in the occassional freegan field trip when I’m seriously broke) taking a ridiculous amount of units because I’m a glutton for punishment – school is serious business, yo. So for me, it would just be an amazing honor to have such a wonderful dinner with my best friend (who is nearly convinced that vegan food can’t be delcious, just can’t be). Thanks for your consideration.

  • I would love to win because I used to live right across the street from the Seed location in Venice, and though I desperately wanted to like it, could never find a dish that did it for me. Basically, I would love to get the chance to give myself a better first impression.

  • If I win, I would like to take a dear omnivorous friend with me to seed to show her how physically, emotionally and environmentally fulfilling a compassionate lifestyle can be.

  • I would love to eat at this restaurant. I already eat very healthy and mainly eat organic vegetables and sea vegetables with brown rice but I love eating out at Vegan restaurants because they cook healthy foods but do so many creative things that I wouldn’t have thought of nor would I date to make! This would be awesome! Thank you

  • Slowly but surely my husband’s eyes have been opened to the world of meat free eating. This would be another experience to bring him further down the path.

  • I’d love to attend this dinner with my fiancee, who is slowly warming to veganism. It would be a nice addition to this special time of ours and a way to take a break from wedding planning!!

  • Jesse and Mallori

    Having just returned to LA from our completely eco-Vegan wedding in PA, this would be a beautiful wedding gift!

  • I would like to win the fancy dinner because I am fancy and loves the fancy vegan eats. I think the fancy six course would feel at home in my stomach. Like we were made for each other. <3

  • Finally! A restaurant where veggie & vegan foodies can feel free to indulge on anything on the menu, not just an assortment of appetizers or pasta. I’d love to treat myself and my veggie bff to dinner here!

  • I go to a lot of potlucks, so I am constantly thinking of vegan food and recipes for vegan dishes I could make that would inspire people and open their minds about vegan food and how delicious it really is.
    This place would definitely be inspirational to me and give me a lot of ideas. I can’t afford to pay that much for dinner, so I can’t go unless I win πŸ™‚ I’m sure I’m not the only one πŸ™‚
    Good luck everyone!

  • I came to seed on a visit from out of town (NYC). I needed some food for my travel up the pch, and they recommended getting a wrap version of the southwest burger. It was the most amazing thing I ever had, and any regrets my tastebuds had about becoming vegan were diminished. I had found true love in a vegan burrito.

    Three months later I relocated here to Los Angeles… Don’t think it was a coincidence… thank you everyone at seed for having good food and a great attitude. Love it!

  • who won? who won?

  • i recently became sober… 37 days ago…

    i need to implement new eating habits and since i dont like meat, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about some new foods.

    i also love going out with my good, non-drinking, hilarious girlfriends and i am always looking for sober events to go to.

    this would be perfect to show my friends that i am so thankful they are being so supportive and reaching out to me when i need them the most.

    i want to win this for them… a little for me, but mostly because i am grateful.

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