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  • I love it for the same reason I love everything at Follow Your Heart – it’s YUMMY! (and I never even liked regular mayo back when I ate such things…)

  • I love vegenaise cuz it tastes so good on a vegan sandwich! Like Lorenzo’s Tofu Eggwich at the Follow Your Heart Cafe. And it’s in my favorite Vegan Honey Mustard dressing that I put on everything! 🙂

  • i’m so happy about this right now, and really only because i was literally JUST having a conversation outside of my co-op about vegenaise. and how awesome it is. and how sometimes we feel self conscious eating it, because of how much we love it. and then i saw this post. and my life is automatically better. thanks. <3

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That thing is huge!

  • I LOVE vegenaise because I can slather it on a flame-grilled Veggie Burger and it tastes like home… I can mix it up with hard boiled eggs for the PERFECT Egg Salad… I use it in my Maryland Crab Cakes w/garlic aioli… fresh herb Tuna Salad… and I love vegenaise on my Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwiches… mmm mmm goood!!!!!!!!!

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