• curasé: raw chocolate remedies to die for

    December 7th, 2010quarrygirlproducts

    curasé is a local company that specializes in “raw chocolate remedies“, organic vegan chocolates prepared by hand, one batch at a time.

    recently jessica erler, the creator and maker of curasé chocolates, sent me a box to sample and they completely blew my mind. this was some of the best chocolate i’ve tried in my entire life (vegan or not)…

    they came sealed in a sleek simple box with a label describing the flavors, “peanut butter, cashew caramel, plain”. inside the box, i found four beautiful little chocolates that would end up tasting even better than they looked. each treat was shaped like a mini peanut butter cup, except much darker and more sturdy. one was even covered in little flecks of cacao and nuts.

    peanut butter, cashew caramel, plain

    the chocolate was so rich and intense, just one small bite and i was immediately hooked. the fillings inside were amazing as well, nutty and smooth like nothing i’ve ever tasted. there’s a bunch of info on curasé’s website about the ingredients and why these treats are good for you…but all i could think about was the insane deliciousness of it all.

    with the holidays around the corner, i think these would make a great gift for a chocolate connoisseur. even omnivores will go crazy for curasé, i promise. it’s fancy decadent chocolate like none other.

    locally, you can pick up curasé chocolates at erewhon…but check out their website to order directly and find more locations.

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  • OMG!! I just fell off my chair reading this! I’m going to Erewhon tonight and having some coffee with them!! Anyone want to join me?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा


  • Wow! Thanks for the fantastic review! We are basking in the chocolate love. Amazing! Heads up: Erewhon sold out of their stock completely. I have a fresh order hitting their shelves this Thursday and I will be there next Wednesday (12/15) from 2-6 with samples and boxes for sale.
    Thank you again!

  • I will testify to the almighty chocolate Gods that these cups are The BOMB!

  • chocolates aren’t vegan? chocolates if u buy regular chocolate curvature are basically regular cocoa beans thats been extracted. I dont really know who would add any animal anything to chocolates..

    (im a pastry chef)

  • ooohh.. okay unless u get truffles with fillings or with ganache – they will have butter or cream.. ok totally get it. haha. but if u get plain truffles with regular nuts inside – they’re cool.

  • Wow this website deletes negative reviews of products that it likes. Great job Quarrygirl!

  • @wtf: i haven’t deleted ANY comments or reviews. if you left a link in your comment, it most likely went to spam.

    i was going to email you, wtf, and tell you that…but you left a fake email address. so you appear to be either spam or a troll.

    anyways, i didn’t delete anything.

  • I got some of these from Erewhon a while back, and they really are the finest chocolate available. A little pricey, but worth it.

  • put simply, i am in love with these chocolates!

  • talked to erewhon today, they may either have some in stock tomorrow or monday..

  • Monika — I dropped 40 boxes off to Erewhon today. Fresh boxes are there!

  • Sorry my bad. Anyway, this stuff is available at One Life in Santa Monica, but I hated it enough to spit it out to save on calories. $11.00 down the drain. I recommend Alter Eco Organic Fair Trade Chocolate if you are looking for good Vegan chocolate (available at Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica).

  • I honestly couldn’t believe how awesome these chocolates are…and the fact that they’re good for you…guilt free deliciousness at it’s best!

  • Hi wtf,
    I emailed you back — thank you for your feedback and for the tip on Alter Eco. I look forward to trying them!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Hi Michael,
    Thank you for your purchase. I appreciate it. I will be at Erewhon next Wednesday with samples of my new Peppermint Candy Cane Cups. Hope to see you!

  • Hi Rebekah,
    Thank you! Our chocolates love you too.

  • Hi DJ Mattnifique,
    Thank you for the chocolate love. You’re the bomb too.

  • Hi Oscar,
    I’ll be at Erewhon next Wednesday (12/15) from 2-6 with samples. Hope to meet you and give you some to try!

  • I ordered some of these after seeing this. I had high hopes: they looked so good, and the customer service was great. Unfortunately, the chocolates were not. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but the chocolate was waxy and what little flavor it had was bad. I tried one of each, and they were all that way. Damn near inedible. I’ve got them in the freezer for now, while I try to figure out a way to salvage them and/or come to terms with having wasted that much money. 🙁

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