• secret menu item at m cafe: the loaded burger

    September 18th, 2010brittanyLA restaurants, m café

    it’s no secret that m cafe has one of the best vegan burgers in town. but did you know that in addition to the delicious whole grain patty, tofu cheese, and awesome sauce, you can get your burger with avocado and tempeh bacon?! ’cause YOU CAN!

    vegan loaded burger at m cafe: big macro topped with tempeh bacon and fresh avocado. $12.95

    i recently stopped by m cafe and got one of their burger/fries/lemonade combos. i tried the avocado & bacon variation of the big macro and i can tell you it is super yum! m cafe really does have some of the best tempeh bacon, so adding it to the already delicious burger was a special treat. and i admittedly haven’t been to m cafe in a while, so i was especially surprised to see they have sweet potato fries! the fries are served with a tangy aioli – which was really good BUT they were so delicious and well-seasoned i ended up just shoving most of them into my mouth sans-dip.

    i definitely recommend the tempeh bacon burger – and with the combo it’s a pretty sweet deal!

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  • Burgers galore at the moment on here! I like the look of this one too!

  • Yum! This looks great! This is in LA right?

  • Mmmmm!!! That looks so good. I want one now and it’s only 9:30 in the morning.

  • I’m going to get this when I hit the west coast this week!

  • Looks marvelous!!

  • Why is the Beverly Hills menu cheaper than the melrose menu?

  • I love M Cafe, but the Beverly Hills location is just terrible. I used to defend it when people said this, but I can’t deny it anymore, the quality control sucks. I’ve given it a few fair chances (especially recently, because I’ve moved and am now just a few minutes drive away), but the food always seems slapped together and lukewarm. Most recently, my friend and I went for some brunch. The blueberry pancakes were flimsy and dry and the tofu panini was cold and a total mess. M Cafe, I love you, but seriously!

  • … but I’m sure this burger is amazing in Culver City 🙂 and I would be happy to try it there!

  • Uch. M Cafe is terrible, secret burger or not.

  • We need an M Cafe on the East side, Pasadena, Highland Park etc areas, there are Vegetarians All over , not just the so called affluent areas
    Bev hills does little biz , wake up M cafe and smell the money to be made in other areas of LA, Im tired of driving all the way to hollywood for my big macro, and teriaki bowl, and grain sweetned desserts

  • M Cafe, terrible? Don’t think so. They’re catering my wedding. (Although Spork Foods was my first choice; they were unavailable)

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