• vegan doritos are here!

    February 2nd, 2011quarrygirlother, products, vegan stuff

    …well, sort of.

    they aren’t the official doritos brand, but the new salsa picante tias by kettle brand taste almost exactly like the old school cheesy doritos that are now off limits…

    i know what many of you are thinking: there’s already a vegan doritos brand flavor, the spicy sweet chili! yes, that’s true…but get it out of your head because salsa picante tias are WAY BETTER. they somehow capture the cheesy essence of original doritos with none of the animal products. i don’t know how they do it.

    these new tias chips are available everywhere: ralphs, whole foods, you name it. they come in loads of different flavors, but not all of them are vegan, so be sure to stick to the salsa picante. seriously, stock up on these for your superbowl party. you will thank me later.

    huge thanks to greg c. for emailing me and letting me know about these babies!

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  • Muy caliente! I will get some and dip them in Guac.


    Glad to see that they’re adding to the selection, though.

  • i swear, these are even better!

  • Awesome!!!

  • WHY!!! Fit into my outfit for Saturday or vegan Doritos? Who am I kidding, Doritos.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Can’t wait to try these out!!!

  • Those look great. Ill have to try them. I dont like the spicy sweet chili ones anyway!

  • Ooh, those sound yummy!

    I was a big fan of the flavored rice crisps, but those are so hard to find now. I’ll have to check these out!

  • Heh, I’m not vegan but I tried them the first instance I saw them but I’ve gotta say I disagree about them tasting better than Doritos. They were good though.

  • I still like the spicy sweet chili Doritos way better. They’re cheaper & more old-school fatty than the Tias, which I found to be dry 🙁

  • Please please tell me they are gluten free? or I’ll cry!

    I want to try them in June when I’m in the US.

  • I am obsessed with these! They were on sale forever and I simply could not stop eating them. I used to love Doritos. I’m happy to see you share my enthusiasm! Yum!

  • yepper, i got hooked on them bitches for about a week, about a week ago. “Anne-mae–now, i dun told you that i have gave up dem narcotics”….. them things taste better than doritos! that’s that CRACK!

  • According to Kettle’s website (FAQs section), yes, they are gluten-free!

  • I tried these yesterday and couldn’t believe it! I haven’t had nacho cheese doritos for like 20 years, but these Tia chips taste almost exactly like doritos!!!

  • The reason i like the Tia’s better is because they don’t have the MSG and other crap that’s in the Sweet Spicy Doritos. I don’t feel all gross and weird after I eat them.

  • I discovered these last fall. Very tasty indeed. It seems that some batches have more seasoning powder on them than others. Kind of old news though.

  • Congratulations on finding out about the Doritos first! Way to go. You sure put this helpful vegan blog in its place. Asshole.

  • I just tried these, and I’m sorry, they are okay, but there is nothing cheesy about them.

  • I purchased 2 bags (2 for $6) at Ralphs today. Just tried them and they are delicious! Thanks for letting us know about these wonderful chips, QG!

  • These are awesome. I can’t stop eating them, which is wonderful and horrible at the same time. Thanks!

  • I don’t want to make anyone upset without cause… but I do have a serious question to ask: the spicy sweet chili Doritos… are you sure they’re actually out-n-out vegan?

    I ask because there are two suspect ingredients, disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate… that may or may not be derived from fish (both may be derived from non-animal sources). Note that Frito Lay’s website does not claim that the chips are fish-free, only pork-free and lactose-free…

    Were I to be someone who took this issue quite seriously, I would want to know for sure that Frito Lay confirmed that there are no fish derived ingredients at all… should there be ironclad confirmation of the sources Frito Lay obtained these two additives from, I apologize in advance for causing any concern.

  • Ugh. Looks like the sugar used in these is bone-char refined. I know a lot of folks don’t give a poo about that kind of thing, but if you do…

    The guy from Kettle just told me (as I was researching whether our store can carry them) that the sugar is:
    “not going to be satisfactory to those practicing vegan lifestyle”

    damn. fart. poop.

  • Chad, I am glad you said that. Most of the time when I see blog and message board posts about Kettles new chips there is always a note on Kettles making a vegan Doritos. I saw the ingredients at the store, so I was about to email them about if their sugar is bone-char processed. I am glad I saw your comment first but sad they didn’t use vegan sugar. I wish some of the posts had noted that. Thank you.

  • BONE CHAR is NOT vegan people.

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