• yalla truck: a vegetarian falafel truck in los angeles!

    September 9th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, yalla truck

    yalla is a new vegetarian food truck that has been roaming the streets of los angeles for a few months, and after trying their food yesterday, I AM SMITTEN. they specialize in “falafel fusion,” basically traditional falafel sandwiches with non-traditional ingredients. there’s no meat on the truck, and most of their ingredients are vegan…just be sure to specify when you order, and avoid the dairy sauces and feta cheese.

    the ándale (southwestern) made vegan: falafel balls, green cabbage salad, corn, black beans, black olives, onion salad, tomato/cucumber salad, Pickled carrots. dressed w/ tahini sauce. $5

    i went with the ándale, a southwestern-style sandwich made with falafel balls, green cabbage salad, black beans, corn, black olives, tomato cucumber salad, onion salad, and pickled carrots. this sandwich normally comes with a creamy chipotle sauce, but the dudes at yalla were happy to swap that out for tahini to make it vegan. this sandwich was nothing short of fantastic! the falafels were of the little fried variety, not the big fluffy kind, and they packed tons of flavor. the toppings were absolutely excellent—as you can see from the picture above, yalla does not skimp on ingredients. my sandwich was absolutely overflowing with fresh vegetables, beans, salads, and rich tahini sauce. i had to eat it with a fork! SO GOOD.

    i honestly cannot WAIT to return to yalla and try out even more of their stuff. they have a menu posted on their facebook page that’s even bigger than the one posted outside the truck. i don’t know about you, but i’m dying to eat the “firestarter”—falafel, red cabbage salad, pickled turnips, pepperonchini, onion salad, and pickled carrots.

    follow yalla on twitter for their whereabouts, and hit them up for some falafel as soon as you can. i was highly impressed with their food, and i think you will be too. and remember, specify that you want it made VEGAN.

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  • That vegan sandwich looks dazzling and resplendent. And marvelous.

    (I haven’t had breakfast yet. Hehe.)

  • Charles Shackelford

    I must agree. I had the classic falafel sandwich the other day and it was splendid.

  • Quarrygirl is like Fed Ex… she delivers! I can’t wait to check this out.

  • i am ALL OVER THIS

  • Now following on Twitter and sent a Facebook friend request – thanks for the heads-up, QG! Also, it looks like it’s often in The Boyfriend’s work area, so I sent him an email letting him know. I know he’ll enjoy it.

  • looks like a whole lot of salad and very little falafal

  • @potionlords: there was actually plenty of falafel, the salad was just on top. 🙂

  • daaaamn…this looks f’ing insane!!

  • I checked it out today…got there a few mins after 3pm and the cart looked closed 🙁

    But I approached and they kindly re-opened for me. (I certainly didn’t ask them to do that, but was super stoked they offered.)

    Oh, man! I ordered the classic, and I think it’s the best falafel sandwich in LA. Super fresh, crisp veggies, nice little fried falafel balls, and tangy tahini. No one item is the star in this sandwich…it just melds together *perfectly*.

    Thanks, Yalla!!!

  • We went today and it didn’t go all that well. They were late getting there. (it happens) It took 18 minutes to get 2 falafel sandwiches and they weren’t that busy. There was one customer in front of us also getting 2. Finally got the food and jammed back to work (we were late) to find I had whole wheat pita when I’d ordered white and the side of baba ghanoush was friggin’ frozen! That’s right – frozen.

    The sandwiches were really good and so was the baba ghanoush – after it thawed out. We’ll go back again since they must have been having an off day.

  • Three of us hit them up today. Service was fast and the food was really good. I might be the official stalker of the truck.

  • I first saw this truck at Santa Monica’s all-night art experience, GLOW, on Sept. 25th (I think I have the date right). I wasn’t hungary so I just looked at the menu! Yowza — something for the vegan-me! Yay! I can’t wait for the truck to come back.

  • Yvonne Bermudez

    I saw your truck driving through San Pedro this morning on my way to work. When will you be back in Pedro, and where do you guy’s usually park at?

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