• 3 course vegan dinner this thursday at the spanish kitchen!

    May 10th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, the spanish kitchen, vegan events

    talk about turning a grim situation into something awesome! this thursday may 10th, the spanish kitchen on la cienega will be hosting a “defend the donkey” 3 course vegan dinner, and if it does well, they will continue the vegan dinners as a weekly event!

    check out this email i got from the spanish kitchen:

    In the wake of Pink Taco’s disastrous Pink Donkey stunt, we are hosting a 3-course vegan Prix-Fix for $30, with 20% of proceeds to benefit PETA and CAPS. The dinner offers regular SK menu items that can be prepared vegan, highlighted by our “Save the Burros Churros” for dessert! The meal also comes with a draft beer (PBR!!!) or house margarita, to boot! I’m hoping a nice turn-out can evolve into a weekly Vegan night where we offer the same prix-fix every Thursday!

    It’s all in good fun for a great cause; we’re not trying to perpetuate our “competitors” snafu. I just thought it’d be a nice way to further the awareness and do our part to support the protection of animals as we have a number of vegans and active PETA supporters on staff here.

    as of now, the menu will consist of black bean tacos, sizzling vegan fajitas, churros for dessert, and a few other surprises. rumor has it, spanish kitchen is trying to secure some daiya for the big night!

    so make your reservations now! if this becomes a weekly event, that would be EXCELLENT. yay for vegan dinners!

    The Spanish Kitchen
    save the donkey dinner
    thursday may 12th
    6pm – 10pm
    826 N. La Cienega Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90069


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  • Man, this makes me wish I still lived in LA (which doesn’t happen very often)!

  • Vegan churros?! Nice.

    Sucks that the price includes alcoholic beverages that I wouldn’t be using. Can’t they whip up an impressive non-alcoholic cocktail of equal value as an option?

    I also wish they would release a picture showing what you’re getting for $30. ON PAPER, it doesn’t sound like much. Something to get me EXCITED over the idea of $30 for tacos, fajitas, a churro, and what would most likely end up being a soda beverage.

    I don’t mean to sound too hard on them. I like the idea. But there’s some constructive criticism.

  • Although I have mixed feelings about PETA, I VERY MUCH LIKE their “A Note About Small Amounts of Animal Products in Foods,” which I just read today for the first time! In fact, reading/thinking about this Note actually gave me the ‘nudge’ I needed to finally justify ordering Dal again from/at Indian restaurants! (Dal is a SCRUMPTIOUS lentil dish which, I understand, is traditionally made with butter and/or cream, although I would imagine that the amount used would not be great.) I have refrained from ordering Dal for several years, but will henceforth allow myself the pleasure/benefits of enjoying it again! So nice to realize that I can savor such dishes again and STILL claim to eat a PREDOMINANTLY vegan diet! : )

  • ugh. great job, PETA! you just convinced a former vegan to knowingly order animal products. 🙁

  • Why would you feel good about dal…why not just eat bans with lard, or any other “small” amount of animal products. Man..for a vegan it sure didnt take a lot to convice you to be A VEGETARIAN! Id appreciate you not calling your self a “mostly vegan” just because you think it sounds cool to say your vegan… But I do agree, its awesome..thats why I do it, and I dont have to have someone convince me to do it or not to do it.

  • wow you’re clearly a better person than everybody. that must feel nice.

  • It’s close by, so I’ll check it out…

  • I feel good about eating Dal because it tastes so good! Don’t see any reason at present to eat beans cooked with lard. I haven’t called myself a vegan for some time, as it would be quite difficult to be 100% vegan. Instead, I say, correctly, than I eat a PREDOMINANTLY vegan diet. Coolness doesn’t enter into this at all; I couldn’t care less about being or sounding cool. I simply say that I eat a predominantly vegan diet, and since that is true, I can’t think why I would stop saying it. : )

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Fritz, I’m from India (the region of Punjab to be exact.) I grew up here though, having lots of Indian cuisine as well as tons of American dishes in childhood. It’s very easy to make vegan dal, you would just use Earth Balance instead of butter. In Indian recipes that call for “ghee” which is a butter product, you can just substitute olive oil or vegetable oil and things like that. It tastes the same, pretty much. Or very much, rather. (I don’t think even an individual with a very discerning palate could tell the difference actually.)
    You can even make or order things like palak paneer with tofu in the spinach instead of paneer, and it’s fantastic.
    Anyways, so yea, veganized Indian food is terrific and I have it often, I hope you can find some. Lots of desi restaurants are very understanding and will make substitutions upon request 😀

  • Thanks, Gauri. If I cooked my OWN Dal, I certainly would use Earth Balance or Smart Balance, but I don’t. But I certainly agree with you about the Sag Tofu; it’s excellent, and Gate of India (the Indian restaurant we normally order from) offers it! : )

  • if you ask gate of india nicely, they can provide items dairy-free! they’ve done it for me in the past. also, east india grill on la brea is very accommodating. i’d say, try to get vegan dishes before throwing in the towel and accepting butter.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh that’s so cool you’ve had Saag Tofu Fritz! I was in heaven first time I tried it after going vegan.
    There are also some very reasonable Indian delis and restaurants in Artesia where they can make amazing dishes without butter/milk. Due to work, I’m there nearly every other week for lunch or dinner, and it’s been a lifesaver for me.
    Anyway, yea, enjoy your dal and saag, I will do the same, hehe. Cheers !!:-)

  • Hear hear on all counts. Mexican food is cheap and since I also don’t drink (not even soda), a $12 3-course meal is more my speed. Maybe $15 if there’s lots of vegan churros, because that sounds crazy good!

  • Granted, I’m in the UK so things may be different, but every single Indian restaurant I’ve ever asked at has happily made their vegetarian meals vegan for me by replacing ghee with vegetable oil or omitting cream (a few places even replaced it with coconut cream!). Also, since you don’t ask them to make the dahl vegan do you ask about ghee in other dishes? If not it’s likely you’ve been consuming dairy anyway.

  • Although I was already pretty certain that my three favorite Indian dishes (other than dal) are not made with dairy products, I decided to verify this. Just checked, via an online search, two recipes each for Aloo Gobi, Bindhi Masala, and Saag Tofu, and sure enough, they all listed oil, not dairy. : )

  • Just wanted to publicly thank Spanish Kitchen for a great dinner in honor of the donkey. The manager came right over to our table and shared how he came up with the Defend the Donkey dinner. He’d like to make this a regular event, but they’ll need to cease using chicken stock in the rice and soup (last night they replaced it and were 100% vegan)…We would love to frequent them for great margaritas and vegan fare!

  • This dinner was epic, and amazing, especially the churros! The manager was super awesome! If you didnt check it out you totally should next time!

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