• michy’s cookies: gourmet. vegan. delicious.

    July 10th, 2011quarrygirlother, products

    here in los angeles, we have no shortage of impressive vegan cookies—and i’m on a mission to try them all! my latest discovery is michy’s, an entirely vegan mail order bakery based in west LA with an arsenal of cookie flavors that is guaranteed to blow your mind. the tag line of michy’s cookies is “gourmet. vegan. delicious.”—and i’m happy to report that the description is very apt.

    michy’s recently sent me 6 (yeah, SIX!) different cookie boxes, and each one was phenomenal. the americano was a mix >of dark chocolate and espresso flavors, absolutely decadent. the classic was a superb walnut cookie with chunky chocolate chips. the ginger binge was sweet, chewy, and spicy all at once. sugar and spice was luscious and cinnamon-y with an excellent texture. cran rustica was an already excellent oatmeal cookie, but littered with hunks of cranberry. lastly, pumpkin eater was probably my favorite of the bunch—a super chewy and soft spicy pumpkin cookie with large chocolate chunks. every last cookie was fantastic.

    in fact these cookies were so good, and i had so many of them, that i decided to share them with some omnivore friends. my pals are used to eating up vegan treats that i provide, but they found these cookies especially delicious. one of my friends claimed that these were the best cookies she’d ever eaten…and she normally doesn’t like “vegan sweets”.

    indeed, these cookies are fantastic. omnivores and vegans agree!

    if you are on the prowl for the ultimate vegan cookie, your search is not complete without trying michy’s. check out their website for ordering info.

    PS: i HIGHLY suggest the pumpkin eater…but if pumpkin and spices aren’t your bag, you can’t go wrong with the classic!


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  • Their pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my fav!! So addictive. I heard about them when the company was formerly Fork In The Road Cookies(Ecovegangal had reviewed them). I wish lemon lavender were still available to try!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    They look delicious:D

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