• the veg-it-up truck will be rollin’ through the LAVBF

    June 21st, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, veg-it-up

    reason #8,965 that you need to attend the LA vegan beer fest this weekend: the veg-it-up truck! hell yes, LA’s newest meat-free truck will be there with a giant menu full of vegan sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and wraps that will please omnivores and herbivores alike.

    veg it up!

    the truck normally has both a real cheese and vegan cheese option, but they’re ditching the dairy entirely for the fest. woo hoo! i haven’t personally tried this truck yet, but it has the official rfatz approval, so i’m super stoked to eat my face off on saturday.

    just to re-cap, the LA vegan beer fest is THIS SATURDAY. UNLIMITED BEER is included in general and VIP admission, plus we have a cheaper non-drinker ticket available! everyone should come! there will be vegan food trucks, carts, restaurants, and desserts. plus, local bands! and the proceeds go to ARME.

    get tickets now!

    PS: for more vegitup, follow them on twitter. they are usually hanging around miracle mile on weekdays for lunch, so if you work near wilshire, go get it.

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  • oh man, I might have to order a mint julep despite the unlimited beer all around.

  • Not sure if its been said, but they actually have a restaurant in inglewood right off manchester / 405 fwy. Not everything is 100% vegan, but its a great option for the area! Wish the philly cheese steak was vegan but it was not listed as so on their menu. I think it might be because they use morningstar or their vegan cheese isn’t really the (daiya style) melty cheese. Maybe with some positive customer feedback they might switch, i’ve mentioned using daiya to them before =)

  • Agree w/ James. Their paper/website menu is also different from what’s posted in the restaurant (some items on one are marked vegan, and not on the other). They also sell tons of Worthington and MF products there in the store, and I was shocked to see that probably 75% of it was not vegan.

  • I’m also confused as to how vegan they are and what is really vegan. I had a copy of their menu when they were first opening and there were very few vegan items. I haven’t been to the restaurant since there didn’t seem to be much for me to eat.

    Maybe they’ve changed but I would like to know what cheese and other food they are using as most did seem to be Worthington.

  • My office is right by there; grabbed something once when we first moved in. I really need to get back over, but, yes, I didn’t see a whole lot marked vegan on the menu at the time, either. Also, the service was REALLY slow, but could have been an off day.

  • I’ve been to the truck several times now and really like it but you’ve got to be careful about vegan vs. vegetarian cheese. I always request everything be vegan and 90% of the time, they put dairy cheese on my food. They are great about fixing the problem if you notice it.

    If you are ordering the sweet potato fries, they sprinkle it with cheese and it will be regular parmesan unless you’re really careful.

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