• vbites restaurant to close until march

    September 10th, 2010quarrygirlbrighton, more restaurants (not LA)

    we are sad to hear that vbites, one of our favorite restaurants across the pond, is shuttering this weekend for an end of the summer holiday. so if you want to eat there anytime soon, be sure to do it by saturday.

    we are headed to the UK in a few weeks, and planned on making a trip to vbites, so we called the restaurant to find out more about the situation. the guy who answered the phone confirmed that the restaurant was closing, but didn’t know when it would re-open. we reached out to owner heather mills for a comment and she assured us the closing is temporary and that “all (beach) cafes close end of summer until march.” plus, the restaurant will remain open for private parties as well as cooking classes throughout the winter. she also added that vbites needs to focus on its 75 franchisees.

    my advice if you live near brighton is to go to vbites today or tomorrow, and eat enough vegan nachos to keep you warm through the winter. i’m hoping one opens up in LA, because we really need a restaurant that serves cheezly in this city.

    Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, BN3 4LX
    01273 933757


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  • They should probably focus on the Brighton/Hove branch before they open up another 75. The place has been getting lots of bad reviews the last few months.

  • I have to be honest: Although I love VBites restaurant and every single Redwood Foods/VBites offering, I can’t really see that place ever doing well. It’s always empty and the running costs must be really high.

    I hope that Heather can keep it open, but I doubt it’s viable in the long term.

    Also, VBites didn’t close last year for the “off” season, and very few places don’t close for winter, except those that sell only ice cream!

  • the food we had at vbites was excellent, and so was the service! don’t see why anyone would give it a bad review.

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  • Oh no! I am so sad they are closing for the season, because Vbites is my favourite restaurant! D: D:

    The pizzas are fantastic, actually everything is. I hope they re-open soon, and open a London location as well.

  • Those vegan nachos look very good.

  • Aw man, I guess I won’t be going there in December.

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