• ugh. i just lost brain cells watching this.

    April 5th, 2011quarrygirlrants

    don’t get me wrong, dudes. i am ALL about spreading the vegan message to the masses. but this is just embarrassingly awful.

    my 2 cents…

    i know every other blogger out there has tal ronnen fever, but i just don’t get it. i mean, is he a good chef? because in every tv appearance i’ve seen, he’s the ronald mcdonald of gardein. and he only has one outfit! the guy shows up at a hardcore meat-eating household and heats up some frozen pre-packaged fake beef for dinner, and this is supposed to be a miraculous culinary feat? insult added to injury when, bam, kathy freston pulls 2 copies of her new book and exclaims that she’s “made some new vegans today”! REALLY?

    even more annoying is the fact that the vegan diet in this segment was being sold PURELY on a health basis, when they weren’t even cooking healthy food. if you are on a diet to lose weight or whatever, you probably shouldn’t be eating lots of earth balance and fried gardein. i mean, I LOVE earth balance and fried gardein, but i’m a vegan for ethical reasons. maybe one day television will dare to cover the animal rights angle.

    well, i’ve given you far more than my 2 cents worth. i think this video is ridiculous. but i’m sure lots of you will disagree with me.

    ***oh yeah, and just to cover myself: i’m a HUGE peta supporter, and whenever people talk shit on them, i think, “stop hurting the cause. look at the good peta is doing!” i guess what bothers me about this video is that it’s obviously just a big commercial for gardein/tal/kathy/kathy’s book. with no mention of animals. at least peta ALWAYS throws in some disturbing animal facts and/or video. this is just….lame.


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  • Tal Ronen is on Gardein’s payroll, BTW. There’s obviously some tie-in here for Freston and Ellen as well. Note how Ellen made no appearance – not even a voiceover? This was an advertisement for Gardein and Freston’s book – nothing more, nothing less.

    Yes, Ronen is a joke. This is awful TV, and I bet that pathetic family are back to consuming meat again already. No vegans were made on this journey. I can assure you.

    Tal – you’re a sad little man. Sold out way too early in your career, which will be over very soon.

  • lolzzzz what a joke. gardein isn’t healthy by any means. makes me wanna eat a fucking big mac (and i’ve never eaten meat in my entire 31 years)

  • The screenshot that the video is paused on by default is so perfect.

  • Agreed on all points made. I’m really trying to take the whole “getting the word out there is the most important thing” stance. “Vegan” is everywhere which is great…it’s up to us to fill in the blanks as to “why?”

  • I concur with your UGH, but when that adorable St. Bernard rested his head on Kathy Freston’s arm I didn’t care if they were gonna live on Primal Strips for the rest of their lives.

  • Yep, I eat a predominately vegan diet for ethical reasons, too. And I find the association of veganism with weight loss repulsive. I think PCRM has been pushing this association, and, consequently, I will not renew my membership in that organization. I’m not the slightest bit ashamed of being a fat person who is predominately vegan! : )

  • @better – the reason Ellen isn’t in there is that they could not afford her. I bet she charges a LOT of money for an appearance. Proves this is nothing more than a commercial for Gardein.

    Selling a vegetarian/vegan diet has always been about health and not ethics. I guess the means justify the ends, but few health-based vegans stay that way for long.

    I agree – I bet that family is eating chicken tacos right this fucking second.

    Nice one, Kathy.

  • “it’s like i’m eating…. tacos.”
    that’s weird, because you are.

  • Make that ‘predominantly,’ not ‘predominately.’ I always have trouble with that one.

  • woah, big words from QG. It’s always good to see mainstream exposure but still….can’t say I disagree.

  • kathy freston annoys the shit out of me.

  • Thank you! Kathy Freston’s “vegan grocery lists” are INSANE. I didn’t eat that much processed food *before* I was vegan.

  • OMG!! You read my mind!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ELLEN!(And, well, I love gardein!)
    But I SOOOO dislike Kathy Freston and her instant fame and her stupid, misleading, stereotyped “vegans need PROTEIN” sermons. She’s been vegan for 7 years. What? – how does she rate higher than so many other MUCH more deserving authors out there?
    Watching this show, I had your exact rant (seriously – nearly word-for-word) to my boyfriend …
    Then I didn’t hear anyone else out there in vegan-land complaining so I figured I was too harsh…
    Thank you for confirming and validating exactly what I thought all along.

  • I’m not offended by this. I think they’re successfully selling a vegan eating lifestyle to a difficult audience. I own one of Tal’s cookbooks and can say that there are only a few recipes with Gardein in the ingredients but that my entire family really enjoys some of his amazing soup recipes. I give kudos to anyone who can turn a regular meat/dairy-eating family into a family who’ll consider a life free from animals and animal products. Baby steps 🙂

  • Love your opinion QG! Whenever I meet Tal he says he’s from Mars…he’s definitely special. I cannot watch any Oprah so I can’t say for myself what I thought but trust your disgust enough to agree 🙂 xoxox

  • Oh & I heart PETA too, and Christina Cho 😀

  • i think that its just totally mean spirited to hate on this segment. i dont watch ellen, i dont care about tal ronen, and i dont eat gardein, but at least this info and option is there for people who maybe arent as “hip” to veganism as you. hateful.

  • Oops I guess this was on Ellen…all the same

  • HAHAHA! Hilarious.

    I do kinda want some Gardein right now, though…

    BTW, I’m vegan. When I stopped running because of a leg injury, I got FAT. I’m back at the gym and losing weight again. (And I can’t get Gardein in China…)

    Definitely some embarrassing vegans.

  • While I understand that eating fried gardien tacos for dinner isn’t ‘healthy’ – it did demonstrate, and very well I might add, that meat isn’t somehow far tastier than anything a vegan diet can produce.

    Believe it or not, outside of your vegan bubble there are people that don’t know this. Far more people in fact than there are inside this bubble we all coexist within.

    These are the majority of people out there. They don’t know better.

    At the very least this video, as you so well described it, was a commercial for her book and gardien fake meat and since we all realize that fact I follow it up with a question – So what?

    Is it bad that nowadays you can tell your meat eating friends that there are ‘healthier’ and ‘humane’ alternatives at damn near every grocer..? Would you rather go back ten years where all you had were never ending conversations about how you SWEAR tofu tastes great if you cook it right..?

    I’m just saying, you aren’t seeing the big picture here. This is a good thing. Veganism becoming even more of an ever-present part of the average American’s daily life is in no way bad – especially from an ethical vegan’s point of view.

    While I do agree with, defend, and support PETA as well – I think even they would see the value in products like these getting pimped out by their promoters. Even if the video itself was at best, poor.

    in the end.. I do agree that it is a pretty stupid video – but you are watching television, I hope you don’t expect depth and integrity to spring forth from that abyss all of the sudden.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Well, one step at a time I guess.
    I decided to go vegan because I love animals, and don’t want to hurt them or kill them. Other people will have different reasons for trying out vegan food.
    Maybe who cares what path they take, the more vegan cuisine becomes available and accessible, the fewer animals suffer and are tortured and killed…so maybe I’ll try and just focus on that.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    “but i’m a vegan for ethical reasons. maybe one day television will dare to cover the animal rights angle.”

    ^ Same here QG, I know what you mean.

  • @tom12: good point. as morrissey once said:

    “television in america is for children.”

  • Thank. You.

  • Veganism isn’t a “cool kids” club, but the diet/lifestyle has taken so much flack, we don’t want some ditz hugging and squealing and heating up fake meat to summarize it. There are serious ethical, environmental, and health reasons behind veganism, which need to be explained for it to be fully appreciated and understood. People who merely go off info like this Ellen clip are the ones who do it wrong, get sick, and end up having a negative view, which they spread like a virus. Veganism really is a wonderful and fulfilling way to live, if done RIGHT.

    People need to be “hip” to veganism, that’s how having a lifestyle/belief system works – with knowledge!

  • like

  • +1 to what zoe said!!

  • Lindsey R. Smith

    You’re right, she never once mentioned animals… or veggies. You can’t teach someone veganism without teaching them about veggies! Its just not logical or healthy.

    I’m slowly starting to become scheptical about Kathy Freston… when she was on Oprah and was shopping in Harvest Health, all she did was promote processed food… fake cheese and meat.(Plus the whole honey thing..) In order to live a healthy vegan lifestyle you really should have a clear understanding of all the vitamins and minerals etc your body needs. You should also have processed soy meats and cheeses on occasion… not make them the main part of your diet. Your cholesterol may drop but you may very well pick up a new set of health problems. You can’t just cut animal products and expect to be healthy… you have to do a food makeover. Basically re-teach yourself to cook without meat to really get the lifestyle to stick and be healthy.

    So yeah, sending the wrong message about Veganism. Its no longer about the animals for Kathy… It’s about money.

    So sad.

  • They’re a bunch of fat fucks and they need to be weened off their fat fuck diet and the only way to do that without shocking them is to feed them Gardein and tubs of veg grease. It’s not healthy, but it’s healthier than greasy meat.

    You have to hit people with the health angle because a lot of people don’t tend to give a fuck about anything but themselves. Why would they care if an animal has died for their dinner? To sell veganism to people, it’s going to have to be about gains for the people instead of an end to animals suffering. People are vain, people are selfish. Tell them (quite rightly) that it will make them live longer, they’ll look younger, they won’t be such a hopelessly tired fat fuck, and, oh, they probably won’t develop cancer or heart disease or diabetes like meat eaters will.

    I think ultimately segments like this, although cheesy and focusing on the ‘wrong’ things, will probably convert a lot more people over to the veganism cause than people with blogs like yourself will. It’s doing more good than you. End of story.

    This whole site has a feel of obnoxious scene with a horribly affected grrrrl attitude and it’s highly off putting to 99% of those out there who actually might consider veganism were it not for people who try to turn everything into some kind of fucking scene.

    Stop whining and go do something positive about it yourself.

  • Lindsey R. Smith

    lol… obviously my rant was angry because it gave me an angry avatar.

  • Its actually a really telling video. To get the average joe to eat vegan you have to replace their unhealthy barf with vegan unhealthy barf. As long as its the same price or cheaper they’ll continue to ruin their health, but the toll on the environment and the animal kingdom will be less. Its just sad they could have done it right and sold them on potato tacos. High protein high fat diet vegan or not kills.

  • Lindsey R. Smith

    The biggest issue to me is she mentioned NOTHING about using fake meat as a stepping stone into the vegan world. She didn’t say you really have to eat more veggies… she was like here eat this processed shit and you’ll lose weight.

  • wow…haters!!!
    i know television can be cheesy, (especially daytime t.v.), but look at the bigger picture here people. the fact that a vegan diet is being promoted to the masses with this segment is a wonderful thing.
    consider the target audience for this show too. overweight, middle-america housewives are the ones who are probably watching this show the most, and they are probably the ones doing the shopping for their families as well.
    the product placement is essential because it teaches these people the first step in replacing their non-vegan products with ones that are.
    yes, tal endorses gardien, but i think that is a good thing, otherwise people wouldn’t know where to start.
    people who know nothing about veganism have no clue where to begin (besides eating a salad), and giving them name-brand options is a good way to start the process.
    it is a gradual climb toward a healthier lifestyle, and you can’t expect some fatty meat-eater to all of a sudden start making homemade flax crackers and raw cashew cheese overnight.
    i think some vegans can become such elitists after a couple of years, thinking that they are so much more “vegan than thou”…lighten up people!! this is great publicity, and even if only ONE person who watches this decides to make a change in their diet and lifestyle…it was worth it!

  • Totally agree with Tom12 on this.

    Most Americans curious to experiment with vegan food and “veganism” aren’t going to pay much mind to our horror stories of animal cruelty and CAFOs. C’est la vie. Heck, I went vegan for “the health benefits” and didn’t truly educate myself about animal rights until well AFTER I went vegan. Not turning back, and definitely consider myself an ethical vegan now. While I might be a bit healthier a couple years after my switch, I’m no closer to the six-pack I hoped would just slither on out by subbing tempeh for animal flesh. I blame you quarry! pointing me to all these bomb ass restaurants. 😉

    Having “America’s best vegan chef” (LOL) come in and cook easy-peasy processed tacos is actually pretty realistic. If he had come in and spent 2 hours chopping veg and prepping homemade seitan – this family (and the tv viewer) would have been overwhelmed. Say what you will, but that is a damn easy & realistic dinner to whip up. Not healthy but, you know, about as healthy as the NF sweet potato taquitos and Oklahoma Bakon Cheezburger I just scarfed down. (Holy shit, those taquitos rock it).

    Last thing – I hope this family isn’t back to gorging themselves on chicken and cheese. Imagine if they read this blog and the comments. Pretty fuckin surly and discouraging. Most of my friends – omnis, vegetarians, and pescatarians alike – say that they’ll never go vegan, simply because they don’t want to be associated with this sort of self-righteousness. Baby steps. At least the concept of vegan food is getting some coverage in the mainstream media, as vapid and misleading as it may be. I love you quarry, so don’t take this the wrong way – just my opinions. I guess I learned something from this video – how to pronounce Gardein, since they’re obviously paid to use it.

  • Tal and Kathy are making products and writing books that appeal to the mainstream. That’s who needs the message. That’s all those people eating tons of animals who may be convinced through pieces like this one on Ellen that switching to a vegan diet might not be that hard after all. Quarrygirl visitors aren’t the audience here. I’ve met numerous, hardcore meat eaters who are trying vegan food because of this show and the Oprah show. Those of us who are vegan for ethical reasons don’t get why this diet switch isn’t the easiest thing to do once you know the facts, but that’s not what will motivate most people to take that first step. Get ’em eating the vegan version of their favorite foods, and you’ve opened the door. Gardein got my dad to finally eat an all vegan Thanksgiving and now many meals in between! All approaches to this vegan thing are welcome!

  • What’s with all the hate, people? We are all on the same side. If you don’t like what Kathy and Tal are doing then do something different. It’s as simple as that. So many vegans I know went vegan for health reasons and then later for moral reasons. They are trying to reach mainstream America and I think they are doing the best they can. It’s not like they are going to be invited on all these shows to talk about what hell factory farms are. I think it’s great (even if it’s a little corny) that they are reaching so many and getting people to realize that being vegan isn’t difficult. Maybe eating Gardein isn’t super healthy, but it’s still way better then eating animals and that’s why we do it; for the animals, right? We can all do what we are good at to get people to go vegan, but for everyone it’s different. So instead of being so angry at what others are doing or are not doing, get out there and make a difference in your own way.

  • dumbest video in the world. freston is a joke.

  • LongTimeVegan


    Tal has been a avid an animal activist and supporter for more years than I can recall. While the angle may be that of changing a diet for health reasons, do we really care why people are vegan? Using ethics to define your choice comes across as though you would rather hate people for their choices than accept that saving animals is the defining characteristic of a vegan.

    Tal’s influence/guidance/innovation with Daiya and Gardein products (only to name a few) are just a small part he has taken in the vegan movement. He is incredibly creative and talented, and shows people how easy it is to be vegan on a daily basis. The vegan products he has helped create are now available in conventional grocery stores, and the demand for them is at an all-time high. This is the story that should have been written about him- he is a leader- an innovator and an incredible activist.

    While I do find your little blog typically informative and useful; without Tal the restaurants we frequent would have limited variety, less flavor and your blog would be as boring as it is now bitter.



  • I’ll be honest; I didn’t watch this video you posted because you said it made you lose brain cells and I didn’t want to subject myself to that, too. 😉 I *can* say, though, that EVEN JUST THE PACKAGING for Gardein products are fucking insufferable. And yeah yeah I’m all about spreading veganism to the masses, and yeah I eat Gardein (when I can afford it! their shit is like $6 a pack!) but like you said, Gardein is totally EXCLUDING the ethical reasons to become vegan. And I hate when people do that.

  • Glad somebody finally said it. Tal Ronnen is a douche with a capital D. Does he own Veggie Grill as well? Because he has that same creepy vibe.

  • “He is incredibly creative and talented” …at frying Gardein!

  • Yeah, this TV segment makes me want to puke up all that fatty Gardein. Seriously damaging to the plight of animal rights, like everything else Tal Ronnen does. Freston is a joke – let’s not even dignify her with another mention in these comments.


  • People are going to crash and burn if they try this for “health reasons” and eventually find out fried earth balance gardein and cashew cream or whatever the fuck every one of his recipes involves, leads to no real health gain.


  • The key you hit on is “selling” a vegan diet. The episode and her book tour are strictly about selling books, selling Gardein, etc. I have found that there are two types of vegans (of course there are many more): one wants people to eat a little less meat and the second sees this as genocide against animals. The first believes that we will magically create ethical vegans by offering vegan options at non-vegan restaurants, selling vegan products, losing weight, (basically via capitalism) and the second believes that we approach veganism as a social justice movement. Veganism is not a cool and hip diet. As long as we continue to push veganism in this way, the best we’ll get is people being vegan for selfish reasons for some time period and then going back to eating animals.

  • @okidoki: hi! welcome back! i remember when you used to frequent the comments section and complain about my “grrrl” attitude (whatever that is?)! you used to go by the username “tron” but your ip address is still the same. anyways, we missed ya.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this. Personally, I think it’s great that people are vegan for health reasons, initially. I think it will make people more compassionate in the long run. However, I’d rather see an awesome veggie meal but out of ummm vegetables than processed crap, it’s like eating hot dogs and bologna without the meat. I think all the processed and faux meats scare a lot of non-vegans off honestly. An awesome salad and ethnic dish would have been nice. I doubt Kathy Freston eats fried gardein everyday..

  • “it’s like i’m eating tacos”
    no shit you’re eating tacos.

  • You really have to consider the target audience. This is the Kenny G of veganism. You can’t introduce jazz to someone and force Ornette Coleman down their throat.

    Most of daytime TV’s audience is the Walmart shopping, barbeque grilling, ignorant masses that couldn’t give a flying fuck about animal rights or eating healthy. So the fact that this is even on TV and that someone is actually promoting veganism is great. Even if it’s not the way you would have done it. And I agree, they should have mentioned veggies and the treatment of animals, but like other commenters have said, small steps.

    I’ve been a vegan for over twenty years and stuff like this was unheard of just a few years ago. Now it seems like there’s a new vegan restaurant opening every week, more and more celebrities are becoming vegan, and people are actually talking about it seriously, not dismissing it like some fringe lunatic lifestyle for hippies and anarchists.

    I just watched Cupcake Wars and there was another vegan baker on. By my count that was the fourth one so far. Think about that. That’s huge. That’s real progress. Vegans on TV. And they weren’t killed in the first five minutes of CSI: Miami.

    The word vegan is becoming a mainstream word. How fucking cool is that?

    Thank you QG for all you do for the vegan community, but patience, my friend, let’s not alienate people who might be interested in cutting out meat. Who knows, some people might visit your site because they heard Ellen talking about being vegan so let’s give them a warm welcome and stay positive. Things are moving forward.

  • If it takes you 2 hours to “chop vegetables” then methinks you need a new knife. Seriously.

  • Quarrygirl, if you cannot understand why what Kathy Freston and Tal Ronnen did on Ellen was a FANTASTIC thing for veganism, I don’t know how to help you. Please think a little before posting (even when apparent jealousy over other people’s success makes that difficult).

    If we want people to try being vegan, they need to know that it’s simple and that the options are delicious and easy to prepare. There probably isn’t a better product than Gardein out there to do that. What would you have liked Tal and Kathy to suggest on the show instead? Eat plain tofu? Just eat salad? Or maybe Tal should’ve brought elaborate recipes that take 3 hours to prepare?

    Quarrygirl is a perfect example of why vegans are sometimes our own worst enemy.






  • I agree on you agreeing, definitely!

  • I’m less bothered by her not talking about animals as I am about presentation. This shouldn’t be a vegan segment because veganism shouldn’t be solely associated with Gardein or other fake meats/cheese. This should be a segment about great vegan alternatives to popular meat/cheese based dishes. Although I think a sentence stating that meat intake, be it fake or real, should, on a whole, be reduced and that our cravings shouldn’t always be indulged would have been nice.

    If Kathy is going to be the public face for veganism then she has to make that distinction or else she is redefining the term “vegan”, which suggests something bigger than how to eliminate or replace meat in tacos and to me that is animals, health and the environment. I think it is the same for her so for her to replace some dishes with Gardein and then proclaim that these people are may now be vegan is off. It also leaves her and us open to attack from the anti-vegans. If vegans are constantly espousing that a vegan diet is healthier and/or better for the environment, television shows by celebrated vegans advocating only for processed food and people identifying that with veganism is problematic. And as someone pointed out above it is also problematic for people curious about being vegan who now think that being vegan is about eating fake meat.

  • Wow. Where to begin? How about with this: Is he even a good chef? Ummm… Tal’s vegan cookbook was on the New York Times bestseller list for weeks, he was the chef at Ellen’s wedding and has been hired by Oprah on several occasions AND he’s the only vegan chef to cook for Congress. So yeah, I’d say he must be a pretty good fucking chef. That’s to start.

    Next, if you truly can’t understand how what Kathy and Tal are doing is an amazing thing for the animals, you should really take yourself down to Cedar Sanai and get an MRI to see if your brain is still functioning properly.

    I’m ashamed that my fellow vegans would write such nakedly angry, hateful and jealous remarks about two people who are putting themselves out there and inspiring thousands, if not millions, to leave animals off their plates.

    Quarrygirl, I’m sure you’d get a big THANK YOU from the meat industry for this post. You’re really fantastic at doing their job for them.

  • Well she kinda did redefine “vegan” – she even has a new term (and the name of her book) – “veganist”

  • @Steve B: you think i’m jealous? that couldn’t be further than the truth. i don’t aspire to be like tal and kathy. unlike them…i’m not selling any products, i don’t want my face to be in the public eye, and I don’t make ANY money in my endeavor to push veganism. so what is there to be jealous of?

  • Quarrygirl, I love you!

    Will you marry me??????? 😉



  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz would be a FAR better candidate for something like this. Seriously. Her recipes in Appetite for reduction are healthy, delicious, easy to make, and fake meat free! I actually think a heavy fake meat diet will turn most meat eaters off. I have plenty of omnivore friends, and the majority of them are unwilling to even try fake meat. They think it is strange. It would be easier to convert a meat eater if you showed them the truth about the meat and dairy industry (most people don’t know), and if you presented them with a meal made with more normal food that can be found in any omnivore’s kitchen (i.e. legumes, grains, vegetables).

  • Stop whining and find a different blog to frequent.

  • Who cares if she is selling her book and Gardein? This is tremendous for the bigger cause. You can’t whack everyone over the head and expect them to suddenly become ardent vegans activists with amazing cooking skills.

    (Trust me, not everyone responds positively to “Skinny Bitch”. I learned that the hard way.)

    We here might all be vegans for ethics, but not all vegans are. And unfortunately, the general population of Americans don’t care about animals. But they really starting to care about their health and as far as I’m concerned Gardein is way healthier than the meat it mocks. I love Gardein because when I can make something my omnivore friends love vegan, it makes them open their minds to the lifestyle and/or diet.

    Pleas stop being the stereotype that turns off so many to veganism and just appreciate what these people are doing. You help us vegans, let them help the people aren’t there yet.


  • Wow, I think the Kathy/Tal/Gardein community got hold of this post.

    On the merits, QG wins. Ronnen is not a good chef and Freston does a piss poor job of communicating the ethical message. Martha Stewart fed her honey and she didn’t bat an eyelash.

    Commenting on any other tangents is useless. Take it to the forums. For example, some of the comments here believe there is some corrupt opposition or jealousy between a local vegan food blog, and bestselling authors/food companies. Reaching much? You really think this is a competitive issue? Get a life.

  • The only problem is that this video is very misleading. The woman claims that solely eating a vegan diet (regardless of what that vegan diet may consist of) will make you lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, and reduce many other symptoms associated with a carnivorous diet. This is 100% false! Eating deep fried, heavily process fake meat will NOT make you lose weight. Yeah, maybe your cholesterol will go down slightly (but it will take more than 3 weeks), but aside from that, you’ll still be almost as unhealthy as you were before converting to a vegan diet.
    If we want to convert people to veganism, we cannot continue to feed them lies because the truths will eventually surface, and the people will go back to their old, carnivorous ways. This is only a TEMPORARY solution. You need to give people real information if you want to make a difference. If anything, this is going to give the vegan “diet” a BAD reputation due to the fact that people will come to the realization that eating deep fried Gardein and daiya every day is unhealthy. They will then conclude that veganism is just another fad diet. That is sad because it is far from being a fad diet, yet this kind of promotion will only deter people from the real cause. They will turn away from being vegan without knowing about the alternative: a healthy vegan diet consisting of whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Compassion for animals, however, should the the number one reason!

  • I really appreciate this comment.

  • I lost all respect for Kathy Freston a few months ago when I found out she is the author of “Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness” and “The Quantum Wellness Cleanse: A 21 Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit “.

    Is anyone else sick of ridiculous, new age “healers” and spiritual gurus who claim that they know about quantum physics, and that they can heal people spiritually with quantum physics? LOL.

    An interesting video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-FaXD_igv4

    ^Richard Dawkins debunking the quantum physics claims.

  • @Maria, so right! Isa would’ve been perfect (and so much more watchable due to the fact that she doesn’t immediately make me want to puke). And the idea of fake meat really turns alot of people off. TV viewers need to learn ways to love their vegetables not drop way more money on notmeat to maintain their diet status quo.

  • Truth! Fucking Kathy: “In the first week you’ll start to drop weight” makes it sound like us fat vegans are doing something wrong or misrepresenting the lifestyle.

  • This is only part of the show. I saw the actual show when flipping through the channels and they kind of sort of did address the animal cruelty issue in the post-clip interview.

    Mainly it was that blonde lady who talked for 15 seconds about how eating a vegan diet makes you feel good about yourself because you’re eating with compassion and she quoted some figure about how many chickens are killed an hour in America.

  • But yeah, it was a huge Gardein commercial basically. They gave the family a years supply of the product plus like $10,000 to try to help them stick with it.

    The interview clip was especially funny as it was filled with quotes from the family like, “We’ve been eating vegan for 2 days now and I don’t even crave meat!”

  • 6 bucks? Gardein stuff is frequently 3 dollars a bag at Ralph’s, it’s on sale all the time there.

  • Da Data Monkey

    Tall and the fat geezer are long lost brothers!

  • Our society, in general, are self-absorbed and lazy. So if giving families quick, easy vegan options and telling them it will improve their health saves the lives of innocent animals, I am all for it. The realization the the diet is cruel-free will come later.

  • I don’t think Quantum Wellness has anything to do with Quantum Physics, other than both starting with the word “Quantum.”

  • None of this matters– for the coming Vegapocalypse will fry them all in hot non-GMO peanut oil!!!

  • Agree.

  • @okidoki: Well said!

  • Get Skinny, Go Vegan.

    Oh no….I do wish that even if they offer these products that they at least equally pushed regular, un packaged food also. People need to realize that vegan is not yuppie and does not have to include soy or packaged wheat.

    However, unless something is on Oprah, it seems like it doesn’t exist, so I guess I am grateful that is is getting out there in some manner. I did notice that on Oprah Kathy did talk about the Animal part of it. So it sort of feels like she is playing the game. The first time she was on it was for a cleanse. The second time they show slaughterhouse images. But I think it’s really hard to get your nose in the door with a vegan message, on someone elses show. And Americans often only do something if they see a benefit for themselves. Maybe I am a cynical b&&ch?

    But I agree, I wish they would show you can eat vegan on the cheap AND we would be saving our entire cow country billions on healthcare. You think they would be talking about the economics of it because even then f&&kheads like Glenn beck would have to listen.

  • And you don’t even mention the nauseating aspect of bringing in a skinny white blonde woman to “fix” the problems of the well-meaning but ignorant (“eggs have cholesterol?!”) brown family.

  • I think both Tal and Kathy have done an incredible job getting the vegan message out to a mainstream audience who otherwise may have never known a single thing about it. And yes, Tal is an absolutely fantastic chef.

  • I didn’t watch the video. I saw the name ‘Kathy Freston’ in the first couple seconds and stopped it. I was thinking of commenting on her on my blog, but I’m not the most eloquent and agree that the vegan message is important to get out there even if it’s by these social-climbing wannabes.

  • Some people do not go vegan for ethical reasons, I think this show (as well as the Oprah special) was meant to address this crowd. We, as in the AR community, need to keep this in mind when sitting down to watch these shows. This was not meant for us, we are not the audience. Once we accept that, we should ask ourselves, were the benefits (whether it is health or environment or less animal suffering) covered in a way that is appealing to a broad audience. I think in this case, the answer is yes. This show is a means to an end, however we get there, if animal lives will be saved, we should be thankful. As far as not including graphic footage or addressing the AR issue, I think PETA does a great job of keeping themselves present in the mainstream media, however outrageous their tactics may be, for this reason. Most people know what PETA stands for, and when they are interested and ready, they can visit peta.org for all the animal-cruelty footage they can stomach. Cheers QG! P.S. I went to Sage last night & was not impressed. 🙁 Let’s go to Cafe Gratitude instead. XOXO @rfatz

  • Even though the vegan diet in this video was being sold to the family as a healthier option, it still in the end helps saves animals so I don’t really have an issue with it.

  • I think that this was a great way to get the vegan message out there.

    Gardein probably donated the food as a way to get free advertising for their products because they are a good stepping stone for people who aren’t sure what they would eat if they weren’t eating meat.

    Kathy Freston probably agreed to go so that she could show her book.

    Did they do it purely out of the goodness of their hearts? Probably not. But, they do mean well and were spreading a very important message.

    Any mainstream attention that veganism gets is great!

  • I guess I really just don’t get what the huge fuss is about. Most vegans I know started out using the processed substitutes, and then slowly started transitioning them out as they became more aware of the health aspect.

    Yes, it would be great if everyone would just skip that step and go straight for the whole grains and fresh produce, but switching to fake meat, etc. is a much less drastic change for most people, and then they’ll be more likely to stick with it.

    I’m in my twenties, and a large majority of my friends were raised in households where everything was slathered with some dairy product, and almost all the vegetables (except carrots and potatoes) came out of a can. It takes time to transition tastebuds to fresh foods, and fake meat is just a substitute in the meantime. Is it good for you? No. But is it better for you than chemical, cholesterol, and disease-ridden factory farmed meat? I would say so.

  • Really? You went there?

    Man, some people see race in EVERYTHING…

  • Completely agree with rfatz. This video wasn’t for us, it’s for the people who have absolutely no motivation to go vegan. If Kathy and Tal can make it look easy and inspire people to give it a try, then this is progress.

    Fake meat is a great stepping stone for people trying to eat more vegan meals. Sure, it’s not as healthy as straight veggies, but it’s sure a lot better for you than eating meat. And I’m sure most of the people on here complaining enjoy gardien at home or at their favorite restaurants! 😉

    & yes, Kathy is a pretty blonde, but that’s what our society likes to see. Is it right? No. But does it works? Yes. The audience that watches Oprah, Ellen and Martha Stewart probably wouldn’t respond very well to a twenty-something, tattooed and pieced vegan who is angry at the world.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • This is awful. I completely agree with the opinion that selling vegan as a weight loss gimmick will do more harm than good. People will not lose weight eating vegan baked goods and fried fake meat tacos. They will get tired, and give up.

    Maybe teach them about healthy foods, if they are going vegan for health reasons as they said.

  • U know Freston isn’t vegan, right? She ate honey on Martha with no complaints. She’s in it for the celebrity. Seriously hate her and Tal, and yes, Isa would have been a better choice. At least Isa is a real person and can actually cook. Oh, and she cares about animals.

  • Dr. McDougall’s thoughts on fat vegans are also very interesting. ; )

  • This whole thing makes me so sad. Isn’t the whole point to help people consume less animals, and go vegan by ANY MEANS NECESSARY?! All this infighting gets us nowhere. I applaud anyone who can get on mainstream media and promote COMPASSION. Who cares if Freston or Ronnen aren’t your cup of tea… yes, there are plenty of well-deserving of media vegans out there, but these are the two getting it right now. As Heidi says, “One day you are in.. the next day you are out.” Let’s enjoy this wave of animal-free cooking segments while we can. I know the cows are.

  • I think this video served it’s purpose to it’s target audience. When it comes to a vegan diet, I have several friends who won’t listen when I bring up animal rights issues. But show them an easy way to substitute meat, and bam, they’re eating vegan once or twice a week now. So although this video didn’t touch on the animal rights angle, I think the exposure to the mainstream audience is beneficial for all. 🙂

    That said, MAD PROPS to QG for supporting PETA and for showing me where the good food’s at, no matter what city I’m in! XO

  • I don’t consider myself vegan (I dare say if we follow any vegan living in an urban society for a week, we would find that they encounter at least one animal byproduct in their daily lives; albeit unknowingly), but my diet is 100% plant-based and has been for 12 years. Although the decision was health based, I do love animals. I believe the best way to respect the rights of animals is not to eat them. If mainstream society just replaced a few animal based meals with plant based meals each week, the impact would be extraordinary. To me, it doesn’t really matter how we get this message to the masses. If it results in fewer animals being eaten, why should anyone be concerned with the means. Just my $0.02

  • I love that Kathy, Tal, and Ellen are out there spreading the word about veganism to people who might not have tried it otherwise. This approach is obviously meant for people who are new to veganism. Let’s focus on the big picture – more vegans = win for all!

  • If veganism is on the mainstream media, I’m not complaining. Let’s remember the end goal: a vegan world.

  • EEK. Yeah, this is pretty damn embarrassing. How cheesy. Vegan cheesy.

  • The all-caps and spelling errors make this comment easy to ignore, but it’s dead on. This IS how the entertainment industry works. There are a lot of things in the media that are paid commercials that you never would expect to be. TV segments are often bought; magazine articles are often bought. I wouldn’t be surprised if the family is straight out of Central Casting.

    The video is nothing to get too worked up over because it is just a commercial. This happens every day.

  • I saw the Ellen show live and only could stand a few minutes of that segment. Just left a big whatever in my mouth.

  • I love that veganism is spreading everywhere. Thanks to Ellen, Kathy, and Tal for helping this family choose a healthy diet and in turn save the lives of countless animals!!! Score!!!

  • This blog post and many of these comments are making me sick! I’m an ethical vegan and have been so for 14 years. I don’t eat gardein. But ya know what? This episode would not have happened if it was about the animals. Over the years I’ve realized the easiest way to open up the vegan conversation is by serving vegan food that is awesome.
    Tal is AMAZING because he made meat substitute that has won over every hard core meat eater I know. I recently introduced my twice a day meat habit neighbors to gardein. They loved it and now stock their freezer with it. They had NEVER had vegan food before. Huge step! If I gave them a lentil patty I’m sure it would have gone right into the dog bowl. These same neighbors now have visited a vegan restaurant twice which they would have never done if they didn’t meet Gardein first.
    Some people in this country (like myself) respond to the animal welfare factor of veganism, but a lot don’t. We need PETA and their publicity stunts, we need the HSUS and their more “refined” way of reaching people, we need Kathy who gets to talk on Oprah and Ellen and we absolutely need Tal who has created the best mock meat on the market. Maybe they will pick up Tal’s cook book and learn how to make cashew cream and pureed asparagus soup (my favorite recipe!).
    All the exposure is good. Stop fighting. You’ll catch more Americans with gardein than you will with ethical militancy.

  • Agreed. I saw Kathy Freston on Oprah and her segment on shopping with a family. All meat substitutes, which doesn’t mean healthier, and she didn’t mention animals. Not a fan. Once it’s all corporate and tie-ins and kick backs happen, it’s corrupted. You can be an unhealthy vegan, I swear, it’s easy as pie!

  • I would agree with this, Apparently, though, “health” is a nice, less controversial way of spreading the message. People hate being told they’re doing something immoral or that their flesh and dairy diet is “bad.” However, in my experience, people who go vegan SOLELY for the health benefits either revert to eating meet or soon embrace the animal and environmental benefits as well. It’s a hard row to hoe if it’s just about cholesterol.

  • Exactly. Which perpetuates the image that vegans just eat salad. *eyeroll* Trust, I’m fat because I eat awesome.

  • Cheri Shankar

    All of this hating from the commenters and Quarry Girl is really disheartening. If any of you have not been successful converting your family and/or friends to veganism, then you are well aware of how difficult it is to get people off meat and dairy. Can’t we celebrate any and all inroads we make to getting the message out, no matter the messenger? Kathy and Tal are both compassionate, hard working friends to the animals and the earth and have reached millions of people who are otherwise oblivious to the vegan lifestyle. Can’t we stop this mean spirited and unproductive ranting at each other? We have so much work to do on behalf of the animals and our energies should be directed towards defeating the animal abusers and exploiters.

  • You know, I’m STILL kind of weird about fake “dairy” products. It took me quite some time to be okay with boca burgers. Seriously. Some nice black bean tacos would have been cheap, easy, and more familiar to the vast majority of people watching than the “weird” gardein beefless strips. (No offense to gardein – I love it and it’s great, but I won’t feed it to most of my omni friends – I stick with veggie lasagna or black bean enchiladas.)

  • Meh, I might not be her biggest fan, but honey is a controversial substance in the vegan community. Some strict vegetarians still eat honey. Whatever. I don’t much care about anyone’s diet in particular other than my own. What was she supposed to do on Martha? Shove it out of the way and say, “I’m not eating your bee vomit!”? That would have been awesome for vegans everywhere.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Yea…I think people often don’t realize how much is bought and paid for in terms of advertising. Once you find out, you’re much more well informed and also much less susceptible to agendas. And you’re more easily able to support your own convictions through what you purchase and so forth.

  • Hear, hear, Meredith! Me too! : )

  • exactly. but you do know who kenny g is. case in point

  • i agree. i had a friend and her 7 year old daughter over for dinner, braised cabbage, noodles & tofutti sour cream. she did not like the cabbage so i cooked up some gardein chicken nuggets (buffalo ones w/o the sauce) for her. she said “these are the best chicken nuggets i have ever had”. if you can get a kid to say that and switch, you can start a new generation of vegans (not to mention you have a damn fine product). everyone starts somewhere.

  • I can’t believe how mean spirited this post was. I even had to wait a day to comment. I love this blog because it helps me find great places to eat, and I follow you on twitter for that reason too. But there are plenty of things to hate on in the world without attacking two people who, as far as I can tell, have done as much or more than any other people on the planet to promote humane dietary choices. I’m not sure what your personal gripe is with Tal Ronnen, but I remember a twitter post where you took him to task because the Yard House offered gardein products in not-vegan menu items. As though only the purest vegans should be allowed to avoid meat at a mainstream restaurant. I will keep following your posts and blog because they are really terrifically valuable for those of us who are already vegan and want to know where to get the good stuff. But I hope that you will consider just what it is that you’re trying to accomplish by attacking anyone who is helping create pathways to vegan diets for the rest of the world. I’ve been vegan for 20 years and no one has done more than Tal Ronnen to make it easy for me to choose this diet. And the hateful things that other commenters have said about Tal and Kathy on this blog offended me, so I can only imagine how they must make Tal and Kathy feel. Come on people, be better humans.

  • Thanks for your comment, Maria. My initial reaction to Quarrygirl’s post and most of the comments before yours was, “what is all the fuss about? What they are doing is a good thing! To show a vegan diet in an approachable and doable way for the average American family. I think I now see what the fuss is all about. Mainstream misrepresention of veganism is a bummer. While I didn’t expect Kathy to cover animal rights because when she asked the family why they were interested, the wife said, “the main reason is the health reason”, the segment IS misleading that using these processed foods will make them healthier and they also fail to mention that Gardein products are great transition foods or foods to enjoy on occasion and they do not promote a plant-based whole foods diet. Maybe they did? Maybe Ellen’s show cut it in editing? Who knows. Anyway, I see what the fuss was all about. On a side note, I still like Kathy and Tal and appreciate what they do even though they could have done better with this Ellen segment 😉 lol I guess I see both sides.

  • I’d like to request more rants, please.

  • how does she rate higher than other authors? Well her husband, Tom, is one of the top dogs of Viacom so everyone wants lets Kathy on their shows as favors.

  • I would like to request a QG post on Green Loves, the new Green Leaves-associated restaurant located at 5784 Melrose Ave., near the intersection of Melrose and Rossmore. We haven’t called them for a delivery yet, but did find a menu on our door handle a few days ago. The items listed on the menu are very similar to the ones at Green Leaves, except that Green Loves apparently serves REAL scrambled eggs. Green Loves isn’t listed on Happy Cow yet, but it has received some very nice reviews on Yelp.

  • not. gonna. happen.

  • LOL. Okay, just thought I’d try. We’ll be calling them before long, anyway. : )

  • i agree with the brain cell-decreasing quality of this.
    however, what’s with all the gardein hate? i don’t buy it often ($5/bag is a bit too expensive for my poor/cheap university student self), but it’s certainly not the worst thing you could eat. in terms of processed meat substitutes, gardein seems fairly healthy. i don’t know what products you guys are eating, but i just had some crispy tenders (90 calories, 1.5g fat, 9g protein; not ‘fatty deep fried shit’) and they were damn tasty.

  • Wow guys… really? Someone is out there trying to get people to go vegan and you’re upset with this? Tal and Kathy are making it accessible to mainstream people. Who cares how they do it? Who cares what they eat? IT’S VEGAN. That’s one less animal that died that day for that family’s meal. Don’t complain about it. Veganism is supposed to be about love and compassion and helping the world. And you sit there and bitch about how two people go about helping, nitpicking their wardrobe and their choice of transitional foods? Don’t be a vegan Nazi… please. Jeez… talk about contradictions. I’m proud of both of them – they’re out there doing it. Kathy, Tal and all the rest who are out there helping, rock on and do your thing. You’re doing a good job. Spread the word, and help the world in whatever way you can to stop eating animals. Peace!

  • What a bunch of self-righteous jerks!!! I agree with Melissa – don’t be the vegan Nazi’s, for crying out loud.
    Here you have two people (Tal and Kathy) trying to help people live and eat better and all you can do is castigate them for not being purists !!!
    Give me a frickin’ break.
    Get off your high-horse and show THEM some compassion for making a positive difference.
    Or better yet, when you’re perfect in every way, come back and then talk about your self-righteousness.

  • And honestly, does the almight Quarry Girl talk “smack” because she really feels that way or because controversy keeps her in the public eye, which she clearly relishes. 🙂 🙂

  • AGREED X 1000.

    Tal Ronnen’s cook book is so pathetic–it’s should just come free with every Gardein purchase.

  • Glad to see veganism get mainstream attention, but as a cardiologist, I treat vegans with high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and coronary artery disease. Eating Gardein, Earth Balance, Rice Dream, and all that other processed junk without any emphasis on fruits and vegetables is not going to improve this family’s health very much. How about showing some healthy recipes with beans, lentils, tofu, seitan, or some other non-processed protein?

  • David Anderson

    As the chef of a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, I have had the great pleasure of meeting and talking to many of the folks who are fighting on the front lines of the vegan battle. And believe me, I do not choose my words lightly, this is truly a “battle” that we are all fighting. The opposition is strong and unified and doing everything they can to maintain the status quo.

    Tal Ronnen is one of the leaders in our fight. I have known Tal for almost six years and his dedication and commitment to furthering the cause of animal rights through veganism are nothing short of remarkable. He has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to promote this agenda that is so dear to all of us – and the results are hard to argue with. I believe that he has done as much in the last five years to spread veganism as anybody.

    Resisting any tide is truly a tall order. When we factor in the emotions that are tied into how and what people eat, resisting this particular tide is close to impossible. If veganism is to have a chance, it is going to require a legion of people attacking the problem from a multitude of angles. If you don’t love Tal’s angle, that’s ok – you’re not Tal. Be thankful that he is attacking the problem from an angle that doesn’t work for you. But be inspired by what he is doing – go after your angle, whatever it is, with everything that you’ve got. If we all do that, I believe that we have a chance to someday achieve an outcome that will have us all in agreement…

  • LOL. : )

  • Dave when are you going to make me some healthy food?!

  • There are a lot of people out there who are very hostile towards vegans, even if they are not being preached to, it still offends them that others maintain a different lifestyle than than they are. I think any effort to get veganism out into the mainstream is a good one. True, though, that these people are probably eating meat again!
    Yes, duh, you ARE eating tacos…..

  • Wow. I can’t believe the smug, hateful comments directed towards Tal Ronnen and this segment. Everyone in this community needs to get out from under the elitist, “everyone must think like ME” bubble and be grateful for such exposure. This was a segment that aired on TV sets across middle America, just like the Ronnen segments that appeared on Oprah in the past. Sure- the mechanism to achieve change is based on health, not ethics, but don’t you think that is by design? Unless somebody has a magic button they can push right now, and instantly change the hearts, minds and ideology of MILLIONS of middle Americans, we should view this as a victory. Granted, Freston comes across as tacky and ill-informed, but how many of you can get the vegan message onto a national stage beamed into the homes of housewives? I can GUARANTEE you my Mom in Nebraska has never heard of this or any other vegan blog (although i’ve tried over the years to educate her). But she does watch Oprah everyday (which drives me crazy), and actually bought Tal Ronnen’s book at Borders after seeing him and actually called me here in San Francisco to say “I bought this vegan book I saw on Oprah and your Dad is liking my meals!” That was last St. Patricks day, and to this day they went from a 7-day a week meat diet to a strictly Sunday pot-roast. Really, how do we define victory?? I count my parents’ change in diet as a big one, and it’s all because she saw Ronnen on Oprah. This reactionary snobbery feeds into the stereotype of vegans as out of touch, lofty pricks. We need to embrace and support this mainstream infiltration, warts and all. Otherwise, our lifestyle will remain on the fringes. I’m just livid right now. You critics are an ungrateful, bratty lot.

  • Tal’s cookbook is pretty good. I skip the fake meat recipes, but there’s lots there – whole plant (plus oil) based – to make for a special meal or something quick. I’m thankful for any encouragement the general public gets to improve their health, do something good for the environment, make ethical decisions or reduce demand for dead animals. Someone who can have a well rounded motivation for their decisions will stick with it longer.

  • Dude, it doesn’t. Just trying to make a point. Never made my own seitan, but i’m guessing that takes some special effort.

  • Agree. And remember, people who go vegan for one seemingly selfish reason may adapt to a much more ethical ideology after informing themselves. Just sayin, it happens.

  • I think that while this vegan meal that Tal made may not be the healthiest, it is still a vast improvement from tacos made from dead cows.

    Has anyone here read Howard Lyman”s book “Mad cowboy?” OK Lets see, according to this book, these poor cows are fed uhh concrete dust, newspapers, ground up glass, a whole slew of antibiotics and growth hormones, oh and lets not forget that most of these poor animals are so sick that they are dying from cancer and covered in pus and poop before they are slaughtered and this is what people are eating….. i just read that some poor little 7 yr old girl has started puberty already due to all the growth hormones in her hamburgers that her mommy cooks for her, and the poor girl is getting way too much undue attention from her growing bust at such a young age. I mean that is really tragic.

    Uhh hey In comparison with the poop and pus filled dead cow taco i think the gardein taco is wayyy healthier. Tal made a guacamole which is super healthy and i think he made a salsa too and no one can rag on salsa come on. The gardein was sauteed not deep fried. I don’t think this was such a bad meal. I’ve been to vegan potlucks that had even less healthy vegan fare. I think that this meal that Tal made was a gazillion times heathier and gazillion times better for the cows, the impact on the planet and our karma. Who knows, maybe this family will decide to read some more books, watch some videos like Earthlings and go totally vegan. It really is about “baby steps” and i think this is a great way for a family so ingrained by the current culture to get acclimated to veganism

  • I’m so happy to finally read a blog post that isn’t kissing Tal Ronnen’s undeserving ass. “Ronald Mcdonald of Gardein” you put it perfectly.

    Thank god there are still some human vegans out there. Bravo, QG.

  • YankeesVeganNYC

    Why is he “Ronald McDonald?” Because Gardein has become a profitable company? Because Tal has made some well earned money while doing more for our movement than you could ever dream? You need to choose your battles with a dose of pragmatism. Please accept the fact that some of us committed vegans also happen to be capitalists. Oh no! I said it! While you continue to wade in your stagnant pool of 90’s style small tent activism, whereby vegans MUST walk lockstep with your brand of socialistic economic ethos, MUST declare their anti-corporate, anti-capitalism credentials at the door before you let them in….It’s so infuriatingly exclusive, and so very counterproductive. Our common goals as vegans should never be politicized. I am a 19 years deep vegan activist, who also happens to be an active Libertarian (or as some might call me, a “constitutionalist conservative”, or “Goldwater Republican”). Why, please tell me why, must we keep our values and mission as ethically minded vegans in such a tiny little box? Go chef Ronnen. May you make the leap from the “Ronald McDonald” of vegan to the freaking “Bill Gates” of vegan. We all win when animals are liberated. Enough with the leftwing power-grabs.

  • The “sheep” flock to this blog akin to massive amounts of people buying tabloid newspapers and magazines at the check-out lines of their supermarket. Quarrygirl and her husband — and by the way, I know both their real names, where they live and who they work for — have excellent grammar skills; both are college educated. The husband is a total computer nerd, very articulate and smart too (his British hubris juts out well when he puts his thoughts down on paper). It’s a shame that Quarrygirl (a very ‘green’ 26 year-old) and her much senior husband have to interject profanity, very coarse language, and replete self- indulgeance into their blogs. Their “my way, or the highway” method of dealing with anybody’s slightest opinion not concurrent with theirs, is childish, tiresome, and downright silly. The hardest thing to swallow for me is that this blog has legions of “sheep” that sit when QG says ‘sit’, that roll over when QG says ‘roll over’, and that—like drones in a bee hive—march to the beat of anything QG writes about. How far up her bum are y’er heads people!?!?

  • Hugo, you are still suchba fucking creep! Keep trolling around the vegan web, people just laugh at you. And, we QG army known where you live too.

  • Su is absolutely right when she says,

    “Wow, I think the Kathy/Tal/Gardein community got hold of this post.

    On the merits, QG wins. Ronnen is not a good chef and Freston does a piss poor job of communicating the ethical message. Martha Stewart fed her honey and she didn’t bat an eyelash.

    Commenting on any other tangents is useless. Take it to the forums. For example, some of the comments here believe there is some corrupt opposition or jealousy between a local vegan food blog, and bestselling authors/food companies. Reaching much? You really think this is a competitive issue? Get a life”

    I was on an email thread urging me to come comment on this post to support Tal and Kathy. I just think it’s funny that those kind of emails are going around.

  • This is TOTALLY HUGO from Mary’s Secret Garden trolling around. He writes just like his happycow posts and is mimicking the way Quarrygirl wrote that nasty (but really true) post about his wife’s restaurant.

    AND, I think he’s probably the only person that Quarrygirl has pissed off so much he’d do this.

    Definitely some creepy, stalker behavior here. I hope Quarrygirl takes this on and publishes some proof.

  • WOW you are a weirdo, Mr/Ms VeganGaGa. AND, what you say is purely a gripe because you have an ax to grind. It’s also not true – when Quarrygirl writes a post that’s controversial she never goes into the comments and argues, only ever does she jump in and point out facts (like if people accuse her of being paid).

  • looks like kathy freston is aware of eating healthfully and cheaply, as she discusses the cost and health benefits of processed foods:


  • Have you watched Penn and Teller’s Bullshit episode on PETA? You should definitely watch it.

  • Jenn,

    Why, in your estimation, is Tal Ronnen undeserving? Please state some concrete examples.

  • How do you mean that the Tal, Kathy and Gardein people “got a hold” of this post? Why are YOU so aggressively defending the hateful criticism expressed on this particular thread? What have Tal or Kathy done to you to make you so angry at them? And launching such personal attacks? And wondering how many you have converted with your intolerant words and attitude? How are you SUCCESSFULLY getting the vegan message out there? Who are you?!

  • some of you vegans operate on a low vibrational frequency due to all of the hexane and GMO soy your eating and sometimes you forget you are in the minority. The only way to get the attention of an uncouscious meat clogged/1 second attention span society is with this type of entertainment. Most of society want a quick fix and therefor you cannot lecture them. That turns them off and alinates them. The only way to get them to change is to inspire them. I have personally inspired several hardcore meat eaters to go vegan and only because i inspired them from the health angle. NOT DICTATING or PREACHING to them about animal rights. Where thought goes, energy flows.

    By the way, i am a vegan for both ethical and health reasons. I do not know who this lady is or the chef because i have modified my diet to mostly raw vegan food, however i do eat out with my vegan friends at alot of Resturants QG bloggs about to which i am grateful for.

  • I think that it is a good start to expose people to veganism and make it approachable for the mainstream.

  • hey guys, i just saw this comment thread. i dunno anything about the identity of this weird gaga troll person. i am quite flattered though, that they think i have excellent grammar skills! and yep, it’s true, i’m 26 and married to a brit!

  • tal is a joke! i bought his cookbook and was sorely disappointed.

  • I agree with these criticisms. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Kathy Freston. She is totes crazy with spiritual mumbo jumbo and only got into veganism because its fashionable.

  • Every problem has COUNTLESS solutions.

    Just because a person doesn’t agree with some of them, doesn’t mean they are useless or invalid.

    If you don’t agree with this particular approach, then get out there and create your own.

  • cyberstalking is so 2009. get over it, hugo. youre not fooling anyone.

  • I 100% agree with Quarrygirl.

    Anyone going vegan is a plus, but I will be shocked if this family last a week as vegans. They start the segment talking about how much they love meat – not a good sign. The first time I went vegan I substituted everything and felt sick. I went back to dairy after 3 weeks. When I tried again I ate real food – whole grains, beans, legumes and veggies, I felt great and have been vegan ever since. I still eat vegan junk food now and then, but I make it an occasional treat instead of everyday fare. They aren’t going to get healthy if all they eat is processed crap. And where was the discussion on eating a well rounded diet in order to get proper nutrition? I’m especially worried for the kids, because I notice Kathy didn’t even bother to mention using nutritional yeast or taking B12. You know the instant those kids become malnourished from eating nothing but fried gardein, it will be all over the news that vegan diets are dangerous – even though they aren’t! I really they had hired Isa Chandra Moskowitz or Alicia Silverstonehad helped this family instead.

    I get that they are making the change for health reasons, but would it have killed Kathy to mention that being vegan helps reduce your carbon footprint, even if she wasn’t willing to mention helping animals? Throwing some sort of ethics in there, even in passing, would have been nice. I have mixed feelings about PETA, but I do respect them for sticking to the message and getting shit done.

  • YankeesVeganNYC, please don’t attribute Quarrygirl’s commentary to alleged leftist politics, when simple narcissism will do. This blog and some of the ensuing hateful/ignorant comments may be the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in my years as a vegan. But maybe some of these people just want veganism to remain a fringe culture so that they can continue to congratulate themselves on their purity and supreme morality. But how do the animals benefit from that? Ask yourself: would you rather that people started with replacing 50% of their meals with Gardein, or continue eating as they do? Or give up everything except honey? If your answer is do nothing rather than do something, then you’re the one betraying the animals… As for the health aspects of this discussion thread… Is Quarrygirl, the eager promoter of Doomies and beer, really concerned with the health aspects of Gardein? As I said before, I think the real motives behind this post lay elsewhere.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Cool post.

  • Look, I totally understand all of these critical comments about Kathy Freston but don’t you think being vegan has to be gently introduced to mainstream America? Nothing is a bigger turn off than someone preaching about being vegan no matter what the reason. I wish the whole world was vegan for many reasons but you have to start somewhere and for many people watching Ellen is their first introduction to it. Most people have to ease into a vegan lifestyle. If Ellen’s segment even gets a fraction of her audience thinking about what they eat then I think it is a step in the right direction.

  • If people are going vegan or choosing to eat less animal products, who gives a fuck WHY they are doing it??

    Sometimes us vegans need to take a step back, pull that self-righteous stick out of our asses, and question if our vegan lifestyle is truly about the animals still or if its about stroking our own fucking egos.

    I was a vegan prick the first few months I went vegan, judging others, preaching, thinking I was just so much more enlightened then non-veggies and those “not vegan enough” until I realized it was out of defense, anger (at the way animals are exploited by humans), and a feeling of self-righteousness I didn’t want to admit to. Instead of turning people on to veganism I was turning people off to it! Wtf is the good in that?

    I relaxed a bit and ended up introducing veg to my 3 siblings (all still veg even my little bro) and best friend.

    Anyway the moral of this fucking story is sometimes it’s good to not be a fucking prick, to question in the end what’s good for the animals, and to realize not everyone goes veg the same way or for the same reasons, and also realize you’re not all that and a bag of Tings so get over your fucking selves.

  • You fail to realize that MOST people know about the bad conditions of slaughter houses ect and don’t care one bit. Not one bit. At least Tal Ronnen has gotten some new people to give veganism a shot, I believe he’s helped more than your worthless rant on purity. All the “disturbing” PETA facts turn people off to veganism and while the efforts of the ALF are admirable, they just make more enemies than converts. You act like most people in this country are radical, or WANT alternative lifestyles, well most of them dont. Attempting to “normalize” veganism won’t hurt the cause, petty shit talking about individuals reasons (which is the first place we all go vegan) is the problem.

  • Kathy Freston got into Vegism just because it is fashionable??? As if you know her right from her childhood. How do some people judge others just like that?

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