• vegan treats from isabella’s cookie company!

    December 5th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    cookie fans, get excited! isabella’s cookie company specializes in natural treats (no artificial ingredients or preservatives) and they happen to make four vegan cookie flavors that are available in whole foods locations all over los angeles.

    isabella’s sent me a huge box of sample cookies recently, and they were super tasty. as they say on their website, the cookies “only have a fourteen day shelf life before they begin to lose their freshness, but they never last that long!!“…

    the four vegan flavors of isabella’s cookies are v-coco (chocolate with chocolate chips), v-oat (cinnamon-y oatmeal with dark chocolate chunks), v-nutter (chewy peanutbutter), and v-chip (chocolate chip). i liked all of them, but my favorite would have to be the plain classic chocolate chip. simple, but so delicious.

    i wasn’t aware of these cookies until recently, but now i’m starting to see them every time i go to whole foods. lately they have been up near the register. i suggest you give them a try…just make sure you buy the ones that are clearly marked vegan. lemme know whatcha think!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’ve bought these at WF!!!
    I adore the chocolate-cookies-with-chocolate-chips flavor!! I buy them to have with my vegan mochas and lattes. I even mailed a couple packets of these out to two of my non-vegan friends this year for Christmas presents!! [Haven’t heard back yet, I hope they liked them.]

  • Their vegan cookies are very tasty but fourteen days is a generous estimate of their shelf life. Once you open the bag — and unfortunately they’re sold in crappy bags that tear very easily so you need to then stick their bag into your own ziploc bag — the freshness goes very fast. I’ve had these a lot and you’re lucky if they still taste fresh even four or five days after you open them, even if the Sell By date on the bottom is still a week away. Oh, and the regular chocolate chip ones (“V-Chip”) need some work on quality control — half the time I get them they are on the burnt side. That said, when you get a fresh bag, and have them on the day you open them, they are GREAT. (Anyone else notice the mysterious ingredient called VEGAN “BUTTER” ? Sounds an awful lot like Earth Balance spread’s ingredients to me. And QuarryGirl, have you put these cookies to the Operation Pancake test to be sure they’re legit? I intend this as a compliment to Isabella, but they taste a bit suspicious — probably just because of Isabella’s skill and talent!

  • Yeah those are pretty awesome. I wish they would make their “Sugar Rush” flavor in a vegan version too, they look amazing. A few of their non vegan ones sound incredible, I’m hoping the vegan ones do well so they’ll start making the more adventurous flavors in the “V-” version as well!!

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