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    October 11th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), seattle

    georgetown liquor company is a must visit vegetarian bar in seattle, and being fairly close to the airport, it’s the perfect stop for visitors on the way in and out of town. the rugged little boozer serves up a large menu of meat-free sandwiches and entrees, most of which can be veganized, as well as a killer brunch on the weekends. georgetown was the both the first and last place we ate on our recent trip to seattle, and both of our meals there were delicious. let’s start off with brunch…

    Skits n Gravy: Our very own vegan biscuits covered with country gravy. Served with fresh herb roasted potatoes and fruit. $8

    after landing at seatac at around 9:30am on a saturday, we headed straight to georgetown to open them up for brunch. i was excited to hear that their biscuits and gravy were vegan, because we all know that i’m a huge fan of the old b&g. the skits n gravy, as the menu called them, were damn good. for 8 bucks i got a plate stacked with 3 biscuits and loads of herb roasted breakfast potatoes smothered in white country gravy with a fruit garnish. the biscuits were a tad hard for my liking, but i couldn’t fault the gravy—it was excellent. surprisingly, my favorite thing on the plate was the breakfast potatoes; they were deliciously seasoned with the perfect amount of oil.

    it being the start of my vacation and all, i also ordered a brunch cocktail—the clockwork orange.

    Clockwork Orange Martini: "Viddy well brothers, viddy well." Stoli Oranj vodka with muddled oranges and a dash of Cassis. $8

    georgetown pours their drinks pretty strong, and after this $8 mix of vodka and oranges, i was sufficiently liquored up. the cocktail was tasty as well, lots of pulpy fruit and the perfect blend of alcohol. i highly recommend it.

    Chicken Fried Steak: House made seitan steak, breaded fried and smothered in our delicious country gravy. Served with fresh herb roasted potatoes and choice of toast. $10

    although the skits n gravy were great, the other brunch entree we ordered was WAY BETTER. i’m talking about the chicken fried steak! it came with the same awesome breakfast potatoes and gravy as well as a huge hunk of breaded and fried seitan. there aren’t many things better in this world then a fat chunk of vegan fried wheat meat drenched in creamy gravy, lemme tell you! this was actually my husband’s meal, but i ended up stealing tons of it and wishing i had ordered it myself.

    our next trip to georgetown was on our way out of seattle, right before we headed back to the airport. this time it was a week day at around 2pm, so it was time for lunch and beer rather than brunch and cocktails. we got two sandwiches to share, both of which were phenomenal.

    Picard: Lentil-sage Field Roast, roasted red onions, Tofutti cream cheese and roasted garlic spread, toasted on ciabatta. Served with vegan au jus dipping sauce. $10

    we started with a vegan version of the picard, which came with lentil-sage field roast, roasted onions, tofu cream cheese and garlic spread on a toasted ciabatta and swerved with au jus for dipping. it was insane!

    the bread was warm and crunchy, the field roast was hearty, and the cream cheese/garlic combo was smooth and tangy. this has really got to be one of the best vegan sandwiches known to man. it was served with a choice of side, and we opted for the house salad which was very fresh and healthy tasting. no complaints!

    Darth Reuben: Roasted-tomato Field Roast, sauerkraut and remoulade toasted on marbled rye. $10

    we also split a vegan version of the “darth reuben” because if i see a vegan reuben on a menu, i pretty much have to order it. this sandwich was amazing and i can’t fault it, but it just wasn’t as special as the picard. it came with roasted tomato field roast and sauerkraut on toasted marbled rye. field roast is probably the best vegan meat substitute out there, so it worked really well as pastrami in the reuben. for this sandwich, we got the soup of the day as our side, which turned out to be split pea. it was fantastic—very comforting and satisfying, plus it worked great as a dip for the sandwich!

    overall, georgetown liquor company gets an A+. it’s an all vegetarian establishment, a great little bar, and it’s got delicious vegan options for brunch, lunch, and dinner. with GLC being located so conveniently between downtown and the airport, i don’t see why i wouldn’t hit it up AT LEAST twice on every trip to seattle.

    georgetown liquor company
    5501 B Airport Way South
    Seattle, WA 98108
    mon-fri 11am-2am
    sat-sun 10am-2am

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  • The Picard is the best vegan sandwich I’ve ever had. Georgetown Liquor rules! FREE NINTENDO TOO, and a jukebox packed with retro faves. I feel like this place was made especially for people who were born in the early ’80s!

  • That “chicken” fried steak looks awesome!

  • That place is great, and you’re right – it’s very close to SEATAC and a 2 minute detour from I5.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks great!!!

  • Well said–can’t go wrong with GLC!

    If you call from the airport, it’ll be ready by the time you get there… We just did this when we picked up my parents (in from L.A.) and took it downtown for a picnic at the waterfront (10-min drive). Highly recommended :.)

    Yay Seattle!

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