• New Location: Veggie Grill® Opens Monday in Rolling Hills!

    March 18th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    Great news! Veggie Grill®, one of our favorite fast-casual dining restaurants, is opening in Torrance on Monday at Rolling Hills Plaza (right by the AMC Movie Theater) just a stone’s throw from PCH, easily accessible from Palos Verdes, San Pedro and even Long Beach. To call Veggie Grill® “The Perfect Indulgence” is an understatement – with a signature blend of hearty veggie proteins and savory marinades, all their food is indulgently satisfying.

    Taste and Believe!

    Image courtesy of The Veggie Grill Facebook page

    More goodness details on Veggie Grill® after the jump…

    Veggie Grill® is a new successful restaurant company serving menu items such as Chillin’-Chickin’ (a.k.a. Veggie-Chickin’), Veggie-Steak and Too Good Tempeh. All of their restaurants serve beer and wine, so you can drink it up while eating delicious and wholesome food packed with good calories completely free of cholesterol, animal fat, trans fat, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives. In fact, their food fills you with goodness!

    The Perfect Indulgence: All Veggie Grill desserts are free of dairy, cholesterol and refined sugar.

    Image courtesy of The Veggie Grill Facebook page

    Remember, whether you want to relax at their place, or grab-and-go, The Veggie Grill® keeps pace with your life! I love the fact that they feature Kale on many menu items, as this leafy green vegetable provides more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food around. It is an excellent source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, and also a source of calcium.

    Also, they strive to be empathetic to all guests’ dietary considerations with gluten-free, soy-free and other options including items without Soy and Wheat, items with (sic) Seeds & Nuts, and items without Black Pepper, so there’s something for everybody.

    Do check out the new restaurant, and remember that they have a daily soup schedule with different soups being served on different days (my favorite is the Chickin’ Noodle, served on Fridays).

    Veggie Grill
    (Taste and Believe!)
    Rolling Hills Plaza – Opening March 21st
    2533 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, CA 90505
    Phone 310.325.6689 | hours 11am to 10pm

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  • I SO agree with you about the wonderfulness of kale, and about Veggie Grill’s desire to accommodate their guests’ dietary considerations! So glad to see this great restaurant chain expanding (and oh my goodness, did the South Bay NEED more vegetarian restaurants or WHAT?! Hahaha!)!

  • LOL! I love the way you wrote the post using all their corporate speak. Cracked me the fuck up.

  • Ha ha! This was really funny.

  • I’m so excited this is opening in Torrance,it’s about time!

  • I just snorted my coffee. Brilliant write up QG!

  • Torrence! Why did Veggie Grill open a new location so far away? They need to come to Glendale. There is not one single vegetarian restaurant here and Glendalians love chains. VG would be the perfect fit.

  • Right?? I was so thrown off that it wasn’t all in lower case! 🙂


  • i feel like mr. meaner wrote this even though the author says quarrygirl.

  • I second the Glendale option!

  • Sounds like this was written by the Veggie Grill PR team. Quarry must be collecting a paycheck….

  • Sweet…right near my aunt’s house. I used to eat at House of Veg when visiting family…but they’re gone. 🙁 …this will work.

    Now – with all the Veggie Grills opening up all over…it’s time for one in the VALLEY!!!!! 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That dessert plate looks marvelous and splendid. Specially what looks to be the carrot cake in front with frosting. Nom Nom Nom.

  • My cousin and I used to meet for lunch at House of Vege twice a year; it was a good restaurant: inexpensive with delicious food. Kinda sad it’s gone, but thank goodness Veggie Grill is opening!

  • Perfect! I ride with a women’s motorcycle club out of long beach and the organizer has noticed my vegan license plate and asked me to find a vegan place for the group to ride to Palos Verdes is a beautiful ride. 🙂

  • Hahahaha. You obviously aren’t in on the joke.

  • Which Veggie Grill has the classy table cloths and napkins as pictured above? The ones in LA are shitty fast food places with brown paper napkins and plastic cutlery. (Wasteful!)

  • OK, I throughly researched this post and pretty much everything they say is a carbon copy of the veggie grill website. I wonder if QG is getting paid to post this? I don’t mind if she is, but she should say so if that’s the case.

  • Eat a dick.

  • Doesn’t she get paid indirectly? Free food for review purposes..

  • in return for this post, i have received NO MONEY and NO FREE FOOD. at all. FYI, dudes!


  • Thing is, I think QG likes making fun of stuff. This post is very tongue in cheek if you ask me.

  • Maybe I should pay Quarrygirl to write a good review of Sage Vegan Bistro, which I own.

  • I’ve also been researching your comments, Mr./Ms. WTF. What establishment do you represent, I wonder? Hmmm… Kind Kreme and Sage? QG: WE HAVE A TROLL HERE!

  • hahah! TOLD YAH

  • “own” LOL

  • yes please in the valley!

  • Maybe I should spend my time pretending to be a different username on a Friday night and “RESEARCHING COMMENTS.” Do you realize how pathetic that sounds? Hey, I have zero social life myself, but I don’t spend time researching comments.

    For the record, I don’t give a fuck about Sage – I haven’t even eaten there. I just like Kindkreme, and Scoops tastes like shit. I hate Veggie Grill also!

  • Did you have to pay for the Kool Aid you drank? 😉

  • I just wish Veggie Grill made deliveries, since we only go out to eat occasionally. (Green Leaves, Truly, and Bulan, we love you! :))

  • lulz at these comments!

  • WTF: I’ve heard bad things about your restaurant.

  • Tried to go there today for a FREE tasting, and they were already closed…Darn Veggie Grill!!!

    I guess now I have to wait to get my fix! Great post QG

  • Wow, what an intelligent comment. Moron. Go somewhere else.

  • Just want to state again how happy I am that Veggie Grill is a CHAIN, and one that is EXPANDING! This way, even if an area is currently without a Veggie Grill restaurant, there is a chance that they will eventually GET one! Hooray for GOOD chains like this one! (Gosh, it felt SO good to write this! :))

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