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    June 30th, 2011quarrygirlproducts

    i am absolutely in love with goody good stuff! the vegetarian UK based company makes the best gelatin-free gummy candies i’ve ever tried. i haven’t had chewy sweets this authentic tasting in so long, i forgot how much i used to love them.

    although goody good stuff uses beeswax in some of their products, they have some entirely vegan varieties which include cola breeze, summer peaches, and sour fruit salad. i’ve tried all three, and it’s impossible to choose a favorite.

    the cola breeze (pictured at the top of the post) were exceptional. soft and gummy with a sweet soda flavor.

    the summer peaches were delectable as well—perfectly fruity with a light sugar coating.

    the fruit salad came with several different flavors: orange, lemon, lime, and strawberry—all delicious with a sour kick.

    i honestly can’t rave about this candy enough. it’s not “good” for vegan candy, it’s just damn good period. if you miss the taste of gummies, order this stuff now. you can get it online at vegan essentials. i have no idea what kinda crazy science went into making these sweets, but i am grateful for it.

    check out goody good stuff’s website for more info.

    PS: i brought some of this candy to work for my omnivorous friend, and she was smitten. it passes the omni test!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    The peach drops look good.

  • Coke gummies were always my favorite candy…I will def have to order some of those.

  • oh yes! those are our favs! We’re in iceland and we were hoping to find UK vegan gummies here, but no luck… well we found some iceland agave vegan gummies that were more like juigi fruits that stuck to our teeth and we always ride the panda… (panda licorice) totally ordering these asap!

  • YES!!! Man, I loved me some peach rings back in the day. Must get my hands on these soon!

  • I miss gummies. It’s good to know vegan cola gummies exist – definitely gonna have to snag some of those.

  • You can get 12 packs on Amazon for under $18! Ohhhh man I can’t wait.

  • OMG, Amazon sells them! I love Vegan Essentials, but can’t afford that shipping.

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