• daiya now available at select red brick pizza locations!

    January 13th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, red brick pizza

    holy shit guys, the vegan pizza revolution is underway! the other day i was getting ready for vegan pizza day and browsing their website for pizzerias that sell vegan pie. i coudn’t believe my eyes when i clicked on the valencia tab and saw that red brick pizza (the huge chain) is now offering daiya.

    please note: this is not a red brick pizza, it's a daiya publicity photo

    in disbelief, i picked up the phone and called the red brick pizza on copper hill in santa clarita. sure enough the dude on the phone confirmed that they had just started carrying daiya, and that both the standard crust and sauce were vegan. i hung up and called the pasadena location. they had daiya as well. i hung up and called the long beach location. they were out of daiya, but would be getting more soon.

    super stoked, but still needing some official confirmation, i emailed red brick hq to ask about the vegan cheese and got the following response:

    Each of our cafes are independently owned so unfortunately I can’t tell you
    if every store is carrying it. However, it is available to each of them to
    order. I would contact your local café to confirm if they are offering it.

    Stacey Rachel
    Administrative Director
    RedBrick Pizza Worldwide, Inc.

    thankfully for us here in los angeles, it looks like all the red bricks within driving distance are trying out the vegan cheese. if i were you, i’d call your local red brick to confirm, then head out for some vegan pizza pronto.

    i am seriously so excited to try this stuff…because red brick is where i used to have team soccer parties as a kid. the fact that they are offering vegan cheese now completely blows my mind. this is legit, totally “normal” pizza. and now we can eat it.

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  • I’m totally going to Red Brick Pasadena for dinner tonight! This is so exciting!!!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा


  • Chuck E. Cheese’s and Shakey’s should carry Daiya. And vegan cake. I’m sure it sucks being the vegan kid at another kid’s bday party at one of those places. That would be awesome. Games and prizes AND pizza and birthday cake! One day.

  • I’m so at the Pasadena location too!!! Yum yum!!!

  • Rad!!!! A little out of the way, but if I’m in any of these areas, I’m definitely gonna check it out!

    With all the pizza places jumping on the bandwagon, I’m really surprised CPK hasn’t carrying Daiya yet.

  • just got confirmation that the ventura red brick pizza has daiya as well!

  • OK, so I went and it was delicious! I had a small pizza with red onion, pineapple, and mushrooms (I know, sounds weird, but it’s what I like). I wasn’t the only one there ordering vegan (Yay!) and they said that they had a bunch of people asking for Daiya today (you go, Quarrygirl!). I shared the blog with them too. Thanks for the heads up Quarrygirl!

  • Wow – cool! When Daiya first came out I brought some with me to Red Brick to put on my cheeseless pizza and they refused because of health codes and thought I was crazy!

  • Wooo, I’m definitely checking out the Red Brick in Ventura. I haven’t had a good vegan pizza in a while besides the ones I make at home. I’m so happy to hear that more chain restaurants are jumping on the vegan bandwagon.

  • A heads up for vegans in orange county…

    I called the Irvine and Tustin locations today to see if they had vegan cheese. Irvine said they don’t have it yet, but are getting it shortly. Tustin had no idea what I was talking about (I had to spell the word V-E-G-A-N over the phone), but they said they didn’t have it.

    Hopefully Irvine gets it soon… Red Brick sounds good!

  • LOL about the Tustin location! Makes me think of Disneyland! Hahahaha!

  • Jack Bee Garland

    After talking to two people over the phone to confirm that they have Daiya available I decided to give them a try. For just about $12 i got a large 2 topping pizza. The crust was crunchy, the Daiya wasn’t over or under cooked, and there didn’t seem to be any cross contamination. Although I was a bit nervous because the staff kept referring to the Daiya as “non-dairy cheese” which doesn’t exactly mean vegan, the pizza was great and seems to be totally vegan (otherwise I would have gotten a dairy migraine).
    Thanks for sharing this Quarry Girl!!

  • Jack Bee Garland

    Oh yea, this was at the Long Beach location 🙂

  • just saw on tv that red brick now offers a gluten free pizza crust!! NOW they are a perfect pizza place.

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