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    September 3rd, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    maoz vegetarian is our favorite chain restaurant by far, so imagine how excited we were on our recent trip to new york to see that they’d opened a new location in times square. we hit up the new maoz, which is the most vegan-friendly one we’ve visited to date, on our way out of town right before heading to the airport. it was quite a wonderful send off.

    maoz sandwich with hummus: falafel, hummus, and buffet salad bar! $5.70

    in case you don’t already know, maoz is a tiny little falafel shop, and the menu is the same at locations across the globe. you basically get a sandwich or salad box with your choice of filling–falafel, hummus, etc. then you add as many toppings as you like from the enormous buffet-style salad bar. there are tons of vegan options, and at this maoz, every item in the salad bar was clearly marked as to whether it was vegan or vegetarian. i’ve never seen this labeling system at maoz before, but i love it! it took out all the guess work.

    the seating is always cramped at maoz, with usually a few tables and maybe some stools lining the window. this maoz, however, had no seats inside! just a counter to stand at, and a bench outside the front door. that’s cool though, because eating this kind of food is super fast, and a counter is all you really need.

    we each got the traditional maoz sandwich, which comes with a generous amount of falafel, and added hummus for an extra 75¢. we filled those up until they were overflowing with fried broccoli, cauliflower, corn, radishes, hot sauce, and creamy tahini. talk about delicious, stuffed, and colorful sandwiches. i so wish i could get something like this back home.

    belgian fries. $3

    we also tried the belgian fries for the first time, which were excellent. thickly cut, warm, and not too greasy. i stole some hot sauce and tahini from the salad bar to dip them in, which went down perfectly.

    i am so happy to see new maoz restaurants popping up all over the place. i just really hope their next stop is somewhere in los angeles. don’t you think this kind of restaurant would do great on hollywood blvd, or maybe westwood, or downtown la? somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic? come on maoz!! until then, i guess i will just have to keep eating maoz whenever i visit a city where they have a location. i hit them up loyally on every single trip to nyc and london. 🙂

    maoz vegetarian
    check website for locations

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  • I LOVE MAOZ! I was in NYC all summer and went there at least once a week…I’m missing it desperately now that I’m back in Chicago. The biggest kicker is that amazing green chile sauce. I would put that sauce on everything if I knew how to make it/where to buy it.

  • I like the idea of the different combinations you can make. Falafel is always the same, it could use some sprucing up like this.

  • That looks so good!!

  • This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing it! By the way, if you’re ever in Washington, D.C., check out Amsterdam Falafel Shop. It looks similar to Maoz- falafel, a topping bar, and fabulous fries!

  • I still haven’t been there! WTF?!

  • One of the best things to happen to Berkeley (other than Cinnaholic and Saturn) this year has been Maoz opening up on Telegraph.

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