• international day of the VEGAN nacho


    did y’all know that it’s international day of the nacho (look it up)?! and to celebrate, we’re bring you a quickie list of our 5 favorite places to get vegan nachos in los angeles! you should eat some today…you know, to honor the holiday. here we go:

    1.) veggie grill: uptown nachos

    Uptown Nachos Tortilla chips, chili, VG-cheese, corn salsa, avocado, soy cream, jalapenos … $4.95

    i think these nachos are the best, because they come with everything i love: daiya cheese, bean chili, salsa, avocado, soy sour cream, and jalapenos all on top of crispy chips. super good and SUPER cheap at under 5 bucks!

    2.) real food daily: not-chos

    better with cheddar nachos: Tortilla chips, melted cashew cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, tofu sour cream. $11.75

    the not-chos at real food daily are BY FAR the best thing on the menu, and i have to order them every time i go. tortilla chips topped with the best homemade cashew cheese i’ve ever tasted, along with black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, and tofu sour cream. you can add taco mix for an extra $2.75…but with an $11.75 base price, i think these nachos are expensive enough. pro tip: if you like spicy food, be sure to ask for the jalapeno cashew cheese!

    3.) hugo’s tacos: vegan nacho grande

    nacho grande (vegan): Freshly made tortilla chips topped with your choice of filling, choice of salsa, daiya cheese, topped with a dollop of guacamole. $5.92

    hugo’s tacos sells “normal” nachos, but if you request them with a vegetable filling and daiya cheese, they are instantly vegan. they use the italian blend daiya rather than cheddar, which may sound a little bit odd, but it’s surprisingly good! i get mine with the soyrizo, potato, and zucchini filling; along with the jalapeno hot sauce! the serving size is absolutely massive (enough for 2 people to share), yet only costs $5.92.

    4.) chili addiction: chili vegan addiction nachos

    Chili Addiction Nachos: Try our fabulous homemade corn tortilla chips (or potato chips) smothered with chili, VEGAN cheese, and diced jalapenos! $8

    what makes these nachos stand out are chili addiction’s phenomenal homemade chips and chili. the chips just taste incredibly fresh, and the chili is by far the best in town. you get a huge portion of those, plus a layer of daiya cheese, diced jalapenos, and onions for $8. if they would just melt the daiya a little, these things would be PERFECT.

    5.) mandoline grill: vegan vietnamese nachos

    vegan vietnamese nachos: tofu served over crispy corn tortilla chips topped with scallions, jalapeno, mint, cilantro, and sriracha aioli. $4.50

    a fresh take on vegan nachos, these don’t have any kind of fake cheese on them, but instead are covered with a creamy sriacha aioli. they also come with a healthy amount of mandoline’s amazing lemongrass fried tofu, scallions, mint, cilantro, and jalapeno. and at just $4.50, they’re an excellent value!

    those are our picks for the best vegan nachos we’ve actually tried in LA, but native foods has some brand new nachos as well that look amazing:

    Nuevo Native Nachos: Homemade corn tortilla chips covered in black beans, Native Taco Meat, Native Chipotle Crema, Native Cheese, salsa fresca, and guacamole. Topped with corn, green onions, and cilantro. $7.95

    these are definitely at the top of my list of foods i need to try. with both homemade chips and cheese, i bet they are spectacular!

    so let’s all go eat some vegan nachos tonight, and show everyone that the international day of the nacho doesn’t need to include meat or dairy. weeee!


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  • Native foods hands down has the best nachos. Their native taco meat is quite addictive. Hugo’s are awesome too.

  • Mandoline Grill’s nacho’s are so unexpectedly amazing!!! Their creamy sriacha aioli is so delicious!

  • Sunpower’s nachos are out of this world!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I adore vegan nachos!!!! Oh my gosh so fantastic!!!
    Thank-you for this superb and excellent post QG 😀

  • swingers nachos>all of those

  • Swingers is currently a tad controversial.

  • I like Sky’s nachos and the ones from the vegan taqueria at Whole Foods. Plus all the ones above. It’s already almost 10…should I go out for nachos? 🙂

  • Also a fan of Sunpower ‘chos, although they aren’t the gooey-greasy kind. You can actually trick yourself into thinking they’re healthy. We like to get them with half corn chips (baked, not fried) and half jicama slices.

  • RFD notchos are such an indulgence for me. they’re probably my favorite of all of these nachos, but why does it have to be $12+up just for an appetizer? If it wasn’t so expensive, i would eat them more.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Seriously contemplating a drive over to Westwood for those NF ones in the last photo.

    I thought vegan ice-cream sundaes will be my downfall but maybe vegan nachos are going to truly do me in. Hehe.

  • At Native Foods you can request nacho fries. They’re nachos, but with french fries instead of chips. It’s not on the menu, but they’ll make it upon request at no extra charge, and it’s totally out of this world delicious! Another reason to love Native Foods!

  • Had the NF ‘chos this weekend. Was not impressed. Maybe it was a bad day.

  • Just had Mandoline Grill’s nachos for lunch. With all of the fresh herbs and that delicious sriacha aioli, who needs fake cheese? So so good!

  • does anyone know where i can get vegan nachos in the san diego area??? i usually go to RFD but live over here now! HELP!!

  • SunPower Organic Cafe has the best tasting nachos and they are the healthiest of any listed.

  • If I were in Cali, I’d so be stopping at Hugo’s for those nachos! But I’d take them home and add a dollop or so of Tofutti Sour Cream. 🙂

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