• LOVELIKEBEER: another vegan beer dinner in san diego!

    July 10th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    what, what?! all these san diego events are making me wish i lived further south. the folks at LOVELIKEBEER are hosting another vegan craft beer pairing this month on july 26th at blind lady ale house, and you don’t wanna miss it.

    here’s some more info on LOVELIKEBEER straight from their website…

    LOVELIKEBEER is an organization dedicated to creating inspiring Vegan Food and Craft Beer events in San Diego with a charitable purpose.

    We work with local artisans and entrepreneurs to host culinary events which incorporate innovative, vegan cuisine, craft beer pairings, and a donation to a local charity.

    their last beer dinner sea rocket bistro was a huge success, just look at the facebook photos!

    if you aren’t familiar with blind lady ale house, it’s probably the best pub in san diego, and one of my personal favorites. it brews tiny batches of special beers, and has an extremely vegan-friendly menu. i have a feeling this upcoming dinner is gonna be insane. i’m seriously considering calling in sick on the 26th and 27th so i can attend.

    if you are anywhere near san diego, you have no excuse not to go to this!

    check out LOVELIKEBEER‘s website for more info!

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  • LOVELIKEBEER & Blind Lady = Things that make San Diego awesome. The Automatic Brewing (on-site nano brewery at Blind Lady for anyone who doesn’t know) Tanzanian Devil (dark english mild w/ coffee) might have been the best CA beer I had on my entire trip last month!

    Another reason to go to Blind Lady? XLERATOR HAND DRYERS IN THE BATHROOM!!! 🙂

  • blind lady would be PERFECT…if only they had a dyson!

  • Holy crap this is awesome. The first one looked great.

    I need to visit Blind Lady! What an informative pint glass.

  • Oh man, Blind Lady Ale House is AWESOME!! Hmm… is SD a little extravagant for a Tuesday night dinner if we live in Orange?? Haha….

  • Please try and visit Viva Pops which is also on Adams. They only source ingredients from the area. They have a large rotating selection of vegan pops! It’s woman owned and she even makes pops for dogs(for a donation to a dog rescue?) The last visit they still only accepted cash and have kinda weird hours but, maybe not in the summer? Bring at least a 20…you probably won’t be able to choose just one! My winter favorite is the Blood Orange and my all-time fav is one that is like frozen Superfood with a bit of agave. Please support Viva Pops! They and their Pops are Rad!!!

  • Blind Lady is pretty much the best place ever. If only they had a nice hotel close by.

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