• doomie’s home cookin’ now open! we’ve got the menu!

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    the wait is over! doomie’s home cookin’ is officially open for business. right now their hours are tuesday through sunday from noon to 10pm, and at the moment they are cash only…so go prepared. we checked them out over their opening weekend, and as usual the food was insane. have a look at what we ordered, and scroll to the bottom of the post to see the full doomie’s menu.

    deciding what to eat was a challenge, because everything at doomie’s sounded so damn good. the appetizer selection was ridiculous…from jalapeno poppers, to buffalo legs, to chili cheese fries…i wanted it all! we practiced some restraint though, and decided to split just two main courses.

    the classic burger with homemade vegan cheese and fries. $7.95 (we added sauteed mushrooms)

    we started with the classic staple burger and fries, because frankly, nobody does it better than doomie’s. the patty was plump and juicy, the buns were grilled and slightly greasy, and the fries were hot and perfectly crisped. it was all fantastic. we also added a serving of sauteed mushrooms to the burger for good measure, which i would highly recommend.

    cream of broccoli soup

    next up, we split the “country fried steak” entree which comes with either the soup of the day or salad. doomie’s soups never disappoint, so even though it was 90 degrees outside, we went with the soup option. the flavor on saturday was cream of broccoli, and it was excellent. so rich and milky, it didn’t even taste vegan.

    country fried steak smothered in homemade country gravy. served with mashed potatoes, a dinner roll, and choice of soup or salad. $11.95

    the country fried steak plate is probably one of the craziest things i’ve eaten since going vegan. it comes with a lump of seitan the size of my head coated in delicious batter, deep fried, and drenched in thick white gravy. OMFG. of course we couldn’t even finish it (i mean, LOOK at that thing)…but boy, we sure had fun trying.

    like i said earlier, there is so much good stuff on the menu…i can’t wait to return to doomie’s and work my way though it. oh, and did i mention they have DEEP FRIED OREOS?!?! god help me.

    here’s the menu:

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    doomie’s home cookin’
    vegetarian and vegan restaurant
    1253 n. vine street #9
    hollywood, ca 90038
    (714) 883-7657
    open tuesday – sunday: noon – 10pm

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  • the jalepeno poppers rocked my world.

  • Great menu for those who have no sensitivity to gluten! But since I AM gluten-sensitive, I’ll stick with Green Leaves, Bulan, Truly, Sante La Brea, Veggie Grill (and Native Foods, whenever we decide to trek to one of their locations). All of these restaurants have delicious vegan AND gluten-free options. : )

  • The Western Burger (onion rings, bbq sauce, vegan bacon) and the fried chicken are incredible.

  • The pot roast and country fried steak were amazing! I will say I was super disappointed with the mashed potatoes. They actually tasted much like powdered potatoes so I recommend doing the red potatoes instead 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks great 🙂

  • The fried chicken is crazy – the breading is super greasy and KFC-esque, and they have freaking ‘dark meat’ drumsticks. It’s so close to the omni version that I couldn’t eat more than a few bites, because I was never very big on fried chicken, pregan.

    I had the chicken alfredo as well, and the sauce is pretty amazing. I really hate using the phrase “it doesn’t taste vegan”, but it doesn’t in that I couldn’t tell you what ingredients were in it by tasting it.

    But, uh… let’s have a second, here. Who serves mashed potatoes without the option of gravy? It’s like serving cereal without (vegan) milk. But then again I’ve been known to be fussy, and that’s not much of a complaint.

    I know there’s been a history of complaints about Doomie’s running out of food, or having the kitchen or waitstaff overworked, and I can’t say that I disagree. I really hope they get their shit together, because there really isn’t any other place like this for vegans – Doomie’s needs to survive.

  • Can’t wait to give it a try!!! Wish I could go there right now.

  • Went today for my first experience with Doomie’s and got the pulled pork sandwich and it was AMAZING!

    the pork was marinated in bbq sauce and somehow cooked so the edges of the meat were almost burned. you could just tell someone was cooking this for a while and making sure it was perfect.

    the sandwich came with a side of fries, which were hot and crispy. the mac and cheese that also came with the sandwich wasn’t so good. it was too buttery and didn’t have a lot of ‘cheese’ flavor, but the sauce did have a very good consistency. maybe i got a bad batch.

    this isn’t necessarily healthy food…but it’s delicious and it’s gonna be a regular stop for me.

  • went there tonight for dinner!! incredible!!!! got the fried chicken and omfg, it tasted exactly like real fried chicken… dunno if thats a good or bad thing but it was soooo delicious. only afterwards did i realize there hadn’t been any gravy, but i guess i didnt need it. i can’t wait to keep going back until i’ve tried everything on the menu!

  • The menu is pretty much all fake meat 🙁

  • Good. So awesome, so excited.

  • Looking forward to trying vegan fried calamari, french onion soup, clam chowder, pot roast stew, seafood combo, & deep fried oreo’s….

    It’s no Chicago Diner, but it’ll do! VERY intriguing.

  • i’m not even vegan i thought all of this stuff was really delicious. it lacked a lot of the sometimes-odd after taste that i associate with vegan food. the stuff was texturally delicious and the fake meat i tried in nachos, pot roast, and chicken fried steak was nothing short of impressive. this is health food even less than veggie grill is health food but for a treat it’s really unbeatable. i am rooting for them to do well (and also to add giant sides of vegetables to the really rich items haha).

    good luck to rosie and doomie and everyone who is helping out around there. we had no issues with service whatsoever. there was gravy on my mashed potatoes– our server offered it to me as an option. maybe that was just an option for my item. the food came out within a reasonable period of time, the space is cute.. no complaints at all.

  • Onion rings and onion soup? I can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Doomie's Home Cookin'

    Here is a list of gluten “free” items on our menu:

    French Onion Soup (no crouton)
    Chop Salad (no croutons)
    Shrimp Coctail Mexican and American style
    Buffalo Legs
    Gluten Free pasta from our pantry (allow at least 20 min)
    All pasta sauces except Alfredo.
    Cheese sauce.

    There are also other off-menu dishes that can be created from our gluten “free” ingredients. For example we could make a shrimp taco plate with a side of beans or Hotfries (fries sauteed in buffalo sauce, drizzled with Ranch).

    I put “free” in quotes because the kitchen uses flour everywhere. Depending on the severity of your condition, this may or may not be a problem. All efforts are always made to see that no gluten is used as an ingredient in a gluten free dish and that cooking surfaces are clean. However, if minute cross contamination is a problem, then its better to be safe than sorry.

    Thanks for askin,

  • Thanks, Doomie’s! I appreciate this thoughtful, thorough response, and my partner and I DO want to try Doomie’s now!

  • doomie’s is the best. food for everyone!

  • went in earlier today and had the buffalo legs and the southern fried chicken. the legs were too salty for my liking. i had pretty high expectations since everyone’s been raving about it. maybe it was just an off day.

  • I have a huge problem with Doomies. After reading this I’ve stopped by 5 or maybe 6 times and it’s alawys been CLOSED. I’m not coming at odd times either, once on a Wednesday, once a Monday, I went last Tuesday…never opened. So frustrating, I think I’m over it.

  • This is all vegetarian/vegan food?? Looks too much like the real thing!

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