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    July 20th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), santa barbara

    it’s no secret that we like to head up to santa barbara every now and then just to grab some vegan pizza. we’ve taken a few trips up north for that reason—we have pizza for dinner, spend the night in a hotel, and before returning home, grab a couple sandwiches from lazy acres and head out for a winery picnic.

    our favorite winery in the area to set up for lunch would have to be fess parker, just north of santa barbara in the san ynez valley. it’s a beautiful place with tasty wine and lots of outdoor space to sit and chill. in fact, we aren’t the only vegan bloggers who who like to picnic there—check out c’est la vegan’s post from last summer!

    anyways, let’s talk about the food…

    lazy acres is a sweet little grocery store and deli located in santa barbara. there’s a small outdoor cafe connected to the market, and that would actually be a great place to eat if we didn’t have bigger plans in mind.

    food is ordered at the store’s deli counter, and paid for in the normal check out line. while lazy acres does serve meat, there are quite a bit of vegan options…or things that can be modified to be made vegan. they have vegan pizzas, a vegan sandwich, and lots of vegetarian sandwiches that can be made vegan by subbing in non-dairy cheese, or omitting the cheese all together. they also have a nifty binder at the counter with all the bread styles and ingredients listed—so be sure to leaf through that and choose a vegan bread for your sandwich.

    vegan panini: grilled tofu, artichoke hearts, organic tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, lettuce. served with a side salad. $7.99

    on our last visit to lazy acres, we got 2 different sandwich styles and split them. that’s probably the coolest thing about being in a relationship…the opportunity to split sandwiches. anyways, the first one we got was the vegan panini. this thing was exceptional. it came with loads of tofu, artichoke hearts and other vegetables, all grilled up in spongey bread. the description on the board at lazy acres really didn’t do this thing justice, i was expecting a boring run-of-the-mill tofu sandwich. instead, we got a massive hearty panini filled with fine ingredients and some of the tastiest marinated tofu i’ve ever tasted. no complaints.

    the second sandwich we shared was the veggie reueben, made vegan with no cheese. i was expecting this to be my favorite (i love reubens), but i actually wound up liking the tofu sandwich better. who’d have thought?!

    veggie reuben (no cheese): vegan salami, sauerkraut, dijon mustard, vegenaise. served with a side salad. $8.99

    the reuben was damn good though. it had a generous amount of vegan salami and sauerkraut, along with mustard and vegenaise. my only guff with it is the fact it didn’t have any kind of russian dressing on it. oh well, i’d still order it again.

    quite generous side salad!

    each sandwich came with a generous side salad that we weren’t expecting. there wasn’t much to it, but a nice variety of top notch leaves. it also came with some dressing, but we weren’t sure if it was vegan, so we had to toss it. next time i will be sure and request a vegan dressing.

    wash all this tasty food down with a bottle of white wine, enjoy the views of the vineyards, and have a super delicious and relaxing afternoon. that’s how we do it.

    lazy acres
    302 Meigs Rd
    Santa Barbara, CA 93109
    (805) 564-4410

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  • “That’s probably the coolest thing about being in a relationship…the opportunity to split sandwiches.”

    QG, I agree!! 😀

    And that deli vegan stuff looks very good. I live on vegan sandwiches and vegan pitas stuffed with leafy greens and things. Will totally stop by this place if I’m in SB.

  • Thanks do much for the props! We are always coming up with new vegan goodies. The tofu panini is my favorite 🙂

  • One of my favorite things to do in the whole world… I’m so jealous! Thanks so much for the mention and for the tip about Lazy Acres. We’ll definitely hit them up next time we head to Fess Parker. Maybe this is just the excuse we needed to get back up there!

  • you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to picnic in all of southern california than out on the porch at fess parker. we took our puppy with us on our last trip up there a couple of months ago, and he absolutely loved it! http://www.suckatashproductions.com/blog/2010/07/omar-pt-1/

  • I want to go to there! Although I honestly am not a huge fan of SB wines. For some reason they just don’t hit the spot for me.

  • QG,
    next time you’re up in SB you should come out for sandwiches at our funky little food co-op in isla vista! there are epic picnic spots super close (the beach is 2 blocks away, and vast bluff top beauties are down the way from there). we make some mean vegan sammies 🙂
    just ’cause i have to rep the co-op side of things.

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