• doomie’s to open THIS WEEKEND. menu sneak peek!

    December 9th, 2010quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    hey everyone, just a reminder that doomie’s home cookin’ is opening up in hollywood this weekend…and you are gonna need a reservation if you wanna get in. we checked them out last weekend during their test run/soft opening, and i can promise you the food is amazing.

    chili cheesebuger: smothered in homemade chili with real or vegan cheese. choice of side. $8.95

    of course we ordered way more than we could eat, starting with the chili cheeseburger and onion rings…

    the chili cheeseburger was unreal. a thick beefy patty buried underneath a mound of homemade chili and doomie’s own vegan cheese sauce. (there is also a real cheese option, so be sure to specify!) this was my first time ever tasting doomie’s chili, and i must say it was fantastic. the whole thing was super messy. i needed about 8 napkins and finally gave up and had to eat it with a knife and fork. everything was cooked so well from the patty, to the chili, to the perfectly grilled buns.

    the real star of the plate though was the onion rings. every burger comes with your choice of side: fries, onion rings, or fresh fruit. TRUST ME, order the onion rings. you will never look back. they are absolutely massive and covered in the most delicious batter.

    next up, we got one of the entrees: the pot roast.

    pot roast: tender beef and vegetables simmered in a hearty gravy. served with mashed potatoes and soup or salad. $11.95

    this is quite possibly my favorite thing i’ve ever eaten at doomie’s. thick chunks of soy steak all mixed up with soft potatoes and vegetables in a thick gravy. it’s served with mashed potatoes, and your choice of soup or salad. we went with soup, and since it was a soft opening, all doomie’s had on hand was vegan chicken noodle. it was excellent. creamy beyond believe with juicy little pieces of fake meat.

    vegan chicken noodle soup

    lastly, we got a salad to share…which was so massive that we ended up taking it home.

    chop salad with vegan cheese and asian dressing. $8.95

    only doomie could take an innocent chopped salad and turn it into something so humongous and intimidating. the croutons in it were awesome, they tasted homemade…and was all great covered in doomie’s vegan cheese sauce.

    seriously, guys. LOOK AT THAT FOOD. it’s epic. you need to hit up doomie’s and make a reservation for this weekend. the hours are 12pm -10pm. call and book now at 714-883-7657 or contact them on facebook.

    PS: here is a sneak peek at the menu. this is what they had when we were there (and it looks pretty similar to the one at their chinatown location), but they might still be tweaking it. enjoy!

    PPS: my friend alex was hanging out at doomie’s earlier this week, and said that doomie has developed a homemade STRETCHY VEGAN CHEESE. HOLY SHIT, i hope they add this to the menu! here is video that alex sent as proof:


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  • But, why do they still offer dairy cheese? That’s annoying.

  • Since Doomies is so vegan-savvy, I wonder….why do they even have real cheese? Might as well just go all the way, IMO.

  • Wait, they’re not a vegan restaurant? Real cheese? WTF?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    The vegan offerings look great!!

  • I don’t see any gluten-free entrees. : (

  • Vote #3 for DUMP THE DAIRY. Really, why invest so much into developing yummy vegan cheese and then sell dairy cheese? Is the market of vegetarians who won’t eat a meal without cheese really that big?

    I am so disappointed I may not go. AND I have been telling people it’s a vegan restaurant and was even thinking about having an event there in January. So now I am a liar.

  • he made that cheese in about 5 minutes. dude is a food wizard! don’t get me started on the burrito he made that day… !

  • This is really disappointing. I was under the impression that Doomie’s was going to be a vegan restaurant. I posted a note on their FB page. I suggest that others ask him to commit to being a vegan restaurant.


  • doomie’s pot roast is the stuff dreams are made of

  • PEOPLE! doomie’s has ALWAYS been vegetarian. not vegan. while of course, i wish EVERY restaurant was vegan…let’s not hate on doomie’s. we have bigger battles to fight.

  • Looking forward to trying that pot roast / beef stew thing. You don’t see that very often.

  • I’m thrilled to have another vegan-friendly restaurant and look forward to attending the opening. And I agree it seems odd to have two kinds of cheese, but I think we need to come from a place of gratitude for Doomie’s bringing so much to the vegan community than condemn one of his choices. Like QG said, there are bigger battles… This is why vegans get such a shitty rep.

  • Fuckn Christ you people are annoying! “wahh wahh it’s vegetarian AND vegan instead of all vegan!! Wahhhh!”
    are you guys really going to avoid the place cause they have a real cheese option? It’s no wonder I get negative reactions when I say I’m vegan, cause alot of you are annoying brats!
    Don’t go. More good food for me and others that appreciate another amazing vegan option in LA!

  • Criticizing a vegetarian restaurant for serving liquid meat is not “hating” them, QuarryGirl. That’s the sort of Republican approach to stomping on any sort of righteous criticism, like about the wars. People here who are complaining about cheese are people who know what cheese is and what cheese does and where it comes from and the torture the animals endure so Doomies and others can serve it up to people. Me, I’m done with vegetarian restaurants who prepare animal foods in the same kitchen as vegan food. I only want to support the restaurants that don’t support torturing animals. Okay, not everyone agrees. That’s fine. Their awareness/consciousness isn’t there yet. I get it. But don’t accuse of “hating” because we express our opinion about it.

  • @michael: I used the term “hate on” in the slang way, meaning “to criticize”. no need to get all dramatic and accuse me of having a republican approach. silly.

    TRUST ME, I hate cheese as much as the next vegan…and I wish doomie’s didn’t serve it. I just don’t see the point in boycotting a place that has always been vegetarian. should we add follow your heart to the list while we’re at it?

  • Why is there no market for CRUELTY FREE vegetarian? I’m so confused. If the restaurant was cruelty free vegetarian and vegan, I’d support that completely.

  • There is no such thing as cruelty-free vegetarian. Vegan is the only cruelty-free, humane option. Just as “cage-free eggs” are not cruelty-free or humane, nor are there “happy cows,” nor “humane meat.” These are myths perpetuated by the diary industry and unfortunately by organizations such as HSUS as well as ignorance of the issues in general. I am not calling anyone ignorant, just making a comment that many people are unaware of the truth about “cage-free” or “humane” as marketing tools used to deceive people into making choices that are neither cruelty-free nor humane.

  • Chili cheese burger!!! *slurp* :p

  • Wow! STILL no feedback from anyone who went to Doomie’s this past weekend?! Hmm….( I did see ONE review on Happy Cow, though, and it was positive.)

  • meh..
    got a pulled pork sandwich which was pretty good. it also came with a very disappointing mac and cheese. fried chicken was good, but nothing to go out of my way for. tasted like a cold KFC. if you want something that really tastes like fried chicken from KFC, here you go.
    also, don’t know if it’s worth mentioning but the workers seemed to lack a little enthusiasm, it being the grand re-opening and all. made the entire experience a little underwhelming. especially since I had been waiting for weeks to come.
    i’ll be back though. i gotta try the pot roast and a burger before I write it off. by the way- the ‘meh’ waitstaff is forgiven for their lack of energy cause they were all quite beautiful 😉

  • Went Sat. night & back again Sunday. It was great! Highly recommended, even by my carnivorous partner. Seafood platter, chicken fried steak, chicken fingers, all amazing. My only complaint is the lack of dessert choices. There should be more. But again, I am thrilled they are there and will be back.

  • I enjoyed reading all two of the Doomie’s opening weekend reviews! : ) Thanks, newvegan and George!

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