• BREAKING: native foods to take over m cafe’s culver city location!

    October 21st, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, m café, native foods

    m cafe in culver city has shut down, but native foods will be taking over the lease

    so i guess you can file this under “bad news” and “good news.” as of today, m cafe’s culver city location has shut down and a trusted source tells me that native foods will be taking over the space. I CANNOT WAIT. while i am sad to see m cafe go, at least an awesome vegan restaurant will be replacing it. FINALLY, a native foods in LA with proper parking and seating. you gotta admit, the westwood location is a bit awkward.

    m cafe lovers can still enjoy their awesome vegan food at the melrose and beverly hills locations. our heart goes out to m cafe, and we wish them the best…but this cloud appears to have quite a silver lining. let’s all cross our fingers.

    special thanks to my anonymous informant!

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  • I’M HEARTBROKEN! While I enjoy some Native Foods, the Culver City M Cafe was BY FUCKING FAR their best location on every level. It was good. By contrast, I live closest to the Bev Hills location, but will not even go there anymore because the quality control is nonexistent. And the Melrose location is such a scene I could vomit. Why, M Cafe? Why?

  • Yeah, I go to M Cafe’s melrose location bc its close, but its such a scene that I enjoy the option of the mellower Culver location.

    On the plus side, I’m a fan of native foods so its great they are expanding. Veggie grill has given them a huge run for their money over the past year or so.

    Nice scoop, QG.

  • OMG! This is so exciting!!! I love Native Foods!

  • Wow this is a crazy development. I haven’t been to Native Foods literally in years because it is such a nightmare navigating Westwood. So this is a silver lining indeed!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’ve never been to M Cafe, and I only made it to the Westwood NF location once, unfortunately (I’m all the way on the other side of LA in Pasadena.)
    Thanks for the info, I’m going to try and swing by the new Culver City location for sure in future.

  • HOLY SUPER BREAKING QG NEWS!!! well done! i share the same feelings…stoked for native but bummed for m…i hardly ever go to the other locations…as parking is (was) a lot easier, etc. in cc…but yay native 🙂

  • Sad to see M Cafe close, but I’m thrilled that I’ll have a Native Foods closer to home… I certainly hope that’s true!!!

  • Wow, what a surprise! That M Cafe was usually pretty quiet, so not a big surprise – I like the Melrose location better. And you’re right, how great to have a Native Foods in LA with easier parking!

  • well, that was fast! leave it to quarry girl to the super sleuth! i’m actually glad about this b/c i live near the melrose m cafe, but hate going to westwood for native foods.

  • does anyone know why m cafe is closing at this location? My theory would be the customer service sucks balls, as I’ve been pretty disappointed on several occasions. But I kept going back cause it’s amazing food and close to home.

  • one spot with bad parking for another one… not a good way to expand. if Mcafe failed what makes native think it can do better next to a real mexican restaurant? bad idea!!! Native should find some place better

  • Good news, since Native Foods is a vegan restaurant!

  • That’s what happens when you charge too much money. Native Foods is awesome, though not as healthy.

  • I’m in support of this.

    Melrose M Cafe is right down the street, so I’m not losing anything. I’ve only been going to Native Foods maybe twice a year at most since it’s all the way in Westwood. I’ll definitely be going to Native more often now that one is closer.

    On the other hand, Veggie Grill is ALSO right down the street… Decisions, decisions…

  • MCafe/Culver just didn’t cut it for me. Can’t put my finger on it but their menu selection seemed smaller, ambiance was a downer. Melrose location seemed better though parking sucks.

    As for Native Foods, we always head out to The Camp in Costa Mesa. The parking is decent. You can sit by the fire pit under the trees, even bring your dog. It’s worth the trip.

  • i’m kinda bummed about this. i will miss that culver m cafe location.

    but i like native foods. so… that’s good.

    guess i’m just repeating the sentiment.

    but, wow, no warning, and they just go?? too bad, m cafe…

  • Thrilled.

  • So heartbroken that M Cafe in Culver City is closing! I was a devoted regular (most of the employees even knew me by name). I ran into one of the employees yesterday, and he gave me the bad news. I’m glad that another vegan restaurant will be taking over the location. Honestly, though, Native Foods doesn’t hold a candle to M Cafe in my book. M Cafe will be dearly missed!

  • Total bad news, good news. I like the CC location better than Melrose because of the parking and it was nice to have dinner there before a movie across the street.

    Happy that Native is taking over so we can still have vegan food. I haven’t been to Native in over a year because of the location and parking issues. It’s a total pain in the ass.

  • This really sucks! I could tell things were going downhill when they had heat lamps on the front counter for the breakfast burritos. All things considered, I still bought my coffee there every morning to support a quality restaurant in Culver City and this was even when they only offered Seattle’s Best.

    They recently added Babycakes NYC and La Mill which was a great move on their part. They even they took down the heat lamps but, to my surprise this morning, the windows were covered with butcher paper and the signs gone.

    I agree with Eva, Natives doesn’t hold a candle to M. I’m not mad that Natives is moving in but, just can’t accept that M is gone in CC!

    Quarry G – I know you have the inside scoop. What’s the reason for this? Poor management at the CC location? I’ve never had bad experience personally.

  • the cc m cafe location was my favorite. i’m pretty bummed on this.

  • my heart goes to m cafe, do you all know ? what it takes to run a restaurant,
    it is so easy to make a comment about any thing,
    check out the reality guys ,before you say anything.

  • i do not like native foods,i do not eat meat but i still love the nature. who care about vegan. to me this is just a non-sense.

  • Love the Native Foods in Costa Mesa!! Although we live on the westide we do not go to the Westwood location for various reasons. I can’t wait for the CC to open. I love the “bacon cheeseburger” and their watermelon fresca drink!!

  • I think that ROCKS! M cafe gets a “Meh” rating from me anyway. I love Native Foods. Both their food and their prices are better than M Cafe.

  • Jennifer Girsky

    Good for Native Foods!! Now they just need to open one in Downtown!

  • oscar silverman

    I am sorry to see M Cafe closing. Yes the food was uneven, some bad some great, yes the employees were uneven, some rude, some super nice, but it was a pleasant spot.

    I’ve never been to the Beverly Hills location, is it really that obviously inferior to the Culver City one?

    Yes, the parking at Native Foods is rough, but I’ve never encountered a rude employee there. And the food is cheaper and better than M Cafe, with a much better ratio of hits to misses. As for the awkward design, they are planning to tear down the wall between the two storefronts and remodel.

    Oh, and when I was there on Saturday and asked about the M Cafe location, they said they expect to open already in November!

  • I was pretty bummed about this; I also live much closer to Melrose, but the Culver location was so nice (I usually had really good experiences with the employees too). Still, very glad to see a more convenient Native Foods location.

    Best of luck to all the staff at M Cafe!

  • I never like M… SO OVERRATED!!! AND OVERPRICED!!!

    I LOVE Native Foods! That’s tasty vegan right there!!!

    AND they’ll have THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!????

    CAN’T WAIT!!!


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