• killer sorbet and new vegan sausages at chili addiction!

    August 23rd, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    hi folks, just a quick post to tell you about some fantastic current and upcoming chili addiction menu items that you should all be aware of.

    i’ll start with the food that is actually available right now: vegan sorbet! did you even know that chili addiction offered dessert?!? i didn’t until my last visit, and now i am gonna be HOOKED. this stuff is so good, and just perfect for the hot weather. after stuffing myself with various kinds of vegan sausages (more on that later), the chili addiction dudes offered me a sampling of 3 of their sorbet flavors—lemon, lime, and banana. i am usually not a sorbet fan, but this was incredible.

    lemon, chocolate covered banana, and lime sorbet

    most sorbets i’ve tried in the past have been thick and icy, but not this. it was extra smooth and silky, with an almost milky texture, like real ice cream. i asked what made it so creamy, and johnny (the chef wizard at chili addiction) explained that he has a special contraption that helps the fruit reach that magical texture. not only is it delicious, but it’s relatively guilt-free as well. made from only fruit and sugar, this treat has no excess fat or scary ingredients—just pure, natural goodness.

    now, let’s move onto the stuff that isn’t available just yet. very soon, chili addiction is ditching their store bought vegan sausages, and switching to homemade ones using match meat and a variety of herbs and spices. they are still waiting on casing for these sausages before they are available to the public, but i got to sample them and i promise that you guys are in for a treat! here are the flavors you can look forward to (please note i tried these in patty form, but i’m pretty sure they will be shaped sausage style once they hit the menu)…

    vegan bratwurst sausage

    the bratwurst was amazing. as a burger, i loved it…but i can’t wait to try it as a sausage with some sauerkraut as a topping. as much as i love all the pre-made veggie dogs and sausages on the market, this has got it beat.

    vegan cilantro sausage

    the cilantro sausage was quite delicious as well. i myself am a coriander lover, so this was right up my street.

    vegan chipotle sausage

    next up was the chipotle sausage, the perfect blend of match and hot spices. i loved this thing so much; and it was served with a fantastic side of homemade salsa. i didn’t even know chili addiction carried salsa, but i am gonna ask for this as a side from now on.

    honestly, this can hold its own with the freshest of stuff from real mexican restaurants. it’s that damn good. and the sausage ruled too.

    vegan italian sausage

    then came the vegan italian sausage, and it took everything to a whole new level. this baby was all loaded up with seasoning and fennel, the closest thing i’ve tasted to proper meat ball since going vegan. i really wanna try this in some pasta, or maybe atop a bowl of chili mac.

    vegan breakfast sausage

    lastly, we tried the new vegan breakfast sausage…and i’m not gonna lie, this was my favorite one. decades ago when i was a wee meat-eating quarrygirl, i remember visiting my aunt in tennessee, and every morning she’d cook up batch after batch of her “extra special” sausage. of course it was all full of animals and gross stuff, but i really loved it at the time. suffice to say, one bite of this creation, and i was transported to those childhood memories in the deep south. authentic-tasting beyond belief. i can’t wait to see what chili addiction decides to do with this, but i sure hope it’s some kind of breakfast sandwich.

    sorry to tease you all with these mouthwatering sausages that aren’t available yet, but look out for them at chili addiction soon! the sorbet is on the menu now, though. so go and eat that up with all of the other amazing dishes chili addiction has to offer!

    chili addiction
    408 N. La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 203-1793
    closed mondays!
    lunch 12pm-3pm
    dinner 5:30pm-9pm
    (sundays they close at 7pm)

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  • this post was full of “thats what she saids” and good looking food. i like

  • They don’t have the watermelon sorbet anymore? That was wonderful…it had little chocolate chips in it that looked like watermelon seeds 🙂 …these new ones look awesome, though!

  • Looks quite tasty !!!

  • I’m normally not a sorbet fan either, most of the ones I’ve tried in regular ice cream shops are too sweet! The watermelon sorbet, however, is fantastically fruity and refreshing! MMMM!

  • Good that they’re moving away from the store-bought Tofurkey sausages. It’s really hard to get excited and pay extra at a restaurant for that when I can make the exact same thing at home. The good thing about the ground style sausages is the ability to work in your own extra ingredients. We use Gimme Lean at home (come to our stores, Match Meats!!!) and work in extra fennel seed.

  • I only have two words for you: drool and jealousy.

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