• clara’s cakes now offering whoopie pies gobs & peanut butter cups!

    May 25th, 2011quarrygirlvegan bakers, vegan events

    clara’s cakes, the best teenage-owned-and-operated vegan bakery in the world has just expanded their menu of treats, and we’re here to verify that the new stuff is DELICIOUS!

    vegan gobs! vegan whoopie pies!

    over the weekend we had a chance to try out clara’s new whoopie pies, and they blew my little mind. i’d never even heard of a whoopie pie before going vegan, but these beauties are something to get excited about.

    this is how wikipedia explains whoopie pies:

    “The whoopie pie (alternatively called a gob, black-and-white, bob, or “BFO” for Big Fat Oreo) is an American baked good that may be considered either a cookie, pie, or cake. It is made of two round mound-shaped pieces of chocolate cake, or sometimes pumpkin cake, with a sweet, creamy filling or frosting sandwiched between them.”

    is that not the most tasty description EVER? well clara’s creations outdid it…they were phenomenal. btw, according to wikipedia, i am also to refer to these thingies as “GOBS” which sounds way more awesome than whoopie pies…so that’s what i’m gonna call them from here on out.

    clara gave me an assortment of gobs including chocolate with peanut butter filling, boston dream, neopolitan, and red velvet. the cake on the outside was perfectly moist and flavorful in all instances, and the frosting was creamy beyond belief.

    you can get a taste of these new and amazing gobs this weekend at the ARME bake sale on sunday at locali from 9am-2pm. she will also have new peanut butter cups for sale, which i haven’t tried yet…but if they are anything like clara’s other treats, i’m sure they rule.

    if you can’t make the bake sale, hit up clara’s cakes on facebook to order.
    or on twitter.
    or via her website.

    time to shove a gob in your gob!


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  • I don’t know if I’ve ever had a whoopie pie or gob but they sound like a more practical cupcake. Cupcakes look great but they’re kind of hard to eat if they’re really tall with a lot of frosting. Yeah, gob is a more fun name, and the official state treat of Maine (since last month).

  • Clara and QG– *THIS IS NOT A GOB! Call it a whoopie pie if you must, but better yet call it a cake sandwich.

    Growing up in Western Pennsylvania the treat of choice was a Gob. The Gob originated in Western PA in Johnstown Pennsylvania by the Amish community. “Men went into the coal mines or steel mills and the little cake with the icing on the inside instead of on the outside served their purpose,”… and yes, my father, a blue-collar worker, did just that.

    *The photo shown in this post is not a Gob. A Gob is NOT batter that is put into a “whoopie pie” pan that you can find at Michael’s craft store, and then filled with regular cake icing.

    Please reference Gobba Gobba Hey for a more accurate photo of a Gob (he owns a SF bakery, he is from the Johnstown area, and he is keeping the gob a Gob).http://gobbagobbahey.com/2009/06/01/bakin-it-to-the-streets/

    Please do not call this a Gob, it is not representative of what a Gob is. And, I take this very personally (along with thousands of other people who grew up consuming Gobs, making Gobs, living for Gobs).

    JAM Vegan Bakery is from Johnstown PA (the origination city of the Gob), and can recognize a gob a mile away, and this is no Gob.

    We make Gobs… we use traditional Johnstown PA recipes that we alter to meet our dietary beliefs.

  • Vegan Baking Police

    Wow Mallori, thanks for clearing that up! With any luck, you can run this 13 year old baker out of town and have the market all to yourself!

  • That is not my intentions whatsoever, I respect Clara’s Cakes and what she is doing.

    My intention per my comment above was to inform the public on the heritage I grew up with. I will protect my heritage, just as many others do in their culinary adventures.

    The entity I am addressing is not Clara or QG, as it is those who read Wikipedia and their vague and incorrect description of a Gob.

    Therefore, I will apologize for addressing only Clara and QG in my recent comment, and address the general public who read Wikipedia’s explanation of a whoopie pie, and inform them on the True description of a what a Gob is.

    There is a major difference between the whoopie pie and a Gob.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looking forward to trying out the peanut butter cups.

  • Yikes! Mallori, I found your comments over the top and mean spirited. Clara works very, very hard at what she does and has a blast doing it. She’s been part of an incredibly friendly and supportive vegan baking community. I guarantee she would never respond to another baker the way you did to her. With all due respect, you my dear, are a gob snob. Lighten up.

  • shut up. you are annoying.

  • Now I’m totally confused. What the fuck is a gob?!!!

  • Hi, i’m here for the gobs.

  • God, those gobs look so good!

  • Chill people. I see no intent in her email other than to educate. I’m sure Clara probably appreciates the information as I would in her case and doesn’t need her mom (fake or otherwise) intervening on her behalf.

    It’s all good.


  • I think her intent was to get people to buy stuff from her bakery. Which is kind of crappy to do on this post.

  • I still wanna know what the hell a gob is. This has all been so confusing.

  • gobgate 2011

  • I smell another VegNews award.

    If you actually gave a shit about accuracy, you’d explain what a gob is. All you’ve said is that the picture isn’t one – but it looks like a “little cake with the icing on the inside instead of on the outside” to me.

    So instead of “informing the public” you look like a jealous asshat.

  • Mallori, thanks for distiguishing the 2 “cakes.” I assume the difference is that Claras look more like they were cut out with a cookie cutter while your pic looks more like they were individually baked and more puffy. Either way they would work great for taking in a coal mine or other job.

    Personally I don’t care what they are called I just want to eat one! 🙂

  • Nice one Suasoria!

  • When you feel strongly, and want to protect the heritage of a small town, I believe standing up and speaking the truth can be a valuable asset to have, and trust me I had no intention on selling myself short.

    Yes, I was indeed informing the general public on the lack of knowledge that has been flying around about these treats. For generations, since 1930’s, the gob has been regionalized to the Johnstown area, and I understand the mindset behind this–it is personal to me.

    Now, if you want to recreate the gob, there are a few things to note… it is not just a cake sandwich, it is not an icing that you would normally find on a cake, and the cake itself is heavier and more dense than a normal cake.

    A traditional gob icing recipe included a lot of animal shortening, egg whites, and sugar. It was not very sweet, but had a creamy fluffy element to it. The cake has more flour, thus it is not as soft as a normal cake. You literally glob the icing on a baking sheet to bake the cake. Also, they are normally wrapped in wax paper, since other wrapping would stick to the gob.

    If you would like to recreate the magically delicious Gob, you can implement vegan ideals whilst utilizing the mindset that the original founders (Dutch Maid Bakery) insisted upon with texture and taste.

    If you would like to recreate the Whoopee Pie, you would need to add more 10x processed sugar to the icing (the icing in a whoppee pie is more sweet and similiar to an icing, and most have a butter element).

  • I am well-aware of the long hours that Clara must work to achieve her culinary goals. I think that what your daughter is doing is a positive attribute to her community and beyond, I would never shun someone who is trying to make positive change.

    I was not personally attacking your daughter, she can call her treats anything she wants to call them! I was mearly stating that Wikipedia was wrong in the statement of information, and what a Gob really is.

    And, yes, I was protecting something true to me and became a bit primal whilst doing so; therefore I apologize for the tone of the message if it offended you and yours.

  • Let them eat cake..whatever the hell you call it.

  • Make Love Not War

    If the original post said I am Vegan but I eat chicken everyone would have a field day attacking the post, defining the word “Vegan” and why they are not Vegan. Instead it’s a comment about a post in which the argument is about cake with icing in the middle and why this is not a gob. Now from what I read in the post Clara is not being attacked because she called it a Whoopie Pie and Wikipedia inaccurately states that a Whoopie Pie is a Gob. The comment in question is informative and should be taken that way. From the quick research I did on Google and JAM Vegan Bakery’s website, I typed “Gob Johnstown PA” and there are several websites stating that Johnstown is indeed the birthplace of the Gob (in the United States) and on the About JAM section of JAM’s site it states that Jesse and Mallori are from Johnstown PA. It looks to me that Mallori just wanted to protect something that she grew up enjoying by informing anyone willing to listen that there is a difference between a gob and a Whoopie Pie.

    These excerpts of the About Jam section of their website may clarify her intent with her comment

    “Mallori grew up watching her mother bake wedding cakes, birthday cakes, gobs…”


    “Mallori chose a Vegan lifestyle in 2002, which gave her a chance to veganize her family recipes…”

    Clearly Mallori is just trying to share the knowledge of her heritage of her hometown with others which I thank her for (I learned something new today). Vegans should stop attacking other Vegans on this website and realize they are all on the same team!

  • Nice way to hijack a post about someone else Jam Bakery.

  • Sunface- I had no idea who Mallori was until you mentioned Jam Bakery.

    This thread got overheated for no reason.

    Most of the reactions to Mallori sounded bitter, cranky, and sad.

    What’s wrong with an obviously good baker trying to spread facts, especially to a young baker who is trying to rise up?

    BTW I have no idea who Mallori is and I have never ordered something from the bakery.

  • oops…I just noticed Mallori did say he/she owns Jam Bakery. My bad there.

    Also, I have eaten clara’s desserts when she sold them outside of Locali one day and they were quite good.

  • OMG, you’re KILLING me!! I’m on a cleanse and can’t eat sugar 🙁 🙁 I want those whoopie pies!!

  • Haha, I posted before I read all the acrimony. I just want the whoopgobbie pies!

  • You just can’t stay out of controversy, can you QG?? 😉

  • I’m not sure what a gob is, but there seem to be a whole lot of gobshites commenting here.

  • OH MY GOB!! Mallori = manic. How many times can one use the word “gob” in a reply?

  • Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, nobody is insulting small towns in Pennsylvania. Get over yourself, or someone might start.

    But at least this time you attempted to explain what a gob is. Thanks.

  • They might not be “gobs”, but there could have been a better way of informing us without trying to steal Clara’s thunder with that oh, so subtle self-promotion of JAM bakery. I thought this post was about Clara and her cakes. Clara’s a young, up and coming vegan baker. Everything about that sentence has badass written all over it.


  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ LC Mom, hi!!!!!! Was wondering where you were, glad to see you. [Please excuse me being way off-topic here~]

  • Thanks for the info; I know I’ll personally never visit your stupid bakery in your stupid flooded town now.

  • Party McFlashpants

    Hey dudes! Where’s the party at?! Am I too late?

  • In my day, kids knew the difference between a whoopie pie and a gob. What the hell is wrong with society?

  • Calm down people

    I’m pretty sure Clara if perfectly fine with the exposure she is getting from this and also mature and strong enough to take food critiquing. It was very honest of Mallori to say who she was in her post to and she is obviously not attacking her if any of you would take the time to use your brains. Everyone should show a little compassion and support the fact that both are completely vegan bakers and obviously cruelty free people.

  • Calm down people

    I can see both of these bakers going places and can’t wait to try both!

  • Yes, BOTH of these bakers are INCREDIBLE! The more vegan bakers there are, the merrier! I have purchased goods from BOTH bakers & think the world of BOTH of them. Both young ladies are incredibly sweet & kind. I can assure you no ill will was meant by Mallori’s post.

    I grew up outside of Harrisburg, PA, about 90 mins from Johnstown. A friend of my older sister’s used to make whoopie pies (that’s the name I knew them by) waaaay too often & I learned to make them myself as a teen. The most identifying factor of the Whoopie Pie is that it is PUFFY. It has a distinct arch. Not at ALL flat. And of course, the more filling used, the better…it was tough to eat it w/o the filling oozing out! And the cake was on the dense side.

    Personally, I prefer a moist cupcake w/tons of frosting, but any & all vegan baked goods are scrumptious in my book! 🙂

  • Arrested Development, now that show was way too good to be canceled.

    But meanwhile, people get a grip. Mallori read something that was written on Wikipedia that was wrong and she corrected it. Not to promote herself. Not to attack anyone. She did it because she wanted to do what she could to stop the misinformation being spread by Wikipedia on this matter. It’s something that hits home so she couldn’t just let it go. I respect that.

    Now lets get to an important matter……….. ME! I don’t eat gluten or soy so can we get some gluten free and soy versions of all this yummy desserts? Please? 🙂

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