• mooi scales back to limited hours

    October 28th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mooi

    heads up: mooi in echo park isn’t open during normal hours anymore. here is a quick message from the owner, stephen hauptfuhr:

    currently we have been operating under non-regular hours, meaning we are not open for regular dinner service on a daily basis as before, we are open every Friday for a set prix fixe 5-7 course menu that changes each week from stephen hauptfuhr and occasional collaborations with guest chefs… if you would like to be made aware of these dinners and any other times we will be open, please email stephen@mooifood.com with the subject heading ’email list request’ and you will be added to his private list to receive these messages.. or you can join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to be notified.. we will continue to operate on these hours through the holidays as we are doing a lot of catering.. you may also email us with any special orders for cakes, ice creams or any regular menu items you would like and we will get back to you the same day..

    below the menu for the dinner this friday! while we are definitely sad to see mooi scale back its hours, these new dinners look incredible. take advantage!


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  • I give them another 2 months. Sad, really, as I liked the place.

  • look, fact is, they had terrible service & attitude both times i’ve been here. the food’s great, but it takes more than that.

    do you know what rent amounts to for a business in the ground level of the jensen rec. center? i’m blown away that they can still afford it at this point. don’t know how they figure that reduced hours & being closed ALL THE TIME will help.

    they’re gone by new years. no business plan!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I hadn’t stopped by yet, hope to make it over there one of these days.

  • Looks yummy. I’m there!

  • Looks like a yummy menu.

  • $20 for five courses? Wish we have prices like that here in London.

  • If Mooi were located in Hollywood, my partner and I might give them a try, but we wouldn’t care to trek over to Echo Park on the bus, especially since there are FOUR excellent Thai vegan/vegetarian restaurants in this area that we call for delivery: Green Leaves, Truly, Bulan, and Vegan House. I’m sure glad THEY aren’t scaling back THEIR hours!

  • I wonder if you can still use their restaurant.com gift certificates there

  • Oh oh – I better use up my gift certificate before it’s too late!!! Anyone wanna help me burn it up!? Heh.

  • Very bad service and very strange business model. Not surprised.

  • I avoid going there because I hear they have terrible service.

    @Fritz I would avoid Green Leaves, since they are not vegan.

  • Gil, I feel pretty certain that all of my favorite dishes from Green Leaves—Mixed Veggie Soup, Cole Slaw, Spicy Eggplant, Melody Fried Rice, Rock and Roll Noodles, Lentil Loaf Dinner, etc.—are vegan. (I don’t eat faux meats, but love tofu.)

  • I agree about the terrible service. And while some of what we ate tasted good, about half our meal was inedible, whether due to mushy pale tomatoes or jackfruit that was so fibrous it could scarcely be chewed. The East Side needs an equivalent of Santa Monica’s Better Life Cuisine- a raw place with friendly service, good portions, and tasty food. This is one loss I won’t be lamenting.

  • Paul, you may be right. Anyone know if Mooi is still in business? Nobody picks up.

  • I walked by this past Saturday at 8pm after eating amazing deep dish at MASA. The windows are all covered with brown paper and I saw a sign with a different name (Ecco Cafe) in a window.

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