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    April 22nd, 2011quarrygirlnews, other, products

    now here’s a vegan magazine i can get behind! T.O.F.U. is a small diy operation, and all of their issues are available as pay-what-you-can digital downloads. they’ve released a teaser of their upcoming 5th issue which you can download here, and it’s chock full of tempting recipes, activism and diy tips, reviews, and personal spotlights. oh, and all the pictures are gorgeous and totally vegan!

    here’s a brief bit of history on the magazine from ryan, the dude who started it…

    The magazine started in Canada, mainly in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and it came from the success my previous partner and I had with two small vegan cookbooks, as well as a dining guide for Halifax. 300 copies of each of the first three issues were printed, and then distributed either through the mail, independent retailers or online shops like Vegan Essentials and Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe. When I released the third one I actually toured across North America with a duo called The Pleasants to promote the issue and veganism in general. After some downtime, moving further east to Newfoundland, and a few other things, I released the fourth issue last December in a digital-only format. It’s also pay-what-you-can for every issue now, as well as the two cookbooks, at the online store.

    let’s show T.O.F.U. some support. pay what ya can and download some issues of this lovely little magazine.

    for more info, check out T.O.F.U.’s website
    their facebook
    and their tweets


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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Cool, will check it out.

  • QG,

    How do you feel about Bruce Friedrich comments about you and the VegNews story?

    1) Where is the integrity in attacking VegNews without getting their side of the story? If we do think they’ve done something wrong, why not contact them privately?

    2) Why (on earth) would we waste precious time and resources publicly attacking VegNews at all; haven’t they earned the benefit of quite a few doubts with their nonstop excellent focus on the full range of arguments for veganism?

    3) Most critically: Veganism is supposed to be about reducing suffering. How does attacking VegNews accomplish anything good? I can see how it harms animals (clearly), but what other than self-righteous self-satisfaction comes from attacking them?

    And lastly, how do you feel about their feelings towards euthanizing healthy companion animals?

  • is that a TOFU robot??? <3

  • It is indeed. We went digital-only with the last issue, so a vegan robot seemed appropriate for the cover.

  • basically, i disagree with everything bruce wrote because he wrote it as a favor to vegnews. however, i’ve put this behind me, and it’s extremely off topic….so if you want to know anything else please email me (i know you have my email address) or leave a comment on the right post. lots of people are still talking about it over in the other comments section.

  • Sounds awesome 🙂

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