• hot love: frank’s red hot buffalo wing sauce

    March 30th, 2011quarrygirlhot sauce!, products

    you probably already know that i’m obsessed with hot sauce. no seriously, i suffer from capsicum addiction. i put it on everything. EVERYTHING! so i figured, why not start sharing my favorite sauces with you guys?

    …starting with one that most people assume isn’t vegan: frank’s red hot buffalo wing sauce.

    if you aren’t already familiar with frank’s red hot brand, you need to get acquainted. their cayenne pepper based sauces are so well balanced—loads of flavor with a user-friendly amount of heat. it’s not a kind of spiciness that will blow your mind, but it’s guaranteed to make all your food taste better. i use frank’s original flavor daily, but maybe i’ll get to that in a future post. today we’re here to talk about the red hot buffalo wing sauce.

    like most vegans, for ages i assumed this sauce was off limits due to the inclusion of ambiguous “natural butter type flavoring” in the ingredients list. i was shocked when fellow my pal and fellow vegan blogger aj from queer vegan runner pointed me to this post saying the buffalo wing sauce was animal free. score!***

    i immediately bought 42 bottles, and i’m officially hooked. it’s amazing! the crazy thing is, it really DOES taste buttery. the heat is pretty mild and there’s this rich creamy aftertaste that i’ve never experienced before with a hot sauce.

    frank’s red hot buffalo wing sauce comes in a small bottle and unlike the original flavor, the pour opening is large (you know, some hot sauces have portion control built in)…so i go through this stuff insanely fast. i’m thinking this is perhaps meant to be an add in for recipes, and not a stand alone hot sauce. but i promise, it’s great on everything! i put it on potatoes, breakfast scrambles, beans and rice…you name it. i’m sure it would be killer on some gardein wings. the key with this stuff is, IT TASTES BUTTERY. hot and buttery. i love it so much.

    vegans rejoice that the natural butter flavoring is indeed plant based! go enjoy this marvelous hot sauce!

    ***yeah, dude, don’t worry! i double checked and emailed frank’s red hot for veganocity confirmation. here’s written proof.

    click to enlarge

    PS: there’s no sugar in this sauce. so chill out!


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  • yayayayay! i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE frank’s! my fave!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I’ll try this for sure. I’m from Texas and all about the spicy!

  • fuck yes i love this fucking sauce YES

  • Aw thanks for the shout out.

    I have discovered the magic that is Frank’s Buffalo + Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing. Throw some Gardein on a salad and you’ve got yourself a regular O in the Mouth.

  • HELL YES! i mix the goddess dressing with sriracha all the time! it’s my favorite dressing for everything, including dipping sweet potato fries. I’ll have to try it with frank’s.

  • I use to make my own with Frank’s + Earth Balance, but the price of Earth Balance doubled at my grocery store, so it might be cheaper to get this version instead. Try it on popcorn.
    (This stuff really is not as good as making your own using Frank’s original)

  • I too love this stuff and go though it like water. Dipping my veggie nuggets in it keeps me satisfied with my “wings” craving.

  • where do you get this wonderful Franks?
    online or do any stores in l.a. have it?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Not a fan of spicy stuff but will let my friends who are know about this.
    Nice post title “hot love” LOL 😀

  • Von’s has it (at least in OC). I almost bought it recently but assumed it wasn’t vegan!

  • EVERYTHING? i had hot sauce on my apple sauce for breakfast this morning. i fell asleep in bed with my laptop last night looking at Dan’s Prime website. i want to marry Widow maker. Can’t wait to try Frank’s Red Hot offerings!

  • I need to ween myself off Sriracha…..I go through a bottle a week. Seriously.

    Might have to give this a try.

  • I grew up in Buffalo and we put original franks on EVERYTHING. It’s the original “wing sauce.” You can make killer “wings” (With tofu, gardein, whatever) with original franks and melted earth balance to taste. But frank’s wing sauce is pretty easy!

  • Ok….so I picked up a bottle last night.

    While I have never disagreed with anything you have reviewed. Let’s just say, I am glad you like it.

  • Franks Red Hot is owned and distributed by Reckitt Benckiser who also owns such major brands as Lysol, Durex, Woolite, Finish, Mucinex, and Clearasil to name a few. This mega corporation tests their products on animals and produces products that are in now way sustainable. They have also recently completed an acquisition of Paras pharmaceuticals in India. I am not sure why QG would advocate the consumption of this products given the economic implications in supporting Reckitt Benckiser and their practices.

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