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    July 24th, 2010brittanyflorida, more restaurants (not LA)

    so during my recent trip to visit my parents, my mom, being this awesome mom she is, drove me 2 hours through the glades to have dinner at sublime. i’ve told you about it. BUT i didn’t tell you about how we spent some time earlier that day in miami. i’d never been and i wanted to experience south beach, so our dinner trip turned in to a day trip.

    by the time we got to south beach we were both ready do jump out the window, having chugged water the entire drive over, & south beach is CROWDED and full of confusing one-way streets. my mom wanted to see where they shot the movie “birdcage” (don’t ask) so we navigated to the art deco district and found the first available parking spot. i then used my handy-dandy VegOut app on my iphone to find the nearest vegan-friendly food joint. we’d lucked out and parked about two blocks away from juice & java, so we quickly headed over.

    ok, before i talk about the food, i must say the bathrooms were absolutely gross. GROSS. the womens’ room was backed up with paper towels and there was piss all over the seat, so i went in to the mens’ room which was surprisingly cleaner. although not much.

    i was a bit skeptical at this point but the food areas seemed to be more clean and i was hungry. my mom and i skimmed the menu, which was huge. my mom squealed with delight when she saw they had seaweed salad. it went like this: “OOH! OOH! BRITTANY! THEY HAVE SEEEAWEEEEED SALAD!!!!!” so we had to get that.

    seaweed salad: a rich source of calcium, zinc andiron. $4.95

    i must say this was pretty delicious. fresh seaweed tossed in what seemed to be a mixture of toasted sesame oil, a little bit of soy sauce, and covered in sesame seeds. nommerz. this was gone in about 30 seconds.

    for my meal i got the falafel quinoa, which is under the j&j specials. i was expecting it to be pretty special for that reason…

    …and it WAS! i love this dish so much, the quinoa was perfectly cooked and the falafel was deliciously seasoned, and it is also baked and not fried so i didn’t feel like i was eating a big ball of grease. there were also fresh tomatoes and cucumbers mixed in with the quinoa and a yummy tahini dressing on top. so good. it was so good i knew i should save room for my meal at sublime 5 hours later, but i still overate. whoops 🙁 i can justify it because it seemed really healthy. yeah.

    juice and java
    1346 Washington Ave
    Miami Beach, FL 33109
    (305) 531-6675

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