• sandwich appreciation: ike’s vegan reuben

    July 31st, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san francisco

    no trip to san francisco is complete without visiting ike’s place. the small hole in the wall in the castro consistently turns out the best sandwiches i’ve ever eaten. i’m on a mission to try everything on their vegan menu, and now i can officially cross the vegan reuben off the list.

    vegan reuben: vegan turkey, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, french dressing, soy cheese. $9.99

    this sandwich is no joke. it’s fully loaded, costs just under ten bucks and could easily feed two people.

    it doesn’t taste like a traditional reuben at all—it’s got vegan turkey rather than corn beef style seitan or tempeh, coleslaw instead of sauerkraut, and french dressing in place of thousand island. no complaints from me though, i dug it. the purple homemade poppy seed coleslaw was creamy and amazing, and the french dressing was tart and slightly sweet. top it off with ike’s signature garlicky dirty sauce that comes on every sandwich, and it’s perfect.

    when ordering at ike’s there are 3 very important things to remember. 1.) always specify vegan! there are lots of meaty sandwiches on the menu and you may end up with one of them if you don’t use the V word. 2.) every sandwich comes with dirty chips. the best flavor is jalapeno heat! stay away from salt and vinegar….oddly, that flavor isn’t vegan. 3.) always order your sandwich on dutch crunch bread. TRUST ME! it kills every other sandwich bread on the planet.

    ike’s is super duper popular and can often have a line going around the block. i like to get there right when they open at 10:00am to avoid the crowd. honestly, a huge vegan sandwich makes for an excellent breakfast.

    ike’s place
    3489 16th Street
    (Across the street from the old Ike’s)
    monday – saturday 10am – 7pm
    check ike’s website for most recent location before you head over…this place keeps moving!

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  • You must have the vegan Meatless Mike next!!!! I was never even a meatball-sandwich-person but this thing is AMAZING!

    I’ve also been going to Ike’s Lair in Redwood Shores.. its pick-up only but DEFINITELY worth it if you can’t get there at 10AM and don’t want to deal with herds of people! They always seem to have my food ready in about 15 mins!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks good, wish we had more low-cost vegan sandwich places in LA.

  • If it doesn’t taste like a reuben, look like a reuben or is built like a reuben – can you call it a reuben. If I were to order that I would be disappointed that it wasn’t a reuben. I’m sure it is a great sandwich but call it something else.

  • Funny- I recently embarked on a quest to try every item on Ike’s vegan menu as well. I have it printed out and stuck on the wall next to my desk at work, so I can drool and fantasize about which one to try next.

    So far I’ve had the Vegan Reuben and the Vegan Bud Bundy. I suspect I will have to adjust my rating scale at some point, as they were both 10/10.

    Next up: Vegan Pilgrim! Sriracha and cranberry sauce, oh my.

  • Also, I must say that best flavor of chips is, in fact, the Funky Fusion which is vegan.

    I have data from my tastebuds to prove it!

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