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    November 29th, 2010quarrygirldublin, more restaurants (not LA)

    i’m a huge fan of cafe fresh in dublin, ireland…an all vegetarian restaurant with light and healthy food, and plenty of vegan options.

    the portions at fresh are enormous, and the food is simple yet very high quality. we ate so much when we dined there, and felt surprisingly energetic afterwards. i wish we had places like this in los angeles, where i could eat a massive quantities of food and still feel like a million bucks.

    the menu at cafe fresh changes daily, but they always have plenty of vegan sandwiches and hot items. we both decided to order the “special” of the day, which came with brown rice, a hot entree, and 2 salads. the people working the counter knew which items were vegan, and even let us sub one of our salads for an extra hot item. score!

    the hot entrees were a tomatoey chickpea curry and a stew made with white beans and greens. both were excellent. full of healthy vegetables, not greasy, and mildly spiced.

    special of the day. 2 hot items plus a salad. €11,85

    for our cold sides, we got the lentil salad…

    and the potato salad…

    duh dude, this is ireland…so of course the potato salad was especially good. it was covered in a light yet flavorful dressing and sprinkled with bits of greens and edamame.

    not knowing that each plate would weigh like 10 pounds, we ordered a fresh roll to share as well. it was decent, but i’d probably skip it next time. all the other food was just so wonderful…the roll didn’t really add much.

    on top of having brilliant vegan food, cafe fresh has a great location on the second floor of a huge mall called the powerscourt townhouse centre. just enter the mall and go up the stairs, and fresh will be on the left.

    although i only ate at a few places in dublin, cafe fresh stands out as my favorite. we are inundated with insane vegan food here in los angeles, and it was so nice to get back to basics at cafe fresh with unpretentious, unprocessed, yet very tasty meals.

    cafe fresh
    59 William Street South, Dublin
    Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Thur until 8pm.

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  • Chickpea stew or curry? Thats the question… Looking damn good!

  • did you not go to CORNUCOPIA? that place is really really good and vegetarian with lots if not mostly vegaan items depending on the day…

  • I worked at Cafe Fresh in 2003-04, and often wondered why it’s not mentioned more often on vegan travel blogs that happen upon Dublin. The food is very simple, but nourishing. And, when I worked there, and I’m sure it’s the same now…everything is cooked on site…no beans from cans etc…and the variety of salad was always cool!

    Yaay for Mary (proprietor) and Cafe Fresh!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’ve been trying to eat a bit more healthy lately, that stuff all looks so good!!!

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