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    February 26th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, pitfire pizza

    since pitfire pizza started carrying daiya cheese about a month ago, it has become one of our favorite places to dine. with their amazingly crispy brick oven baked pies, nice selection of craft beer on tap, fresh healthy salads, and four locations in los angeles, there’s certainly a lot to love about pitfire.

    be an artist pizza with daiya cheese, mushrooms, onion. $11.95

    recently, i’ve been hitting up the north hollywood restaurant pretty regularly with my omnivore parents and they both agree that this is the best vegan pizza they’ve ever eaten…

    we always go with the “be an artist” option, where you get to choose your own toppings and sub vegan for normal cheese. my folks usually order one pizza each with mushrooms, onions, and daiya. one bite of pitfire, and they were fans for life. they love thin crust pizza in general, and are convinced this is the best in town. they also dig daiya quite a bit, and pitfire really knows how to work with it. some places screw up the vegan cheese by overusing it to the point of gross gooeyness. not pitfire, in just a short amount of time, they have mastered the daiya art.

    be an artist pizza with no cheese, arugula, mushrooms. $9.95

    i usually switch my meal up between a pizza and a salad, and lately i’ve been trying all sorts of things. i love daiya on pizza, but pitfire’s pies are awesome with no cheese as well. pictured above is a “be an artist” sans cheese, topped with fresh arugula, sauce and mushrooms. it’s kinda like a salad on a pizza, and oh so tasty.

    chopped salad modified: crunchy lettuce, garbanzo, cannellini, red onion, cherry tomato, pepperoncini. $8.75

    in our last post, we suggested ordering the pitfire chicken salad with avocado instead of chicken. i’m happy to report that with a few modifications, the chopped salad can be made vegan and is delicious as well. first up, it comes with cheese…so leave that off. secondly, it comes with a non-vegan dressing…so either request it with no dressing, or ask for the vinaigrette instead. i’m a fan of getting no dressing, and then covering my salad in vinegar and hot sauce from the condiment bar. yes, i am a total freak. the chopped salad is an excellent option because it comes with so many beans and vegetables, it really is a complete hearty meal. it’s also normally served with roasted corn and olives, but i left those off as well.

    inside, the north hollywood pitfire is clean, comfy, and spacious. we usually go at around 11:30am to avoid the lunch rush, because it can get pretty packed during the week. they also have a lovely sunny patio to sit at when the weather is nice (which it always is in LA).

    so what do you say? have you been to pitfire yet? they definitely serve some of the best vegan pizza in los angeles. i can’t get enough of that thin, crispy crust!

    check out pitfire’s website for locations.

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks quite appetizing 🙂

  • I sent this post to my omni friend who loves Pit Fire! We will be going together this week! So excited to try the salad on a pizza!

  • That looks awesome! And I have one within walking distance, hooray!

    I really miss the quarrums, QG. I was excited to tell everyone that I spotted the onion rings at the TJ’s on Vine today! They’re back!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I miss the forum too!!
    So many questions I’d still like to post. It was so great to have a place full of cool/smart vegan people where we could ask advice with respect to specific vegan-related issues in Los Angeles. Let us know if the forum ever comes back up. This week with all this cold weather, I wanted to ask where to get the best vegan noodle soups around town. Hehe.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I hope it’s not annoying to be expressing this here under a vegan pizza blog post! Maybe I should have emailed this thought or messaged on Facebook or something. QG, feel free to delete or remove these off-topic posts of mine! 😀

  • Not to discount their pizza but with my frozen pre-made Whole Foods dough(it’s good dough actually) and pizza stone I make a seriously killer vegan pizza…and I don’t burn the crust. With all the toppings…probably $6. No need to go out for pizza..unless you want to of course.

  • +1 on that. Thanks for posting!

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