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    July 22nd, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, m café

    heyo! this is just a quick informational post to let y’all know that m cafe has launched a new summer grillin’ to-go menu that they will be offering at all 3 locations through labor day…and unless i’m missing something, it’s ALL VEGAN! (no fish, woo woo!)

    the new menu is the perfect go-to food source for any summer bbq, picnic, or party…and features items like big macro patties, seitan cutlets, buns, chili beans, soy cheese slices, and desserts.


    i think it would be a great idea to go buy a slew of macro patties and eat them throughout the week. the “big macro bash” sounds pretty rad as well: 6 servings of burger patties, special sauce, cheese, buns, and 2 deli sides. party at my place! who’s down?

    click to enlarge

    hopefully this menu will be super popular…and hey, maybe m cafe could even package their goods for whole foods. i can dream.

    check m cafe’s website for locations.

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  • wow “big macro bash” holymotherofgod

  • I would love to know the ratio of vegan/non-vegan food they sell …their vegan food is SO GOOD, sometimes I wish the whole place was just vegan. 🙂

  • @greg c: i am always saddened by how many people i see ordering fish when i eat there. and by write-ups like this one. 🙁

  • awesome! sometimes when i go there i just walk right out bc it smells like fish so bad.

    thanks for the good news!

  • I love this place–I splurged on the club sandwich tonight–but this menu is way out of my price range, and I suspect the price range of a lot of people who are interested in going vegan. If I’m having a bbq no way I can spend $4.50 on a burger patty & another $1 on a slice of soy cheese & $15 for a dozen burger buns. I realize these are quality ingredients that just cost more to buy & prepare, but that’s just not realistic for most people, especially on a regular basis. And it’s really too bad.

  • Now craving a vegan burger like crazy!!

  • The Melrose Muffaletta was my favorite…I’m still sad that they took it off the menu. The BBQ Seitan sandwich is probably my new-favorite….but I’d eat there more if they brought back the Muffaletta.

  • M Cafe smells like Fish? WTF? You have some seriously sensitive vegans reading this blog.

  • potionlords: yes, the restaurant sometimes smells like fish to me. i eat there several times per month, and on days/nights when a fish entree is offered as a special, that’s what the restaurant smells like.

  • Douglas Novack

    The M is amazing. I love their salads and soups. The quality and the freshness is always 5 Star. It is one of my favorite vegan restaurants in LA….

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