• new vegan soft serve at hugo’s tacos in studio city!

    May 15th, 2011quarrygirlhugo's tacos, LA restaurants

    UPDATE 5/16/11: although the waffle cones are vegan at the moment, be sure to check before you eat them because hugo’s may switch brands. thanks to amy for the info!

    YES, IT’S TRUE!!! hugo’s tacos in studio city now has vegan soft serve…and….wait for it…VEGAN WAFFLE CONES. excuse me while i drool on my keyboard.

    huge thanks to reader greg who sent us this pic! while hugo’s tacos in atwater village has had vegan soft serve for years, now the valley can FINALLY get on the cruelty-free swirl craze. and as an added bonus, even the waffle cones are vegan in studio city!! i’ve got confirmation from the mgmt. VEGAN ICE CREAM IN A WAFFLE CONE…i never thought i’d see the day.

    the cones at the atwater used to contain dairy, so be sure to double check with staff at that location…not sure if the two places use the same cones.

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  • whaaaaaaaat that is awesome. the studio city manager once told me they would never be able to have the vegan soft serve there because they had no room for the machine. guess they moved things around. good stuff!

  • Nice pic. 😉 Had it yesterday….it was fucking awesome…I might go back for another tonight (if there’s any left!!!) 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Omg so fantastic!!

  • they told me on twitter on tuesday that the cones are vegan “at the moment” so i’d be sure to check every time you go. i guess it depends on what their supplier has stocked. here’s their response: http://twitter.com/#!/hugostacos/status/67968942626439168

  • I’m not sure if there’s anywhere in LA like this but my favorite thing is an ice cream parlor that makes fresh vegan waffle cones so it smells like waffles in there all day.

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