• new favorite product: vegan schmicken cutlets!

    August 6th, 2011quarrygirlproducts

    i have a new favorite meat replacement, and it’s called schmicken! not only is it super fun to say out loud, but schmicken is delicious and healthy as well.

    homemade in small batches by vegan mario’s in santa barbara, schmicken is a breaded wheat meat cutlet made from sprouted red lentils, yellow peas, wheat gluten, almonds and spices. you can buy schmicken online in packs of 3 and have it shipped to you anywhere in the united states.

    it freezes well and comes with lots of great serving suggestions…

    fry it up in a pan (like we did), or bake it in the oven…

    you can serve it with tomato sauce and vegan cheese for schmicken parmigiano, or slice it into strips and add it to a stir fry. we fried it up and ate it with some gnocci, broccoli, and spicy tomato sauce—phenomenal!

    seriously, schmicken is so damn good…way better than the mass produced corporate vegan meats on the market. a huge succulent slab served all crispy and breaded—i love it!

    give schmicken a try!

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  • It looks good. I am addicted to the Fry’s Vegetarian fake chicken so I am interested to see how this compares.

  • this looks fantastic! and the ingredients sound good too! and paired with gnocchi & broccoli!!? Mmmmm! I’m going to get some! thanks for posting the info!! =)

  • That looks amazing – I’m going to order some right away.

  • $23 ($5 shipping) for 3 thin pieces of couple spoons of Lentils, Peas, Wheat and Almonds!!!! It sounds like americanized falafel with a rip-off price.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Never heard of this item before, it looks good.

  • Since when are falafels made out of seitan?

  • well the main ingredients of this is not Wheat gluten but beans. Falafels Ingredients do include flour too. And that is why I called it americanized falafel!

  • Honestly, it really is good. Quarrygirl has not overstated it’s deliciousness. Hot, crisp and yummy, organic and extremely versatile. Quick and easy to boot. I think it can be served cold too, although I’ve only had it hot.

  • This looks rather good. If expensive.
    Since we are an hour North, thought I’d check them out in person, so went to the web site. A bit confusing that site is.
    Will give them a go once the information is better presented.
    Thanks for the review all the same.

    BTW, love this site. Wish there had been this blog, and all the veg restaurants in the 20 years I lived in LA.

  • Thank you Quarrygirl for such a lovely review. We are so glad you enjoyed our Schmicken. We think the name is fun as well and customers seem to enjoy the taste. I make all of the Schmicken on my own using the finest organic ingredients and each batch of 24 cutlets takes 5+ hours to prepare. Currently writing from my annual August vacation in Wyoming but hope your delightful readers will give us a try upon my return. We will continue shipping out etsy orders on Monday, Aug 15 and will resume bi-weekly shipments after that. A little background about us… we are currently at a “pop up” location at a space called Events Unlimited in Santa Barbara with limited hours but are looking for our own spot. At that point we will revamp the website entirely. Upon my return to SB on Sat Aug 13, guests are welcome to dine on our garden patio Fri & Sat from noon-2:30pm and a few items are available for pick-up during those same hours on Wed & Thurs. Hope to see you soon. Long live chicken– eat Schmicken!

  • I am so glad more people are finding out about this amazing new product, SCHMICKEN. As a vegan myself we are so limited to products that taste good not only that are good for you. Schmicken is made with 100% organic products that is the reason for the price. Just remember you get three generous pieces to make three meals out of it. I was surprised myself when I received my shipment on the size of the portions. I will definitely order it again. THANKS VEGAN MARIO
    Definitely not falafel

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