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    June 20th, 2011quarrygirlvegan bakers

    i have eaten A LOT of vegan cupcakes in my day, and the most recent ones (and frankly some of the best!) were from courtesan cupcakes.

    the los angeles based company is 100% vegan and organic, and 200% delicious. not only do their treats taste amazing, but they’re gorgeous as well, and come in a variety of creative flavors. pictured above is coffee chocolate—rich fudgy cake topped with creamy mocha frosting, sprinkles, and a chocolatey heart-shaped candy. <3

    i also tried the “white russian” flavor, which rocked my world. this was definitely one of my favorite cupcakes ever (sorry, i only have a phone picture of it!)….

    right now, you can special order courtesan cupcakes by visiting their website….and you can also catch them each month at madex’s guerrilLA drive in, selling treats alongside quarrygirl favorite the frankenstand. i really wanna hit up courtesan at the drive in soon, because apparently they decorate the cupcakes to coincide with the theme of the movie that’s being played. fun!

    cute little madex and frankenstand themed cupcakes!

    photo from the courtesan cupcakes facebook page.

    so if you’re looking for some beautifully decorated and insanely good cupcakes, support this all vegan company and hit up courtesan.

    check out their website
    their facebook page
    and their twitter feed

    cupcakes forever!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    These look delicious!!
    I’d crawl over broken glass for a first rate vegan ice-cream sundae or frosted vegan cupcake. [Yea that’s not pathetic at all :P]

  • I really wanted to try these at the last drive-in but I couldn’t make it to the movie in time.

  • Oh gosh, I live in Michigan and it’s so hard to come by vegan cupcakes! And I have such a craving for one right now, those looks ridiculously good. Salivating.

  • I have had the privilage of eating these cupcakes. Cupcakes are my thing, I taste them everywhere I can. (I live in LA, so I get to taste a lot) These are hands down THE BEST cupcakes ever. The cake is moist and the frosting is soft and creamy. THE BEST!!!

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