• rosamunde sausage grill in SF: the next best thing to tony’s!

    January 15th, 2011quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA), san francisco

    as much as i love to travel, sometimes when i’m out exploring vegan options in other cities, i get homesick for all the good eats we have here in los angeles.

    vegan tofu sausage with sauerkraut, grilled onions, and mustard. $6

    this is how i felt when i visited san francisco over the holidays. two days into my trip, the xmas spirit had me all weepy and wishing i was back at home, seated comfortably in tony’s darts away with a beer and a vegan sausage. thankfully, my twitter buddy @ks turned me on to the next best thing: rosamunde sausage grill.

    rosamunde specializes in, you guessed it, sausages! while they do carry lots of gross meaty things, they also take pride in their vegan options and offer animal-free links cooked on a separate section of the grill. although their vegan sausage flavors and toppings aren’t as extensive as the ones at tony’s, they totally do the trick. rosamunde has two locations in SF: one is a fast casual eatery on haight with counter service and sparse seating, while the other is a full blown bar with a bigger menu and craft beer on mission. we hit up the tiny haight location, but you can read about the other one on vegansaurus.

    as a vegan, there really isn’t a whole lot to order at the haight rosamunde, but what they do offer is excellent. when we were there, they had a choice of 2 tofurky sausages, and toppings including sauerkraut, onions, and peppers. we split an italian sausage with the two topping of onions and sauerkraut (i fucking HATE peppers!) and couldn’t have been more pleased. as far as the condiments went…again, there weren’t a ton of options, but some hot vegan mustard went down just fine.

    i know EXACTLY what you’re wondering, “how can you compare rosamunde to tony’s darts away, an epic beer bar, considering you went to the haight location which doesn’t serve alcohol?” aha! well my friends, we didn’t actually eat the dog at rosamunde. we took it next door to the legendary toronado and wolfed it down with a few pints of top notch ale. toronado is like a classic dive bar: dingy, full of regulars, bring your own food, and $2 beers…except instead of budweiser they serve quality shit from all over the world.

    so next time you are in san francisco and want a vegan sausage experience, i highly recommend you visit rosamunde grill. simple food, but super tasty. and for my los angeles friends who already love tony’s darts away, this place will totally remind you of home!

    rosamunde sausage grill
    545 Haight St.
    San Francisco, CA 94117
    11:30am -10pm every day


    2832 Mission St.
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    mon-fri 11:30am -11pm
    sat and sun 9am – 11pm

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  • yeah, i will be sitting in toronado at the bar eating a vegan dog in about 2 hours… LOL (and true)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That sounds great.

  • “Tofu sausage” probably puts really inaccurate images into a lot of heads.

  • Seriously, someone getting a ‘boner’ from finding out that an establishment has \one\ Vegan option on their menu is laughable. And then they get another ‘boner’ when they discover a bar next door?!?!? This quarrygirl blog is perfect for those who spend copious amount of time inside of bars (they can tell you about all of THEIR favorite bars). It is not however, a good blog to read/follow if you are trying to make a consertive effort to find decent \Vegan\ restaurants. Come on guys, smarten up!

  • What? I live in SF and I didn’t know Rosamunde had a vegan option. I just looked at the online menu for the Mission location and there are a couple items that look interesting. Thx for the tip.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, QG. It’s great to know of a place I can get some good vegan food while I’m drinkin’ it up at Toronado!

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