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    March 6th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), santa barbara

    we are self-proclaimed vegan pizza addicts, and our favorite place to get it at the moment is pizza guru in santa barbara. we love pizza guru so much, in fact, that in january we made the 90 mile drive up the coast just to eat dinner there and celebrate vegan pizza day. thankfully, we found a great table in the corner, made ourselves comfy, and spent a few hours leisurely dining.

    veganized garlic bread sticks

    considering it was a holiday and all, we decided to go all out. garlic bread, pizza, calzones, and of course, lots of alcohol. we stared with a huge plate of daiya covered bread (pictured above) and a pitcher of firestone union jack (pictured below). the bread was nothing short of phenomenal—moist, spongy, and packed with garlic flavor. just be sure to specify that you want it made vegan, because by default it comes with dairy cheese.

    firestone walker on draught never disappoints, and it was perfect for soaking up all the greasy bread. i love that this place does beer by the pitcher…it’s not something i get to enjoy with vegan pizza very often.

    next up, THE PIZZA:

    medium pizza with daiya cheese, basil, roasted red potatoes, mushroom blend, and vegan garlic cream sauce

    good god, this was the most fantastic pizza i’ve ever tasted.

    we built our own with vegan garlic cream sauce, vegan cheese, basil, roasted red potatoes, and the mushroom blend. lemme just say that potatoes on pizza is a brilliant concept. carbs covered in grease, then stacked with more carbs, and smothered in daiya cheese. such a guilty pleasure.

    we enjoyed a lovely bottle of summerland merlot with it, as well as a vegan calzone:

    vegan calzone with daiya cheese and soy pepperoni

    the calzones at pizza guru are so insanely delicious. we got this one stuffed with meaty soy pepperoni, garlic, and plenty of daiya. perfection!

    i am head over heels for pizza guru—there’s just nowhere in los angeles like it. if you haven’t been, trust me, the vegan garlic cream sauce alone is worth the two hour drive to santa barbara. if i leave now, i can make it there by lunch time. hmm…

    pizza guru
    3534 State St
    Santa Barbara, CA 93105
    (805) 563-3250

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  • Hmm. I may have to check this place out. I’ve hit up a lot of vegan pizza places in Southern California and to this day I still feel that cheezy pizza out in Colton has the best vegan pizza in all of So Cal. Though it will be awhile before I trek out to Santa Barbara, I’m not a fan of 3 hour drives but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet for good pizza!

  • pizza guru is good if you can get past the awful awful restaurant vibe and terrible customer service. the last time we were there, every table was dirty and our table (the only empty table that wasn’t covered in filth) had some weird fly infestation going on. it pains me to say that because the food is excellent, and we love their support of local farmers. and there’s not a ton a vegan food in SB, so we want to support this place…but so many of us locals want to like PG, but have had terrible experiences. including a friend who ordered a vegan pizza that came with cheese… the girl behind the counter said “sorry” and told him he could buy another pizza if he wanted to. yeah. maybe QG’s picture is hung up somewhere behind the counter? because your experiences seem to be better than most. i even wrote an email to the owner to let her know of our experience, and never got a response. thumbs down to pizza guru. sorry. maybe a good option for delivery instead of a restaurant destination?

  • Poor ol’ Santa Barbara! Just looked it up on Happy Cow and found a total of ONE vegetarian restaurant listed! ONE!!!!!!! Maybe I should just start calling it ‘Santa Barbry’! Hahahahaha!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    The breadsticks look good.

  • Yep, considering how organic this city can be, we have shitty veg*n options. BUT… there is a new restaurant opening up that is 100% vegan! It’ll be a few months, but I’m just happy that eventually I’ll be able to eat food from a restaurant that doesn’t also serve meat/cheese.

  • I agree with Melissa! I live in SB, and last time I went there they gave us a soy cheese pizza, that looked oddly melted. We asked the girl working what cheese they use, and she said she “didn’t know” but would show us the packaging. We asked why they weren’t using Follow Your Heart (which is what they used before they finally got Daiya) and she said they never used Follow Your Heart which was a complete lie. Not only that, but the cheese they were using had casein in it! The girl was incredibly rude, and unapologetic when confronted. This was last year, and I haven’t gone since. I MIGHT give them another try, but for now, I’ll stick to homemade 🙂

  • hmmm, that’s very odd. i’ve been to pizza guru several times, and they’ve always used daiya. i’ve never seen a soy cheese option.

  • I’ve only been once and it was last year. Planning on going again in the next few months. Our experience was great. The place was clean, the woman who took our order was really, really nice and was very supportive of us being vegan and gave us several suggestions. It was also the best damn pizza I’ve ever had. The vegan garlic cream sauce is worth the 2 hour drive alone.

    I wish they delivered to LA!!

  • can’t wait for a vegan restaurant in this town. if i didn’t already have my hands full at co-op i would have taken the plunge years ago. how we have the most beautiful organic produce almost in the whole country and no raw or vegan restaurant here is a sin. good news, that is, about a restaurant. hopefully local farmers are supported abundantly! luckily our lack of vegan restaurants has allowed for excellent forays into home cooking 🙂
    any QG readers want to take it up a notch, how about we start throwing epic vegan potlucks for ourselves? we don’t need a freaking restaurant to know how good we have it up here ingredients-wise… let’s take it to our own tables. find me at the isla vista food co-op.

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