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    November 30th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, stuff i eat

    if you haven’t been to stuff i eat yet, you are missing out big time. we’ve named it one of LA’s best vegan restaurants two years in a row, and every time i dine there i have a wonderful experience.

    i’ve tried several things on the stuff i eat menu, and have never once been disappointed. every plate seems to be overflowing with colorful organic goodness that looks and tastes amazing.

    lunch burrito: organic whole wheat tortilla, seasoned tofu, black beans, wild and black rice, SIE sauce, tomatoes, corn, guacamole and SIE dressing. served with organic mized green salad and chips. $11

    on our recent trip to stuff i eat, we started with the basic lunch burrito. it comes with seasoned tofu, black beans, and wild rice all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla with vegetables and savory sauce. it also comes with a fresh organic mixed greens salad and a generous helping of homemade pita chips. everything on the plate was insanely tasty, and there was so much food for 11 bucks. it was actually too big to eat, and we ended up taking half of it home. the burritos at stuff i eat are some of the best you’ll ever try…and if you are feeling more adventurous, i can also recommend the lava burrito, which is like the lunch burrito but topped with an enormous helping of portobello mushrooms and broccoli.

    enchilada pie: corn tortillas layered with a special blend of red tomato sauce, organic corn, vegan cheddar cheese, and organic yellow polenta topped with salsa and organic guacamole. served with organic wild rice and black beans, a mixed green salad, and chips. $12

    we also got the enchilada pie…a huge dish of corn tortillas, sauce, corn, vegan cheddar, and organic polenta topped with salsa and guacamole. it was also served with a side of mixed greens and stuff i eat’s new amazing homemade pita chips. again, SO MUCH FOOD. the pie itself was absolutely divine, the dish was overflowing with soft and smooth corn all mixed up with a spicy sweet tomato sauce and fresh vegetables. even though there was a ton of it, i ate the entire thing to the point of discomfort because it tasted so damn good. the only criticism i have is that i’m pretty sure they use follow your heart vegan cheese (which i’m not a fan of), so i am going to leave that off next time. the new pita chips are also insane…brushed with a bit of oil, dusted with delicious seasoning, and crisped to perfection.

    stuff i eat also hooked us up with some sweet potato pie and tiramisu for the road…both of which were delicious. unfortunately, i don’t have pictures of those, but take my word for it, they rocked!

    every time i dine at stuff i eat, they reconfirm my feeling that they are one of the best vegan restaurants in town. seriously, go eat there. i have never met a person who doesn’t love this place. massive plates of beautiful and healthy vegan food that’s high quality, organic, and tastes amazing: that’s what you get at stuff i eat!

    stuff i eat
    114 N. Market Street
    Inglewood, CA 90301
    Phone: 310-671-0115
    Cash, Visa & Mastercard accepted
    Tue to Sat 12pm-8pm
    Sun 12pm-6pm


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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Must go back to this place, only been once. It was very good.

  • This place does rock but it’s a shame they close so darn early. 🙁

  • It really is the best vegan restaurant in LA. The food quality is beyond compare. The most amazing thing is that its healthy and still tastes better than everything else in town! I’d honestly be hard pressed to thing of a single vegan chef/restaurant in the world that could top the Thanksgiving meal I had from there, I’m already fantasizing about next year!

  • SUCH amazing food at Stuff I Eat! LOVE LOVE LOVE….

  • I’m with you, Lex, Babette is the queen of LA vegan chefs. This place is a 50 mile detour for me and I hit it three times a week.

    People need to check out the desserts she’s been whipping up lately – the brownie pie, and the lemon pie, and (if we’re lucky, it’s rare) the raw apple pie are SICK. They’ve also got a mango/berry parfait that I’ve been stocking up on for breakfast: great great great.

  • I dropped by this restaurant yesterday on my way to LAX and didn’t even get to eat there because the workers here were rude! No one greeted my friend and I after walking in and they ignored us for several minutes, despite looking straight at workers in the back. There are plenty of other great vegan places in LA with great service. Don’t waste your time!

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