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    December 8th, 2010quarrygirlUncategorized

    hey, animal lovers! just a quick heads up that my friend sara radovanovitch over at alchemy tattoo in silverlake offers VEGAN TATTOOS IN LOS ANGELES.

    you might be thinking, “what is non-vegan about a harmless tattoo?!”. but the sad fact is, most inks include animal bone or even animal fat. you could get a totally gnarly death-filled tattoo job without even knowing it! do you want that stuff inside your body for the rest of your life?! i didn’t think so. if you want to get inked up in LA, i highly suggest you do it with sara. as a longtime vegan and animal rights activist, she uses only vegan inks and products (something very rare in this town)…

    i have a few close personal friends who have been tattooed by sara, and are absolutely thrilled with her work…so i feel very confident recommending her to anyone reading this blog.

    PLEASE…if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, go through sara and make sure you are getting it done vegan-style. you won’t be sorry!

    alchemy tattoo (be sure to ask for sara)
    3321 W. Sunset
    Los Angeles, CA, 90026
    Tues – Sun:
    12:00 pm – 9:00 pm


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  • Nice! It took me a little while to find some vegan inks in LA when I wanted my first tattoo a few months ago. I got mine done at Black Diamond in Venice. I just might have to cheat on my favorite artist (sorry, Sean Adams!) next time I’m in LA and have the itch… 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Very good to know!!
    I have no tattoos but I will keep this in mind if I decide to go in for one in the future. I’ve been considering a small somewhat hidden one with a meaningful Indian image. Not sure yet though.

  • for those in orange county, check out losliferuiner.com all vegan tattoo work also! it’s nice to finally see one in la! her work looks rad!

  • Also, just south of LA, check out Los at Sid’s Tattoo Parlor in Santa Ana. He has also switched over to all vegan products and does some rad work.


  • Wow, somehow I totally missed your comment saying exactly the same thing about Los haha. Myyy bad, but hopefully that goes to show everyone that he does good work!

  • larson e. whipsnade

    @kimberly, black diamond no longer has the 2 vegan artists who were employed there before. while a lot of tattoo ink brands may be vegan,(watch out for black though), make sure you check what kind of ointment, as well as soap that they use. i found out that neither of theirs is vegan that they are currently using. they contain animal glycerin and lanolin! yuck!! be careful of shops who don’t have an actual ‘vegan’ artist on board, they might just be telling you what you want to hear because they want your business.

  • you’re good with any artist who uses eternal ink. it’s vegan and their colors are so vibrant and amazing!

  • Cool, that is my white tattoo! Sara is awesome, she did a great job! I was so happy to find a vegan artist who uses vegan inks. She has her own “VEGAN” wrist tattoo. She has tons of colors and is a sweetheart.

  • Hey all,
    I wanted to let ya’ll know I too do a vegan tattoo procedure. But it doesnt just stop with inks. Thats fairly easy. I make sure every step of the way is vegan. I MIX MY OWN Petrolum alternative, use non-gelitin based stencil paper, dr. bronners soap, and provide vegan after care are all crulety-free.
    Its great when artist choose to use vegan safe inks but thats doesn’t have to be where it ends.
    check out my work. jspooner.wordpress.com
    James Spooner

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