• vegan field report from coachella!

    April 16th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    hey everyone! the sexy vegan is on the ground at coachella, and he just sent us this awesome vegan field report! if you are in the desert this weekend, take note!

    Coachella – Day 1: the first day of coahella is always a tough one…for me anyway. It’s a day of adjustmnet. Departing L.A. at 6 a.m. leaves me somewhat sleep deprived, the amount of direct sunlight my body sees in a week is octupled in one day, and my “trying not to step on sprawled out hipsters” reflex is a bit rusty. Not to mention, my first beer was at noon. Anyway, by dinner time, I needed some serious nutrition! I spotted this sign from like a mile away, and thought they deserved a try, if for no other reason than their advertising was very effective.

    They had salads, fresh fruit, and a wrap with a choice of tofu or marinated tempeh. I didn’t feel like balancing a salad on my knee and fiddling with a fork, so I had to go with something hand-held. Alright let me be honest…I just didn’t want a friggin’ salad. Since I always like to see how people handle the tempeh, I went with the tempeh wrap. Enclosed in a soft lavash, were crisp, fresh greens, shredded carrots, and some very well prepared tempeh, tossed with a tasty peanut/ginger sauce.

    Tempeh is a tricky thing. It’s got a bitter taste, and kind of an unpleasant texture when it’s fresh out of the package. It needs lots of love. The key is to steam it for at least 30-40 minutes before you do anything else. This softens it up and makes it very welcoming to any marinades you throw at it. This stand nailed it. The tempeh was tender and flavorful, and the whole thing was overall delicious. If you’re at Coachella and want something crisp and healthy, they are to the right of the Outdoor Stage, go eat there.


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  • Another reason I’m bummed I didn’t get to go…awesome food!

  • I’ll have to check that out today! Btw, there’s also an all-vegan Thai stand that has the most delicious “egg” rolls, Pad Thai, and stir fry with organic brown rice.

    There’s also a guacamole and chips stand, but do yourself a favor and skip it…it’s $6 for a smattering of chips and mashed unseasoned straight up avocado.

    The vegetarian stand by the picnic tables has a kale salad and young coconuts that they can crack for you…delish.

    There’s also veggie juice and fruit smoothies by the area The Sexy Vegan mentioned, but I haven’t checked it out yet!

  • Also discovered vegan tamale dogs and vegan chili in the beer garden between the main stage and the outdoor stage. Haven’t tried it yet, but will later tonight!

  • Yum, sounds delish. I never knew you had to steam tempeh – no wonder it’s always had a bad taste and rubbery texture whenever I’ve had it at home. Thanks for the tip!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I don’t happen to attend such events (I’m not a fan of crowds) but great to know that there are some options for vegans who do trek out there.

  • Ate this yesterday thanks to this post!

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