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  • I want one right now!

  • Yes please.

    Sigh, now to go about the process of deciding which one I want for my birthday. QG, grab a fork (or a spoon…or a spork…what does one eat ice cream cake with? It’s been so long!).

  • wow. they even will veganize the Carvelogs? i need to dig into one of those

  • Friend #1 of 14 right here!

  • I’ll be one of your 14 friends.

  • I keep meaning to check this out and then I inevitably forget!

  • Oh, and unless you want your Hardcore Vegan license revoked, you could probably settle for half as many friends. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t gorge on twice as much of your first ice cream cake in HOW long?!

  • Wish I knew about this a couple weeks ago, when it was my birthday!

  • That is magical and amazing! I love that cookie layer. The Carvel near where I used to live in CT (pregan) would let me request what flavors I wanted each day.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Vegan ice-cream cakes?!!!!!! Marvelous, splendid, terrific, fantastic–there aren’t enough adjectives!!

  • i had one of these for my birthday last april. my boyfriend ordered one behind my back and then parked me somewhere on rodeo drive, left for 15 minutes and came back with a custom image topped round cake. it was incredibly delicious (and nice of him!). BUT, i had a serious emotional meltdown sitting in traffic on the 405, dying a little bit every moment as i watched my cake melt before my eyes. we made it home with the cake pretty much intact, but…if i were to ever order a cake from here myself, i would definitely prepare some sort of icy home for it to live in during the ride back to your place. also, be really clear about what you want when ordering and the time you want it ready because the cake was not finished when he went to pick it up. i had the cookies and cream flavor, by the way, and it really was sensational.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am very very serious about my vegan ice-cream obsession and I was thinking that I’d probably take a large ice-box type of thing with me to go pick up my cake if I were to order one. My birthday is coming up in June and I’m already planning to make all the proper arrangements for a vegan ice-cream cake birthday lunch. Woooooooooo.

  • Yeah, me too ….there’s too much to eat in this town! I can’t keep up!!!!

  • My brother and I just ordered one yesterday thanks to your recommendation. It was delicious and the owner was very accommodating! We chose a vanilla and mint chip combo which was a winner!

  • Just ordered a vanilla-strawberry cake. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow!!!!!

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