• new vegan stock photo site launching tomorrow!

    April 21st, 2011quarrygirlnews, other, vegan events, vegan stuff

    and who said no good would come of all this? in the wake of vegan photogate, a new website called veganstockphoto.com has risen from the ashes. the official launch is tomorrow, and it’s gonna host pretty much exactly what you’d expect: vegan stock photos.

    here's a picture of genuinely vegan waffles by "meet the wikos"

    there’s a beta version of the site up right now, so feel free to dip your toe in. play around, download some delicious vegan photos, and upload your best shots. not all of the pictures on vegan stock photo right now are magazine quality, so if you are a great photographer, please consider sharing some tasty snaps. i think if we all pull together, this could be an amazing resource.

    vegan stock photo was dreamed up and started by chris and crystal tate, those crazy geniuses who invented the best vegan queso ever. i honestly don’t know how they had time to get a stock photo site off the ground—i’d be way too busy eating nachos. anyways…to read more about the story behind vegan stock photo and the rules of the site, check out this great article.

    happy uploading and downloading, folks!

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  • Yay! So GOOD to see integrity triumphing over depravity!

  • Their conditions say “Do not alter the image.”
    But the license is CC by-nc which allows “Remix — to adapt the work” with attribution of author.

    Also, won’t be very good stock photo website if it isn’t allowed for commercial use.

  • it seems like a CC license with attribution and non-commercial clause wouldn’t be of much benefit with regard to the “photogate” situation – veg news wouldn’t have been able to use images licensed that way anyhow…

    in this deal the photographer is basically giving work away for free and only to non-profiting folks who agree to give them credit (attribution).

    the only people that can use the photos must not be making a profit, and must give attribution. since commercial use is prohibited you couldn’t use the pics if you make money in any way– be it in sales of magazine, or even if you have ads on your personal site for example.

    All that being said, I did see the site listed commercial-use licensing as an upcoming feature, but that seems like it would require lawyers and much more complexity… Hopefully they can pull it off and make something worthwhile to both the photographers and the folks interested in buying the photographs. Good luck to them.

  • Agree with the above commenters that this is a good start, but they’ll probably need some more features to make it a viable option. Good for them though, I can really get behind this!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Agreed.
    This is a good start.

    “i honestly don’t know how they had time to get a stock photo site off the ground—i’d be way too busy eating nachos.”

    ^ Haha, exactly, me too. That’s great they’re making an effort and trying to prevent future vegan photogate episodes.

  • oof, sorry guys! i deleted some comments off this post. i normally never do that, but these were extenuating circumstances. let’s leave it at that! i promise they had nothing to do with the integrity or veganocity of the photo…haha.

  • Agreed that this stock site, while certainly well-meaning, would not have been useful in the VegNews situation without allowing commercial licensing. Hopefully the site administrators will be able to implement that feature down the road as planned.

  • Wonder if they were made by meat-eaters…. : )

  • I still want photos of recipes in magazines to actually be of the printed recipe.

  • I looked at the stock photo site… the photo you submitted of a faux meat burger (I assume it was you… it said quarry girl) was extremely blurry. Do you really think a magazine can print something that low quality? Nonsense.

  • i’m pretty sure that’s just their preview window. when you download the picture it shouldn’t be blurry.

  • I’m positive that people are going to try to slip meat photos in.

  • Thank you Quarry Girl, you truly started a revolution!!! 🙂 I hope that you can give yourself a good old pat on the back and realize that you singlehandedly saved hundreds of innocent animals in your quest for the truth! Bravo! Not trying to be redundant but has else anyone noticed that Robin Robertson did the same EXACT thing as VegNews (using non-vegan stock photos) with her book “Vegan on the Cheap” and did I mention it’s her COVER SHOT!?!?! “VEGAN” COVER IMAGE http://www.amazon.com/Vegan-Cheap-Recipes-Simple-Strategies/dp/0470472243/ref=as_li_wdgt_fl_ex?&camp=212361&creative=383961&linkCode=waf&tag=cookbooksbyrobin
    GETTY IMAGES STOCK PHOTO W/REAL CHEESE http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/81569932/StockFood-Creative She also did this in her other book “Party Vegan,” the majority of her cover shots are non vegan as well! Well at least she openly admitted and apologized for it yesterday on her blog, after she’s received all the messages we’ve sent her complaining about it since February! Surprisingly she blames her editors and says they did it without her knowledge. I was unaware authors had no say in their cover art… This is quite disappointing and if true, I think she should be ashamed of both putting her name on a “Vegan” cookbook that has cover photos of non-vegan foods not once, but twice! Additionally using stock photos that are not even made by using her vegan recipes in a cookbook is pure bs! That’s just beyond deceitful in my “book” lol. *Her admitting everything albeit blaming others, in her blog post link below* http://veganplanet.blogspot.com/2011/04/open-letter.html

  • How awful! I sure wouldn’t consider reading those books!

  • Good morning!

    Today is Chris’s birthday and he’s really excited to launch the site later on today. He was working on finishing touches all night and will probably fall asleep into his vegan ice cream cake. Totally worth it, though.

    With regards to commercial use, don’t fret. We have some seriously incredible news that we are very excited to share.

    The pictures are so great and there is such a collection already. When you’re done submitting photos, consider rating a few.

    There will also be a “not vegan” flag button that will notify us that there’s a suspicious picture and we’ll get right to handling that image (finding proof of vegan-ness or deleting).

    Crystal Tate

  • me too. i always did imagine that somebody actually tried the recipe and made a photo from it. Not recipe + most glossy photo from photostock that is made with diferent ingredients.

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