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    another day, another vegan restaurant opens in LA. that’s what it feels like sometimes, doesn’t it? we are spoiled for choice here in los angeles, and now we can add sage vegan bistro in echo park to our long list of local animal-free eateries.

    the newly opened cafe occupies the former mooi space (so sad they closed down!) on sunset, and serves a wide variety of vegan cuisine with a creative twist–stuff like samosa burgers, french grain bowls, plantain sandwiches, seitan salads, and jackfruit tacos. i checked out sage this weekend for brunch with fellow quarrygirl staffer brittany, and our meal was ace!

    the brunch menu is served on saturdays and sundays from 9am to 5pm, and it’s loaded with crazy-sounding menu items. in fact, we had a really hard time deciding what to order. after seriously considering the frittata, potato lattkes, and walnut sausage croissant (i need to go back and try that last one), i decided on the jackfruit chorizo burrito…

    jackfruit chorizon burrito: smoked spicy jackfruit, roasted potato, tofu egg, gazpacho and avocado wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla served with a side of rice and beans and adobo chili sauce. $8.25

    this thing was a monster and puts most vegan burritos i’ve eaten in my life to shame. it was giant and shoved full of all kinds of tasty ingredients. the menu description doesn’t do it justice—there was jackfruit, scrambled tofu, roasted potatoes, white sauce, black beans, salsa, guacamole, and fresh jalapenos all rolled up together. it came with a side of rice and beans, as well as some extra spicy hot sauce. i gotta admit, this thing was so full of food that i had to eat it with a knife and fork. it looks all neat and innocent in the photo, but believe me, i made a mess of it. this thing had everything i look for in a burrito—it was enormous, the ingredients were fresh, and there was a lot of variety. from the crisp vegetables, to the creamy sauces, to sausagy jackfruit and the chunky nutritional yeasty tofu, this burrito had me covered. i would definitely order it again.

    brittany’s meal was quite impressive as well…

    smoked macaroni and cheese topped with sesame breadcrumbs. served with biscuit and gravy, walnut sausage and rosemary potatoes. $8.95

    she got the smoked macaroni and cheese topped with sesame bread crumbs, which came with a biscuit and gravy with walnut sausage PLUS a choice of rosemary potatoes or fruit. brittany went with potatoes because, duh, carbs > fruit. everything on her plate was awesome (i know, because i stole bites of each thing). the bread crumbs gave the creamy mac and cheese a perfect amount of crunch, and it was all mixed up with spices and onions. the biscuit was soft with a slightly sweet flavor, and was absolutely drenched in silky brown gravy then topped with walnut sausage chunks. divine!

    sage shares their location with kindkreme, so there’s also a huge menu of dairy-free ice cream and shakes to order from. after demolishing our brunch, we were way too stuffed to even think about dessert…but we will definitely save room for it next time.

    i’m looking forward to returning to sage, because there’s just so much stuff on the menu that i try. it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it.

    sage vegan bistro
    1700 w sunset blvd
    los angeles ca 90026
    monday through friday 11am – 10pm
    saturday and sunday 9am – 5pm

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  • Whaaat? Mac and cheese with a biscuit and gravy? That’s a heavy duty brunch.

    I like that brunch is until 5pm for the East side slacker crowd.

  • Also, I saw they have a croissant at the bottom of the brunch menu. I think a ranking of best vegan croissants in LA is in order. Their menus have some amazing sounding food.

  • I was totally impressed by the menu there. Someone totally did their homework! I will definitely go back next time I’m in LA (and you better join me!).

  • Oh good god, another place for me to stuff myself! SCORE.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Must go to this place and order the vegan macaroni and cheese, that looks so good.

  • smoked macaroni and cheese topped with sesame breadcrumbs. served with biscuit and gravy, walnut sausage and rosemary potatoes…THAT SOUNDS FREAKEN AWESOME!

  • Looks damn good and is a superb addition to the scene!

  • damn, this place looks awesome!!!

  • Sage is walking distance from my apartment, which means I’ve been going there to work and have a scoop of ice cream (and sometimes get tempted into staying for dinner) at least twice a week. It’s dangerous, man. You have to try the falafel bowl as well!

  • I wish there were places like this in London. This food is so cheap as well! Roughly £5 a meal. I’ve never eaten a dish that cheap here.

    Food looks great! Bookmarked to visit on our next trip to LA!

  • They should really work on display, none of that looked even remotely appetizing from its appearance. The only thing that looks edible is the red skin potato side.

  • I am really looking forward to exploring this menu. If the food is anywhere as good as it sounds I will be eating there a lot. I must point out some concerns I have about the statement that it is “vegan organic”. This implies that it is all vegan organic. Without a doubt it is not all organic and the statement on all the menus makes me uneasy. I have many years in the restaurant business and I know that all the ingredients are not organic. They could not be even if the commitment were to do so. I urge all restaurants to be honest and direct about their intentions to do their best to reach their intend goals but not to claim they are doing what they can not. Credibility and honesty is as important to creativity. That said I send Sage Vegan Bistro my best wishes for a long a successful run.

  • I went for dinner last night. The almond ricotta ravioli was delicious. I could have easily eaten four bowls of it. I used to have a small ricotta addiction back in the day and I haven’t had anything that came this close to it til now! The pizza was interesting, definitely not a traditional pizza. I liked it, but I was there with someone in the mood for pizza pizza and it didn’t quite hit the mark. The waffle sandwich for dessert was perfection.

  • I am so excited – going to this place tomorrow for a little brunch: i’ve been looking forward to it ever since the post!

  • I went there this past week and had a cucumber salad and their lunch jackfruit tacos. They were good but both REALLY spicy. I have no idea why you’d make a Japanese cucumber salad spicy.

    That being said, their brunch sounds epic so I will be checking it out.

  • Went to Sage for dinner. The black bean and plantain sandwich was really good but messy. Beans kept falling out lol Was worth it though. My husband took a bite and loved it too. Chose kale crisps for my side which were light and crisp and not at all greasy.
    (kale side also comes with fresh potato chips but I gave them to my hubby since I gave them up for lent). He said the chips were good but a little too greasy. He ordered the seitan picatta with rice. I took a bite of it and thought the seitan was perfectly crisp and I thought the sauce was really flavorful. He thought it was too salty and oily. lol He also got the mac and cheese and potato salad that we both didn’t care for. Would go back again to try some of their other amazing sounding dishes and I’ve been wanting to try the Kindcreme/Babycakes icecream sandwich :p

  • I went today for brunch! I had the burrito as well it was fantastic! my only qualm is that I had to wait 30 minutes to even be serviced because they decided not to really open until 9:30 because they never had customers that early..odd.. BUT the food was good enough to overlook that!!

  • We went here twice this week…once for dinner and once for brunch. Overall, we love it…great food, great selection and reasonable prices. Love that they bring water in a large bottle and atmosphere is great. Just a few things that would help it become even better: 1. Quicker delivery time from the kitchen…took about 30 minutes from order to table. 2. I think they put lemon juice on the rosemary potatoes…makes them taste sour. 3. Spinach avocado & walnut sausage florentine was just a bit too salty and temperature was not as hot as I would have hoped…otherwise it was great and portion size was perfect. 4. The burger in “The Classic” was more of a pate than patty…it was good, but not firm at all. The Jack Daniels Barbecue Jackfruit; however, was outstanding…I brought 1/2 of it home and it was gone before bed time. We’ll be back for sure.

  • I’ve been to sage many times for dinner now, but today was my first brunch. After looking at the photo of the biscuit and gravy above, I was very much looking forward to it. I already tried the mac and cheese from the lunch menu and I liked it. The brunch version is different though and I was really surprised when I didn’t like the flavor of the smoked mac and cheese. I couldn’t eat the biscuit and gravy either since it was quite bitter with an unpleasant aftertaste. The potatoes and fruit were ok though. I will go back however, but I won’t be choosing that dish again 🙁

  • just an update: apparently not all menu item for brunch actually come with fruit or potatoes even though the menu says so at the top ex. mac and cheese… but you wont know that until the wait staff brings out your food with no side item or missing an actual item from the original plate. Then they will tell you its a miss print but arent willing to give you what you ordered.

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