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    sometimes it’s hard to be a vegan. no, not the “i’m a celebrity and i can’t find vegan cookies so i’m gonna start eating eggs” kind of hard, i’m talking about the “i’m stranded at my 9 to 5 and i’m too busy to take a lunch break” kind of hard. you know how it is—it’s a hellacious week, you’ve got no time to dine out, and you’ve eaten every last bag of pretzels from the office kitchen. enter bling bling dumpling.

    the small los angeles based catering company delivers handmade dumplings full of local, organic ingredients straight to your home or office.

    bling bling caters large events, but they also make individual lunch boxes that come with 6 dumplings and a salad for ten bucks. minimum order is $50 and you need to order a day in advance, so grab four friends and convince them that tomorrow is dumpling day! although many of bling bling’s menu items contain meat, they make a killer vegan dumpling called the xtina that is sure to please any omnivore. they recently sent me some to sample and i was an instant fan.

    the xtina vegan dumpling: tofu, cabbage, spinach, green onion, glass noodle, shiitake mushroom

    while i’m very fond of the frozen dumplings from trader joe’s, i’m not used to eating fresh ones, so i wasn’t prepared for how good these would be. each little pocket was shoved full of tasty ingredients including mushrooms, tofu, green vegetables and glass noodles. they were perfectly plump and crispy, but not too greasy. i ate them all up in 2 minutes flat.

    in addition to dumplings, bling bling also offers a vegan-friendly mock duck salad for $8 that looks pretty interesting. just be sure you specify that you’re vegan when you order.

    so, seriously grab some co-workers and order some bling bling dumplings to your office. it’ll be fun and delicious. email them to order now!

    bling bling dumpling website
    bling bling dumpling facebook
    bling bling dumpling twitter (be sure to follow these guys because they also just launched a dumpling cart—whatever that is—and i’m sure it has vegan options!)

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  • I work on a TV show in the post department, and on show nights the show supplies us with a dinner.

    I’ve been trying to find more vegan options to suggest, because nothing sucks more than being the only one who can’t eat on a night where I’m going to be working till 6am….

    Anyway, do you think that dumpling serving was a decent size? I’m a little worried that that won’t be anough food the the boys that I work with. (And we have a $10 per person limit – so we wouldn’t be able to order extras)

  • Those little appetizers do look tasty!

  • That Natalie Portman thing makes me SO mad. She totally sold out veganism. I would have had more respect for her if she just owned up to being weak. She’s effing Natalie Portman… it can’t be THAT hard to get vegan sweets. Seriously. LAME SAUCE.

  • I’m pregnant and drunk – do I get a pass on eggs AND cheese?

    Vegan dumplings – do they deliver to bars?

  • You know that most dumplings sold at the korean markets marked Vegetable dumplings, are actually vegan. Make sure you read the labels, but I always get my dumplings there and you get so much and pay less.

    Oh and the Natalie Portman thing, now it makes sense that she dined at the establishment my husband works at because before she dined there, there were no vegan options, but now it’s changed and there is a vegan menu.

  • Susan – Most dumpling wrappers contain egg, so you might want to double check that the ones you are buying are truly vegan.

    Lindsay – The bling bling dumplings are very full and filling, and I think your whole team would be pleased.

    *Full disclosure, I’m a friend of the bling 🙂

  • Oh yum! That looks so amazing, and you are really making me want to move from boring-food-San Diego to LA. I’ll be in Thousand Oaks on Thursday, any suggestions? Was probably going to stop at Follow Your Heart on my way if I can’t find anything else.

  • Poor ol’ Thousand Oaks! Total number of vegetarian restaurants there: ZERO, according to Happy Cow! Imagine! In my estimation, this makes it a pitiful pseudo-city.

  • check out pizza salad in thousand oaks!

  • hmmm. i’m not really sure. they would fill me up. i assume the dudes at your work would probably order meaty dumplings though…

  • Whoooooaaaaaa, that was COLD, QG! (But….I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right about that. Hope you AREN’T, though….)

  • fritz! i wasn’t trying to be cold!! i just assume they eat meat because lindsay said she’s the only one stuck without food…because she’s a vegan!

    btw, i’m sure these vegan dumplings are like 80x better than any meat ones.

  • I hear ya! ; )

  • People eat weird things when they’re pregnant. Cravings to eat dirt is common, apparently. DIRT!

  • Speaking of the Trader Joe’s pot stickers. About half of the time that I’m there, they’re completely cleaned out of the veggie pot stickers. I’ve seen this at multiple locations. I really want to know who the hell is buying up all the veggie gyoza. Probably some dumbshit restaurant.

  • guilty as charged!

  • Lindsay– the bling dumplings are actually packed fuller than any vegan or vegetarian version I have had elsewhere, and with a decent amount of protein, not just veg and glass noodle. making a vegan item that leaves you feeling sated was a big deal to us. one of our only complaints as we have experimented with lunch boxes was that it was too much food! I’m not even kidding. Shannon up there knows because her company has been a regular customer for lunches 🙂

    Fritz– we actually have a “supper” size, which you automatically get in a lunch box and is more filling, and a “cocktail” size which is designed to be more of a one-bite appetizer and is an option for catering.

    Aj– call us a day in advance of your bar outing and if enough people order, i am sure we could crash your party with some dumplings!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I didn’t even know TJ had vegan dumplings! It’s ridiculous how excited I am to find this out!! I will be looking for those next time I go. Thank goodness for this blog, as usual, or idiots like me would miss out on all the cool stuff, hehe.

  • They’re in the frozen section. Get a $10 bamboo steamer, put them in for 10 minutes, and you’re done! (Even though my steamer is the exact size of the pot that I use for the water, it’s a bit rickety just sitting on the rim. I use a mesh splatter shield as a platform for the steamer to sit on.)

  • Or, of course, you could fry them.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Thanks for the tip! I’ll go with steaming instead of frying (I am on a mission to lose 10-15 pounds in the next few months.)

  • Those look delicious. I’m guessing they don’t deliver to Burbank, but I’ll try 🙂

  • Jourdan– we do actually have deliveries in Burbank, give us a try! orders@theblingblingdumpling.com

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Just an update, I bought the (vegan) vegetable pot-stickers from TJ and tried them out, and they were really good.
    Thanks again!!!!!!! 😀

  • I couldn’t get the guys at work to go for it. *** sigh ***

    They’re always so suspicious of my resturant suggestions, but when I bring food in they always scarf it down! (My vegan cupcakes are always a hit)…

    Oh well, I’ll just need to try these dumplings on my own time!

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