• ike’s place in san francisco is closing :(

    September 12th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san francisco

    UPDATE: ike’s place has RE-OPENED in san francisco at a club called lime. from what i understand, they are kinda squatting there until they get a better location. follow their twitter, and check out their constantly updated website for more info!

    we have been watching the ike’s place eviction drama unfold on vegansaurus for quite awhile, and sadly it looks like the amazing san francisco sandwich shop is finally closing down for good as of monday at midnight.

    we were in SF last weekend, and i’m soooo glad we got a chance to eat at ike’s one last time. naturally, our meal was epic, as ike’s place really does make the best sandwiches known to man. thank god they have another location in the bay area.

    vegan tom brady: vegan breaded chicken, zesty garlic and herb sauce, mushrooms, avocado, soy cheese. $12.21

    we ordered the vegan tom brady and the vegan pilgrim to share, both of which were fan-bloody-tastic. the tom brady came stuffed with breaded chicken, zesty garlic sauce, mushrooms, avocado and teese. at $12.21, it’s the most expensive vegan sandwich on the menu, but it’s worth every penny. by far the most delicious, heartiest sandwich i’ve had in a long time. NOBODY DOES IT LIKE IKE’S!

    vegan pilgrim: vegan turkey, cranberry, sriracha, soy cheese. $9.99

    the vegan pilgrim was equally as impressive, stacked with slices of faux turkey, teese cheese, and covered in sriracha and cranberry sauce. the spicy sriracha was the perfect compliment to the sweet cranberry…and all mixed in with ike’s famous dirty sauce, it was incredible.

    we arrived at ike’s as soon as they opened at 10am, and even though that’s pretty early to be eating a sandwich, there was already a line of people at the door. you know why people line up for ike’s? because the food is THAT FUCKING GOOD.

    ike’s last day in business is gonna be monday september 13th, and they’ll be open from 10am – midnight. so go show some support and order like ten sandwiches!

    ike’s place
    3506 16th street
    san francisco CA 94114
    (415) 553-6888

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  • I live in LA not SF, or I’d stop by for sure. Those vegan sandwiches look great!!

  • Damn, I never got a chance to go, and I was going to during a trip in mid-December. Guess not!

  • That’s sad. We were there recently and waited in line for nearly an hour to order our sandwiches and waited another 30 minutes to actually get them. They were soooo worth it! I’m certain they’ll find another spot in the city.

  • This is the saddest thing I’ve heard all weekend. Ike’s Place made the most amazing sandwiches.

    Glad you liked the tip and the recipe, though 🙂

  • This is sad! I’ve only been to Ike’s once and it was delicious! I know that there is another Ike’s in a town called Redwood Shores but you have to order by phone. I’ll be sure to hit Ike’s tomorrow and get a delicious sandwich! Hopefully they find a new location in SF because if they do, I’ll be spreading the word and eating like crazy! Much love to Ike’s!!

  • I JUST got back from SF and Ike’s was the only place I didn’t get to visit…what a bummer!

  • Oh no! I’ve had lunch at Ike’s. Very cool folks, so sad to hear!!

  • I went to Ike’s place once, about two year ago. I actually forgot about the place until this post. I went only because there was an amazing vegan bake sale out front and I was in town on vacation. No idea what sandwhiches we orderd, but I do recall waiting almost an hour, by the time I had my food I was too bitchy to enjoy it. I remember it being tasty, but nothing spectacular.

  • DO NOT BE SAD! Ike’s is STILL in San Francisco and they are just a block away from their old location! They re-located at the restaurant and bar Lime at 2247 Market Street in the Castro. Right now, they only accept phone orders so expect no lines BUT you can call them at 415.553.6888 from Monday to Saturday between 10am to 7pm.

    So if you missed having an Ike’s sandwich, you can still have one! So do it!!

    And read this article, too!

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